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Disney/Lucasfilm At this point, Star Wars fans are playing the waiting game. We’re in the awkward between-time where there’s no new Star Wars goodness coming out until the floodgates open in thankfully, just a few weeks. The next season of Rebels kicks off on October 3rd, Battlefront II drops on November 17th, and a massive amount of books (35 books from young adult to reference to activity books are coming by December 15th, seriously) will be there to supplement our viewing of the all-important eighth episode — Star Wars: The Last Jedi.

'Star Wars' Actor Ian McDiarmid Doesn't Want Anyone Else to Play Emperor Palpatine Anyone familiar with the now-defunct Star Wars extended universe knows that characters like Emperor Palpatine are considerably less dead in the books than they are in the movies. With cloning a huge canonical part of the Star Wars mythology, it was only a matter of time before some adventurous writer decided to bring major villains back from the dead; that is how Luke Skywalker ended up facing off against the clones of a young Palpatine (not to mention an evil Luke Skywalker clone).

Star Wars 8 Toy List Provides Potential Character Names A leaked image of a GameStop inventory listing future products that will be available later in the year includes potential names of characters from Star Wars: The Last Jedi. Since Lucasfilm has done an admirable job of keeping spoilers for the new Star Wars films out of the official trailers, fans have to look to other materials to try to learn more details in the months leading up to the premiere.

Lady Gaga Sings With Bradley Cooper in First 'A Star is Born' Photo Stefani Germanotta, better known to the world as Lady Gaga, decided to try out the title of triple threat when she entered Hollywood back in 2013. With minor roles in Machete Kills and Sin City: A Dame to Kill For, it was hard to tell just how serious we were supposed to take Gaga’s acting career. Then she went and won a Golden Globe last year for her vampiric role in American Horror Story: Hotel. With next year’s A Star is Born remake, she’ll have the perfect opportunity to show off her acting skills on the big screen while doing what she does best: sing. Continue reading…

Black Panther Star Compares Movie to Game of Thrones After spending nine years dominating the entertainment industry, Marvel Studios has become deft at assembling increasingly more impressive casts and filmmakers for their projects.

Audrey II will return in Greg Berlanti's remake of Little Shop of Horrors After completing work on A BUCKET OF BLOOD, director Roger Corman learned that the sets would be left standing for several day. Not one to let anything go to waste, Corman began developing the film which would later become LITTLE SHOP OF HORRORS and wound up shooting it in record time, with principal photography lasting just two days and one night. Not much was expected from the little film but... Read More...

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