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Sony Plans To Reboot I Know What You Did Last Summer With the help of Oculus' Mike FlanaganOf all the titles being fed into the maw of the Reboot Machine, we really didn’t think anyone would add 1997 horror I Know What You Did Last Summer to the conveyor belt. Still, Sony has gone ahead and done just that, hiring Oculus co-writer/director Mike Flanagan to go back to the source novel – yes, the film had one – for a new stab.Flanagan is working once again with co-producer Jeff Howard, who contributed to the script that turned Oculus from a short into a successful horror film.

‘Gerald’s Game’ Opens Pandora’s Box for Stephen King Adaptations Hachette Few films can boast that they came from WWE Studios, and also boast that they’re not roundly terrible in every way imaginable (although I remain cautiously optimistic about Untitled Flintstones WWE Movie and Jingle All the Way 2). Oculus is one of those films. And a heaping portion of credit for Oculus and its status as WWE Studios’ first film to not deserve a thorough suplexing goes to director Mike Flanagan. But the question remains: what is Flanagan to do now?

Weekend Box Office Report: 'Rio 2' Nearly Unseats 'Captain America'

1:26 PM 4/13/2014 by Logan Falk
Captian America: The Winter Soldier
With the titanic numbers that the latest Marvel film has been pulling in for the last week, no one expected any of the new releases to beat it to the top of the box office; so, it was no surprise when this did not happen. What was surprising was how close one of the new releases—which was rated somewhat mediocrely—came to doing so.

New in Theaters: 'Rio 2,' 'Oculus,' 'Draft Day'

4:22 PM 4/11/2014 by Logan Falk
To contrast last week’s single release, this weekend brings a sizeable batch of new releases, with a fairly large variety of genre, plot, and quality. That being said, this weekend’s fare is still a great deal better (or at least better-rated) than the vast majority of the last several weeks’ worth of mediocre films.

Critics Consensus: Rio 2 Fails to Take Flight

rottentomatoes.com – This week at the movies, we've got Brazilian birds (Rio 2, with voice performances by Anne Hathaway and Jesse Eisenberg), a pigskin professional (Draft Day, starring Kevin Costner and Jennifer Garner), and a malevolent mirror (Oculus, starring Katee Sackhoff and 8 years 34 weeks ago via brucelee

Karen Gillan: Oculus is Kind of like The Shining

ign.com – Relativity and Blumhouse Productions' latest horror release Oculus hits theaters Friday, April 11. The film follows two siblings - Tim (Brenton Thwaites) and Kaylie (Karen Gillan) - who were mere children when their parents were brutally murdered. Convinced that an evil supernatural entity attached to an antique mirror known as The Lasser Glass is to blame, a now adult Kaylie enlists her brother to spend one night fighting to defeat the beast in the very house that was the scene of their childhood loss. 8 years 34 weeks ago via brucelee

Karen Gillan wears a negligee and looks in a mirror in this clip from Oculus

joblo.com – The new horror flick OCULUS stars Karen Gillan as a woman trying to exonerate her brother who was convicted of murder by way of proving it was actually committed by a supernatural force; an antique mirror. Mirrors always seem to get a bad rap in horror films as they are never seen without something horrible happening inside or behind them and this new clip from the film is another nail in that coffin. 8 years 38 weeks ago via jetli

Full Trailer For Oculus, The Evil Mirror Horror Movie With Karen Gillan And Katee Sackhoff‏

bleedingcool.com – The previous trailer of Oculus was more of a conceptual teaser. This time we meet the characters and get some idea of the plot. Click here to view the embedded video. You can see that in HD at Apple. And talking of apple… I’m a bit confused by how exactly that moment goes down. 8 years 39 weeks ago via brucelee


collider.com – Various studios have been playing with their release schedules. Briefly: Jupiter Ascending – The Wachowski Siblings' sci-fi action film starring Channing Tatum and Mila Kunis has moved from July 25, 2014 to July 18, 2014. Oculus – Relativity Media has set Mike Flanagan's horror film for April 18, 2014. When the Game Stands Tall – Director Thomas Carter’s (Coach Carter) upcoming high school football drama starring Jim Caviezel and Michael Chiklis has moved from September 9, 2014 to August 22, 2014. 8 years 51 weeks ago via donnieyen
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Ten years ago, tragedy struck the Russell family, leaving the lives of teenage siblings Tim and Kaylie forever changed when Tim was convicted of the brutal murder of their parents. Now in his 20s, Tim is newly released from protective custody and only wants to move on with his life; but Kaylie,...
Mike Flanagan
April 11, 2014