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New Bill & Ted Face the Music Trailer Arrives, Will Stream on Demand This September The upcoming Bill & Ted sequel will be released in theaters and on-demand at the same time.


Review: Valley Girl

JoBlo - Fri, 2020-05-08 07:41

PLOT: This is the story of a nice Valley Girl who falls in love with a punk from Hollywood. Except this time, they sing and dance their way through all the romance. This ain’t your parents VALLEY GIRL. REVIEW: In 1983, director Martha Coolidge presented audiences with a charmingly sweet and funny flick called VALLEY GIRL. While it may have had a huge heart and a hot leading couple courtesy… Read More...

Now Is the Perfect Time to Watch ‘Valley Girl’ The long-delayed Valley Girl remake will hit VOD next month. Directed by Rachel Lee Goldenberg, the new version features musical elements and stars Jessica Rothe and Josh Whitehouse as star-crossed lovers. As you’ll see from the trailer, the remake has a strong ‘80s jukebox aesthetic and pays tribute to its 1983 source material. But it’s going to take something special to capture a similar kind of magic.

James Karen, Legendary Character Actor Known For ‘Poltergeist,’ Has Died at 94 YouTube A lot of character actor greats are of the “Hey, it’s that guy!” variety: You may see them in a lot of movies but never think to look up their name. Yet you always recognize them, and you’re always glad your paths have once again crossed. James Karen was definitely one of those “hey, it’s that guy!” guys. You don’t fully appreciate them until they’re gone. And Karen’s now gone, too, as per The Hollywood Reporter, having just passed at the age of 94. Where do you know James Karen from? Take your pick from over 200 credits.

Keanu Reeves and Alex Winter Will Officially Reunite the Band for ‘Bill and Ted 3’ Wild stallions couldn’t stop Theodore Logan and William Preston from reuniting. Now, Wyld Stalyns will finally return for Bill and Ted 3. The third Bill and Ted film is officially confirmed to be in the works, with Keanu Reeves and Alex Winter set to reprise their roles as the time-traveling heavy metal lovers.

Creed 2 Synopsis & Cast Confirmed as Filming Officially Begins Filming on Creed II is officially underway, and now the story and cast for the sequel have been confirmed. Sylvester Stallone tried to call it a day for the Rocky series with Rocky V in 1990, a sequel that was famously met with derision upon release. It took 16 years for Stallone to redeem the character with Rocky Balboa, where a long-retired Rocky is tempted back into ring to prove to himself he still has what it takes.

Eli Roth's remake of DEATH WISH was released just days ago, but it hasn't exactly found a warm reception, with some taking issue with the timing of its release so soon after the Stoneman Douglas High School shooting. As it seems that there's some form of mass tragedy every other week, I can't imagine when the appropriate timing would be, but I suppose that's an... Read More...

In the wake of a series of controversies surrounding popular YouTuber Logan Paul, MGM has removed Rachel Lee Goldenberg’s Valley Girl remake from its release schedule.

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