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New in Theaters: ‘The Expendables 3,’ ‘The Giver,’ ‘Let’s Be Cops’

11:48 AM 8/16/2014 by Logan Falk
The Giver
This weekend brings an interesting mix of new releases to theaters—we have some tongue-in-cheek mindless action, some young-adult dystopian literature-turned-film, and a risqué buddy cop comedy (sort of). The good news: a wide spectrum of genres that would normally attract lots of moviegoers. The bad news: not one of the new releases is getting good reviews, which may scare any moviegoers away.

This summer, Barney Ross is going to have to account for his past sins. An old friend has become a new enemy, and its up to Ross and his merry band of mercenaries to hunt down and save a group of new recruits. Will these 10 men be up to the task? Watch as Sylvester Stallone is issued a new mission in the latest TV spot from The Expendables 3, which pits him against longtime big screen rival Mel Gibson. It's their last ride!

Go For One Last Ride With The Expendables 3 Gang In New Trailer More exposition and more explosions in the full trailer released today for The Expendables 3. The newbies to the franchise – Harrison Ford, Wesley Snipes and particularly Mel Gibson, who gets to play the big baddie, a former partner of Sylvester Stallone’s who actually started the Expendables program with him back in the day. Guess that went south, and now he’s into kidnapping people for ransom. Sounds about right. The Expendables 3 opens on August 15th. Click here to view the embedded video. Go For One Last Ride With The Expendables 3 Gang In New Trailer


Sylvester Stallone, Mel Gibson, Harrison Ford & More Get Armed In New Pics From 'The Expendables 3' – Well, here's a movie that won't be playing Cannes or coming anywhere near it: "The Expendables 3." It's not high art, and these things are barely movies at all, but they do have explosions and old dudes causing those explosions and that's all some folks need. And so, a batch of new pics from the action sequel are here. 8 years 33 weeks ago via jetli

Mel Gibson In Talks To Team With ‘Mesrine’ Helmer In Thriller ‘Blood Father’ – EXCLUSIVE: Mel Gibson is in talks to next star in Blood Father, a Taken-style action thriller that will be directed by Jean-Francois Richet, best known for helming Mesrine. The film will begin production May in New Mexico. Scripted by The Town’s Peter Craig, the thriller is about an ex-con who reunites with his estranged wayward 16-year old daughter to protect her from drug dealers that are trying to kill her. 8 years 36 weeks ago via donnieyen

What's Popping: 'Star Wars: Episode VII,' 'Dragon Blade,' 'Smurfs,' 'Fantastic Four,' Van Damme

4:30 PM 3/15/2014 by Binh Ngo
Star Wars
With Star Wars: Episode VII going into production this May, names are emerging for the lead characters in the movie. Lupita Nyong'o, Ed Speleers, John Boyega, Jesse Plemons, Matthew James Thomas, and Ray Fisher are the latest to be rumored for a role or another.

Jackie Chan and Mel Gibson Team Up for "Dragon Blade"

9:30 AM 3/12/2014 by Senh Duong
Mel Gibson and Jackie Chan
According to Impact Online, Jackie Chan and Mel Gibson are partnering up for a martial arts epic called Dragon Blade. Gibson's character is the leader of a Roman army, and Chan's is a Chinese hero. The two join forces to save the world. Production will begin at the end of March for a 2015 release. This is the first time I've heard of this, and Impact Online's the only site reporting on it, so I'm not sure how legit this news is.

George Miller Denies Mel Gibson Cameo Rumors For 'Fury Road,' Says It's Testing "Extremely Well" – We suppose there are two ways to look at Warner Brothers plans to release "Mad Max: Fury Road" during the summer of 2015 (which will essentially be three years after filming began): either the glass is half full or the glass is half empty. And for director George Miller, who is now in the midst of additional shooting on the picture, he's brimming with optimism about his movie, about WB's plans for it and even some of the early feedback he's been receiving.

9 years 6 days ago via brucelee

How Mel Gibson got buff at 57 – No steroids, he insists. But the actor-director is busting it at the gym. 9 years 9 weeks ago via brucelee

Mel Gibson Has an Army of Super Soldiers and a Cape in New MACHETE KILLS Red-Band Trailer – A new red-band trailer for director Robert Rodriguez’s upcoming sequel Machete Kills has been released online, and it’s just the right amount of silly. The film centers on Machete’s (Danny Trejo) quest to stop an eccentric billionaire arms dealer who has plans to spread war and anarchy across the planet.

9 years 11 weeks ago via theothersenhman
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