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Jake Gyllenhaal Auditioned To Play Frodo In 'Lord Of The Rings' And It Was The Worst

fb.indiewire.com – The road not taken is sometimes as fascinating as the one folks went down, and in the case of "The Lord of The Rings" movies, one could probably talk all day about the versions that never came to pass. As Peter Jackson's trilogy was gearing up back in the day, Elijah Wood was officially revealed as the first cast member, landing the crucial role of Frodo Baggins. 7 years 4 weeks ago via jackiechan

Warner Bros Scores Legal Win In 'Lord Of The Rings' Battle With Tolkien Estate

deadline.com – Warner Bros’ claims against the estate of Lord of the Rings author J.R.R Tolkien will live to fight another day. A federal judge today rejected the estate trustees and Fourth Age Ltd’s a motion to dismiss WB and the Saul Zaentz Company’s counterclaims in the multi-million court battle. “Fourth Age’s Motions to Dismiss Amended Counterclaims and Special Motions to Strike Amended Counterclaims are DENIED,” wrote US District Court judge Audrey Collins in a dense 6-page order (read it here) on Thursday. 7 years 20 weeks ago via jackiechan

Could The Lord Of The Rings Be Re-Released In 3D? Peter Jackson Seems To Think So

cinemablend.com – Not so fast, says Jackson. At a press conference last week for The Hobbit, Jackson answered a question about up-converting Lord of the Rings for 3D with a very frank response: not yet, but probably in the future. 7 years 50 weeks ago via donnieyen

The Lord of the Rings Trilogy to Be Converted for 3D Says Elijah Wood

movieweb.com – It's no secret that converting classics into 3D is in vogue, with new versions of Titanic, Star Wars: Episode I - The Phantom Menace, and Beauty and the Beast hitting theaters in 3D next year. Actor Elijah Wood revealed that The Lord of the Rings producers are actively talking about converting the entire trilogy into 3D for new theatrical releases.Here's what the actor had to say below."I think it would be cool to see. 9 years 1 week ago via jetli

Latest 'Transformers' Passes Last 'Lord Of The Rings' As #4 Box Office Film of All Time

deadline.com – So the Top 5 order now for all time box office worldwide grosses (but not adjusted for inflation or higher ticket prices or 3D premium) is: 1. Avatar 2D (Fox – 2009) $2.7B 2. Titanic 2D (Fox/Paramount – 1997) $1.8B 3. Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows Part 2 3D (Warner Bros – 2011) $1.3B 4. 9 years 8 weeks ago via theothersenhman

DVD Shopping Bag: Lord of the Rings Extended Blu-rays

mania.com – Cue Howard Shore’s “Concerning Hobbits” track and we are now ready to talk Lord of the Rings. Back in April of 2010 Warner Brothers and New Line released The Lord of the Rings theatrical cuts on Blu-ray (see column). 9 years 22 weeks ago via donnieyen
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