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Jurassic World 2 Producer Teases One Big Change for Bryce Dallas Howard Producer and writer Colin Trevorrow teases that Bryce Dallas Howard's Claire won't be quite the same as Jurassic World 2 prepares to shoot.

'Jurassic World' EP Frank Marshall Teases Another Character Return for the Sequel Jurassic World promised a return, for better or worse, to Steven Spielberg and Michael Crichton’s original island full of genetically engineered living fossils, and the film had one of the biggest openings in box office history. Audiences returned to the park in droves, and the film gifted us with a few unexpected returns of its own. Our beloved Tyrannosaurus rex was featured in arguably the coolest shot of the entire movie when Bryce Dallas Howard’s Claire Dearing lures it out of its paddock with a lit flare, and B.D. Wong reprised his role as Dr.

News Briefs: Toby Jones May Join 'Jurassic World 2' Jurassic World 2: Toby Jones (Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy, above left) and Rafe Spall (The BFG, above right) are in talks to join Chris Pratt and Bryce Dallas Howard in the sequel to Jurassic World. No details have been revealed about the characters that Jones and Spall might be playing. Colin Trevorrow and Derek Connolly wrote the screenplay; J.A. Bayona will direct. [Variety]     Silence A photo posted by @wponx on Nov 7, 2016 at 7:23am PST...Read MoreRead Comments

Jake Johnson Won’t Crack Wise in ‘Jurassic World 2’ Even though production on Jurassic World 2 is slated to begin early next year in order to meet the 2018 summer release date, we still know very little about the sequel, and that includes who will be among the cast. So far the only cast members confirmed for Jurassic World 2 (or Jurassic Park 5 depending on how you want to talk about the franchise) are Chris Pratt and Bryce Dallas Howard returning as Owen Grady and Claire Dearing respectively.

It Doesn't Sound Like Jake Johnson Will Return As Lowery In The JURASSIC WORLD Sequel "I understand people died, it was terrible, but - that first park was legit." Jake Johnson (New Girl) had arguably the most memorable line from Universal Pictures' mega-blockbuster Jurassic World when he made a meta-reference to the original Jurassic Park, a film widely considered to be one of the greatest of all-time, but despite leaving a lasting impression on audiences in a fan-favorite role, it doesn't sound like he'll be back to man the controls of Paddock 9 in the eagerly awaited 2018 sequel. According to Johnson himself, from what he's heard, his ch

Jurassic World 2 Will Be Scarier Because It Goes Where ‘The Saga Has Never Been Before’ Says Director Everything coming out of Jurassic World 2 I’ve seen thus far, is the producers and creative talent trying to hammer home that the next film is going to be spookier. Director J.A. Bayona has echoed that in a recent interview with Efe (translated by Scified). The direcotr talked about being surprised at just how dark the film gets, promising we haven’t seen anything like this from the series yet. He said: It will be darker and scarier then the previous film. Obviously when you have Chris Pratt it will also be very funny.

Don’t Expect to See Sam Neill in ‘Jurassic World 2,’ Because Alan Grant May Be Dead Just over the weekend, we got word from Sam Neill that he recently spent a couple days on the set of Thor: Ragnarok, shooting some kind of small role in the Marvel sequel. And with Jeff Goldblum already having a role in the film as The Grandmaster, that means Marvel is hosting a mini Jurassic Park reunion.

The JURASSIC WORLD Sequel Reportedly Has A $260 Million Budget According to SciFied [via /Film] Jurassic World 2 director  J.A. Bayona revealed to a Spanish magazine that the sequel to the 2015 blockbuster will have a budget of $260 million.  According to most estimates, the first film only had a $150 million production budget.  Universal is clearly confident  that a $1.6 billion performance at the worldwide box office can be repeated if they're increasing the budget by $110 million.

J.A. Bayona confirms Jurassic World trilogy When a movie hits a certain level of success the question isn't if there will be a sequel, but how many. The same can be said of JURASSIC WORLD, a movie many thought would finish around the $200 million domestic mark before it demolished all expectations, topping off at $1.6 billion globally ($652 million domestic). Not only can we expect a sequel, but there have been hints that WORLD... Read More...

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Jurassic World
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