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Lionsgate Ordell (Mos Def) and Louis (John Hawkes) have planned the perfect kidnapping. Their target is Mickey (Jennifer Aniston), wife to a sketchy businessman named Frank (Tim Robbins) who’s hiding a fortune in a secret bank account. The plan is simple. Kidnap Mickey, tell Frank to pay the ransom if he ever wants to see his wife again and then retire in style. But they never considered the possibility that Frank might not want his wife back. Chronology is a funny thing.


Review: Jennifer Aniston, John Hawkes and Mos Def Anchor 'Jackie Brown' Prequel 'Life of Crime' – Writer-director Daniel Schecter's first two features, "Goodbye Baby' and "Supporting Characters," were ultra-low-budget character studies about ordinary young people struggling through their private and professional lives with self-deprecating wit. "Life of Crime," Schecter’s stylishly fun and star-heavy adaptation of Elmore Leonard's novel "The Switch," has little in common with those earlier works -- but it shares their foregrounding of playfulness over plot. 6 years 36 weeks ago via donnieyen

Tim Robbins, Jennifer Aniston and Isla Fisher in Life of Crime trailer Elmore Leonard is widely known for writing great crime stories that have paved the way for some solid cinema (OUT OF SIGHT, GET SHORTY, JACKIE BROWN). If you fear it's been too long since you've gotten your Leonard fix, you can put those fears to bed. LIFE OF CRIME, the latest film based on a novel of his (The Switch), will be out before you experience withdrawals. Check out some illegal activity here:... Read More...

Trailer for the Elmore Leonard Adaptation ‘Life of Crime’ Starring Jennifer Aniston and Tim Robbins Watching this trailer for the new dark caper comedy Life of Crime, a couple of things crossed my mind. Firstly, isn’t this the same plot as the Danny DeVito/Bette Midler dark comedy Ruthless People? Synopsis of Life of Crime: Two small-time crooks decide to kidnap the wife of a rich businessman and demand a million dollars for her safe […] Read Trailer for the Elmore Leonard Adaptation ‘Life of Crime’ Starring Jennifer Aniston and Tim Robbins on Filmonic.


‘Life of Crime’ Trailer: A Kinda/Sorta ‘Jackie Brown’ Prequel – It’s a classic setup: the wife of a philandering husband is kidnapped, and the lowlifes responsible ask for a million-dollar ransom. Trouble is, the husband doesn’t want the wife to be returned, as he wants to start a new life with his younger and more sexually available mistress. Life of Crime is based on Elmore Leonard‘s novel The Switch, and features Tim Robbins, Jennifer Aniston, and Isla Fisher as that crime-crossed love triangle defined by kidnapping and lust. 6 years 50 weeks ago via jackiechan

Toronto: Jennifer Aniston's 'Life of Crime' Heading to Lionsgate, Roadside Attractions – Lionsgate and Roadside Attractions are in final negotiations to acquire Daniel Schechter’s “Life of Crime,” which is based on Elmore Leonard’s novel “The Switch,” an individual familiar with the dealmaking process has told TheWrap. Jennifer Aniston stars alongside John Hawkes, Yasiin Bey (Mos Def), Isla Fisher, Will Forte and Tim Robbins.

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Toronto: Elmore Leonard's 'Life of Crime' Selling to Lionsgate, Roadside – The dark comedy closes a deal for U.S. rights just as "McCanick" -- starring the late Cory Monteith -- finds a home with Well Go. 7 years 34 weeks ago via jetli

Will Forte and Tim Robbins Join Jackie Brown Prequel 'The Switch' – Will Forte and Tim Robbins have joined the cast of writer/director Dan Schechter's The Switch , based on the 1978 novel by Elmore Leonard. Variety has the news, saying that the actors will replace the previously announced Ty Burrell and Dennis Quaid, joining Jennifer Aniston, John Hawkes, Yasiin Bey and Isla Fisher. 8 years 17 weeks ago via theothersenhman

Isla Fisher Considering Jackie Brown Prequel

Isla Fisher – The Jackie Brown pseudo prequel Switch, set to feature John Hawkes and Yasiin "I Was Once Called Mos Def" Bey as fifteen-years-younger versions of Robert De Niro's stony Louis Gara and Samuel L. Jackson's bombastic Ordell Robbie, is now eyeing Isla Fisher as its younger Bridget Fonda character. The film also has Jennifer Aniston .. 8 years 25 weeks ago via jetli

Jennifer Aniston, Dennis Quaid In 'Switch' Talks – EXCLUSIVE: Jennifer Aniston and Dennis Quaid are in talks to join Ty Burrell, John Hawkes and Yasiin Bey in Switch, the adaptation of the Elmore Leonard novel The Switch that will be directed by Dan Schechter. Aniston is in talks to play Mickey Dawson, and Quaid to play her crooked real estate developer husband. 9 years 12 weeks ago via theothersenhman
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"Switch" takes place 15 years before the events in "Jackie Brown". John Hawkes and Yasiin Bey play the respective younger version of the characters played by Robert De Niro and Samuel L. Jackson in "Jackie Brown." In "Switch," Ordell Robbie and Louis Gara team up to kidnap Mickey Dawson, the wife...
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