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Toronto 2014 Review: Kevin Smith's TUSK Gleefully Plays By Its Own Rules "Why don't you ask him if he's going to stay? Why don't you ask him if he's going away? Why don't you tell me what's going on?" - TUSK, Fleetwood Mac Kevin Smith is many things to many people - stoner disciple, prurient podcaster, agitprop commentator, guerilla filmmaker. Yet at its heart the phenomena surrounding this larger-than-life cult figure boils down to one cause - Smith, above all, is a story teller. Go back to Clerks and you'll see the nascence of his Kibbitz-fueled cinema.

TIFF Review: 'My Old Lady' Starring Kevin Kline, Maggie Smith And Kristin Scott Thomas Mathias (Kevin Kline) is a failure. He's three times divorced, and not coincidentally, has written three unpublished novels. But the passing of his father —who has otherwise given away all his money to charity— has opened to the door to potential prosperity. Mathias' father has left him the keys to a beautiful Parisian apartment, but there's just one problem: the 90 year old Mathilde (Maggie Smith) has lived there for seventy years and has no plans to leave. Nor does she have a legal obligation to.

Cuckoo Cuchoo! First Reactions To Kevin Smith's TUSK Those that were in attendance for the midnight feature at the Toronto International Film Festival were given the pleasure of viewing Kevin Smith's latest flick, Tusk. A film that features an old seafarer transforming an arrogant podcaster into a creature that he cherishes, a walrus. Yup. First reactions are positive for the most part. Most critics are raving about the film's blend of "disturbing" and "funny" material. Sounds like this horror-comedy, set in Canada, might be as good as poutine. I'm kidding, nothing is as good as poutine.


Review: Tusk (TIFF 2014)

JoBlo - Sat, 2014-09-06 16:31

Review: Tusk (TIFF 2014) PLOT: A popular podcaster (Justin Long) on assignment in Manitoba, falls prey to a former seafarer (Michael Parks) with a fondness for walruses. REVIEW: After a bit of a rough patch Kevin Smith is back with TUSK, a film which is maybe the best thing he's done in a decade, and strikingly different from anything he's ever tried before. It seems going microbudget – with the premise cribbed from a crazy story on... Read More...

Justin Long doesn't wanna die in Canada in this clip from Kevin Smith's Tusk Kevin Smith went from zero-to-making movies pretty fast, and with TUSK being released right around the corner, Smith took to Twitter to release a clip that shows some pretty strong acting from Mr. Justin Long. You can check out the original Tweet here, but we've posted the video for your viewing pleasure below. Between this and YOGA HOSERS, it's great to see Kevin Smith start a new chapter in... Read More...

Johnny Depp Joins Daughter Lily-Rose in Kevin Smith's 'Yoga Hosers'

3:53 PM 8/20/2014 by Jeff Giles
Yoga Hosers
It remains to be seen whether Kevin Smith's bizarre walrus horror-comedy Tusk is as fun as the trailer makes it seem, but whatever's going on in Smith's creative life right now, he certainly seems to be having a good time -- and he's already moving on Tusk's follow-up, the second chapter in what he's calling his True North trilogy (so named because, as the Hollywood Reporter points out, it's "steeped in Canadian myths and culture").

Fantastic Fest 2014: First Wave Announced, Led By TUSK, ABCs OF DEATH 2, And Much More The first wave of events for Fantastic Fest 2014 has been announced. I'm prejudiced, because I've been attending the film festival in Austin, Texas, for years and am thoroughly spoiled, but this looks pretty good to me. Fantastic Fest returns to the newly-rebuilt Alamo South Lamar location in Austin, and runs from September 18-25. Opening night will be marked by Kevin Smith's horror thingy Tusk -- a day before its theatrical engagement begins -- and the world premiere of anthology sequel The ABCs of Death 2.

Documentaries by actor-turned-director Ethan Hawke, legendary filmmaker Frederick Wiseman and “The Act of Killing” director Joshua Oppenheimer are among the films added to the lineup of the 2014 Toronto International Film Festival, TIFF organizers announced on Tuesday. In addition to the typically strong TIFF Docs slate, the festival also announced its Masters, Midnight Movies and Vanguard sections, which range from a thorny 3D experiment from icon Jean-Luc Godard to edgy new works by Kevin Smith, Adam Wingard and Takashi Miike. Also read: Film Festival Scramble: Telluride Loses It

Justin Long is Very Scared in the First Trailer for Kevin Smith’s Tusk Director and writer Kevin Smith, the man behind movies like Clerks, Dogma or Zack and Miri Make a Porno, returns to the big screen with the horror Tusk. If you’ve been following Kevin James and regularly listened to his podcast, then Tusk is definitely a movie you are familiar with. Actually the idea for this […] Read Justin Long is Very Scared in the First Trailer for Kevin Smith’s Tusk on Filmonic.

Kevin Smith To Make Girl Power Horror Movie And Jaws With A Moose Kevin Smith showed the trailer to his new horror film Tusk during his annual Q&A session at San Diego Comic-Con. Tusk sprung from a podcast about a UK hoax where a man offered free room and board to anyone who would be willing to wear a walrus suit. Smith made a horror movie where Michael Parkes really turns Justin Long into a landlord. read more

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