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Review: Around the Block

12:20 PM 8/1/2014 by Sara Vizcarrondo
Around the Block is an Aussie Dangerous Minds with a smarter tack on the racial divide. Then again, maybe it looks that way because it’s easier to see racism when it’s happening in other cultures. American’s don’t call Aboriginals “black.” That is, however, what they’re called in Australia, which didn’t experience the Maori Protest movement New Zealand did in the 70s, so the conscious division between the middle and upper class whites and the ghettoized aboriginals is somewhat concrete.

Review: The "Great" Gatsby

8:30 AM 5/10/2013 by Sara Vizcarrondo
Baz Lurmann’s Great Gatsby is garish and bright, chocked with the bling you hoped he’d throw around like it’s cheap—and it is. His high-budget/low-brow spectacles are perfect for reproducing the moral vacuum of F. Scott Fitzgerald’s book, and for all its anachronisms, Lurmann’s reproduction couldn’t be more loyal to the text:

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