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'World War Z' Director Marc Forster Attached to 'Red Rising' Adaptation – After bringing the once worrisome adaptation of World War Z to the big screen last year, director Marc Forster is getting ready to adapt yet another book, this time with a story set on Mars. Deadline has word that two studios are currently in the mix to pick up the rights to Red Rising, the recently released novel from Pierce Brown, which has Forster attached to direct the film. 7 years 3 weeks ago via jetli

Marc Forster Won't be Back to Direct 'World War Z 2'

4:49 PM 10/3/2013 by Binh Ngo
Marc Forster
Based on its troubled production, World War Z was supposed to bomb at the box office, but a Hail Mary attempt to rescue the movie worked out, and the movie ended up making over $539 million at the global box office. Now, sequel talks are underway.

The 'World War Z' Sequel Won't Have Marc Forster as Its Director – After weathering a plethora of bad buzz to become an unlikely box office success, Brad Pitt-starring zombie flick "World War Z" quickly earned itself a sequel, with Paramount announcing the follow-up soon after "Z" scored the highest opening of Pitt's career. But while Pitt is on board, one notable name is not: 7 years 21 weeks ago via brucelee

Marc Forster Discusses Scrapped Ending For 'World War Z,' Brad Pitt Says Sequel Ideas Already Brewing – "World War Z," as we noted in our recent look at this year's blockbusters, had a pretty great summer. More that $200 million in the U.S. and another half a billion bucks worldwide is good going for anyone (including Brad Pitt—it's now his highest-grossing film ever), but it's especially good going for a film that many of those in the so-called know had written off as doomed to bomb after a long, troubled production and rumours of extensive, elaborate rewrites and reshoots. 7 years 23 weeks ago via jetli

Paramount Planning 'World War Z' Sequel

7:06 AM 6/24/2013 by Jeff Giles
World War Z
The zombies in World War Z move with incredible speed -- and so did Paramount when it came time to decide whether to get working on a sequel to the $66 million (and counting) hit.

Marc Forster On World War Z's Reshoots – And those fast zombiesThe adaptation of Max Brooks' World War Z has hit some bumps in the road on its way to the screen, but with the release date fast approaching we recently persuaded director Marc Forster to address some of the questions about the film and tell us why he went for fast zombies. 7 years 44 weeks ago via brucelee

The New Poster for World War Z Hits! – The latest poster for Marc Forster's World War Z continues to show off the amount of carnage and desctruction in the film. Check it out below (via Digital Spy )! 7 years 47 weeks ago via donnieyen

'World War Z' director Marc Forster discusses re-shoots on Brad Pitt zombie film – With the zombie epidemic reaching a saturation point in movies and on TV, Paramount, star-producer Brad Pitt and director Marc Forster are hoping to make the final word in the genre with the upcoming "World War Z." I recently traveled to the Paramount Pictures lot to preview 20 minutes of the film. 7 years 48 weeks ago via theothersenhman

'World War Z' Gets a New Trailer

11:20 AM 3/25/2013 by Jeff Giles
World War Z
We've seen so many zombie movies at this point that the only way to add anything new to the genre is to approach it from a truly ridiculous angle (see: Warm Bodies). Kudos, then, to Marc Forster's World War Z -- it may not reinvent the zombie movie, but if this latest trailer is anything to go by, it makes up in souped-up thrills what it lacks in originality.

Your First Look at Brad Pitt in 'World War Z'

12:05 PM 11/6/2012 by Jeff Giles
World War Z
While everyone was focused on World War Z's rumored production woes, the cast and crew were busy making a movie, and now we have our first video proof.
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