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"Constantine" Could Blend With Del Toro Film?

darkhorizons.com – Whilst Marvel has one grand linked universe, DC and Warner Bros. Pictures are keeping things a bit looser when it comes to adaptations of their comic titles. This is especially true of their TV properties with four DC Comics-inspired TV series screening this Fall, but only two of them ("Arrow," "The Flash") linked together and none of them tied to any of the upcoming films.

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Comic-Con Exclusive: Guillermo del Toro's Dark Universe Will be Separate from Other DC Projects... for Now

comingsoon.net – Earlier today, ComingSoon.net/SuperHeroHype spoke with Guillermo del Toro and Jorge Gutierez, the producer and writer of the animated film Book of Life, and for this interview, we wanted to get an update from Guillermo about one of his projects he hasn't talked about as much lately. 5 years 35 weeks ago via theothersenhman

Guillermo del Toro Says JUSTICE LEAGUE DARK Will Have to Fit in Warner Bros.' Expanded DC Universe Plans

collider.com – As one of the current masters of genre filmmaking, one might surmise that Guillermo del Toro is due to tap into the current superhero movie craze on a larger scale. Of course del Toro helmed Blade II and both Hellboy films, but fans are surely eager to see him tackle a more well-known comics property in this current climate dominated by Marvel and DC. 6 years 20 weeks ago via jackiechan

Del Toro Talks 'Justice League Dark'; Feels DC Films & TV Can Coexist

screenrant.com – The mythology and characters who make up the group known as Justice League Dark tend to get overlooked by the mainstream crowd, left to fester in a dark, we corner of DC Comics. But make no mistake: the roster of characters have their fans – and Guillermo Del Toro is one of them.

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Is Charlie Hunnam the top choice for the big screen version of The Flash?

joblo.com – While JUSTICE LEAGUE still seems a long way off, Warner Bros is still working on getting all of the pieces together for their big comic book team movie. With MAN OF STEEL aimed to re-introduce Superman to audiences, some of the lesser known heroes need to get their faces out there. 6 years 50 weeks ago via donnieyen

Guillermo Del Toro says Constantine will lead 'Justice League Dark'

hitfix.com – Guillermo Del Toro spent most of Saturday discussing his expected blockbuster "Pacific Rim," but he also provided a major update about what's next on his agenda. 7 years 2 days ago via brucelee

Guillermo del Toro Still Wants 'Justice League Dark'

5:21 PM 2/26/2013 by Jeff Giles
Guillermo del Toro
Guillermo del Toro means well, but he can't seem to stop attaching himself to projects that don't actually have any hope of ever seeing the big screen -- and since almost all of them sound pretty cool, it can be sort of frustrating for overly optimistic film fans. Case in point:


Guillermo del Toro Updates on Dark Universe Film

Guillermo del Toro
comingsoon.net – One of Guillermo del Toro's many gestating projects is the 'Dark Universe' project detailing the darker characters from the DC Universe. Though the film started out as a rumor, Del Toro liked the idea enough to make it a reality. Speaking with Total Film , Del Toro says the film is on the right track. 7 years 4 weeks ago via donnieyen

Guillermo Del Toro Reveals He's Penned An Outline & Found A Writer For 'Dark Universe' (aka 'Heaven Sent')

fb.indiewire.com – ...and the Guillermo Del Toro news train just keeps a rollin'. Speaking to press yesterday to help get the word out about "Mama," the horror film he produced starring Jessica Chastain, he told The Playlist about being approached to direct "Star Wars: Episode 7" and provided an update on the status of "At The Mountains Of Madness" and "The Hulk" TV series, all before even hitting the stage last night at CES to unveil a new trailer for "Pacific Rim." 7 years 11 weeks ago via theothersenhman

Guillermo Del Toro 'Only Discussing' Supernatural 'Justice League' Film; Not Attached

Guillermo del Toro
screenrant.com – Last week, we power-nerds who have hardcover collections of Jack Kirby’s The Demon and Alan Moore’s Saga of Swamp Thing sitting on our shelves received quite a tidbit of good news: Guillermo Del Toro, the jolly Mexican director of acclaimed genre films such as Pan’s Labyrinth was in talks to direct Heaven Sent, an adaptation of DC Comics’ more supernaturally-inclined superheroes.

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