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'Inside Out' Teaser Has All of the Feels

4:49 PM 10/2/2014 by Jeff Giles
Inside Out
When you're a director with the kind of track record Pete Docter has built -- and you're making a movie for a company with the level of immense goodwill that Pixar has accrued -- you can afford to be stingy with the details of your next movie, which is why the first teaser for Docter's next Pixar venture, Inside Out, really lives up to the "tease" part of the word:

Pixar Posts 'Inside Out' Plot Synopsis

2:06 PM 5/27/2014 by Jeff Giles
Inside Out
Not that this makes it any easier to wait until the movie finally arrives next June, but Pixar has dribbled out a little bit of information regarding director Pete Docter's Inside Out -- specifically, a plot synopsis that makes it clear how the movie plans to take us into the mind of a young girl and share the ups and downs of her emotions (voiced by an all-star cast that includes Mindy Kaling and Amy Poehler). The studio issued the synopsis via press release today, and it reads as follows:

Emma Thompson and Nick Offerman Join Robert Redford for 'A Walk in the Woods'

2:19 PM 5/5/2014 by Jeff Giles
Walk in the Woods
After many years in and out of development -- and the significant (but ultimately temporary) setback caused by the death of his onetime co-star, Paul Newman -- Robert Redford is finally setting out on A Walk in the Woods, his long hoped-for adaptation of Bill Bryson's comedic mid-life travel memoir about walking the Appalachian Trail with a friend.

'Star Wars: Episode VII' Has Some New Screenwriters

3:55 PM 10/24/2013 by Jeff Giles
Star Wars
If you've been wondering how screenwriter Michael Arndt was handling the pressure of writing the script for the first Star Wars sequel in 30 years, wonder no more: According to a new press release issued by Disney and Lucasfilm, Arndt has been supplanted by director J.J. Abrams and Lawrence Kasdan.

Film: Newswire: Today in Star Wars reports: Michael Arndt is no longer writing Star Wars: Episode VII

avclub.com – Rebelling against the powerful skeptic’s empire that sought to quell the uprising of any more Star Wars, a new hope emerged in the form of hiring writer Michael Arndt, whose experience with crafting satisfying, award-winning screenplays like Little Miss Sunshine and Toy Story 3 is regarded as so masterful, writers far and wide seek him out to complete their own training. 8 years 12 weeks ago via donnieyen

Writer Michael Arndt Exits 'Star Wars: Episode VII'

feedproxy.google.com – Director J.J. Abrams and longtime Lucasfilm collaborator Lawrence Kasdan are handling script duties for the franchise's newest installment. 8 years 12 weeks ago via jackiechan

Saoirse Ronan Confirms 'Star Wars: Episode VII' Audition Rumors

11:54 AM 10/1/2013 by Jeff Giles
Saoirse Ronan
Thus far, the Star Wars rumor mill hasn't given us a whole lot we can point to in the way of actual confirmed information. Heck, even those early reports about Mark Hamill, Harrison Ford, and Carrie Fisher coming back to reprise their roles were clamped down on pretty quickly, and although we're still sure they're true, Disney and director J.J.

'Star Wars: Episide VII' Could Be Filmed in IMAX

5:27 PM 9/26/2013 by Jeff Giles
Star Wars
Given how slick and soulless the Star Wars prequels often felt, a lot of fans have been waiting with bated breath to see which direction J.J. Abrams would go with the upcoming Episode VII -- and although he's expressed a desire to take the series back to its grungier, CGI-free days, that doesn't mean much until we see the fruits of his labor.

'Star Wars: Episode VII' Will Be Shot on 35mm

6:59 AM 8/23/2013 by Jeff Giles
JJ Abrams
We already knew J.J. Abrams was taking pains to honor the original Star Wars trilogy with his work on the upcoming seventh installment in the series, having offered gestures of good faith by hiring John Williams for the score and using Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi co-writer Lawrence Kasdan as a story consultant.

Disney Reportedly Eyeing December 2015 for 'Star Wars Episode VII'

10:57 AM 8/19/2013 by Jeff Giles
Star Wars Holiday Special
Movies don't get much more summer blockbustery than the Star Wars franchise, so it seemed like a matter of course that Disney would release the upcoming Episode VII -- still earmarked for 2015, in spite of persistent rumors to the contrary -- in May. But according to the most recent rumors, the studio might have a completely different corner of the calendar in mind.
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