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Elle Fanning and John Hawkes Sure Are Broody in Exclusive Poster for 'Low Down' – "Low Down," from director Jeff Priess, is based on Amy-Jo Albany’s memoir of growing up in the care of a talented, but frequently absent, musician.Elle Fanning stars as Amy, whose father Joe (John Hawkes) struggles to find gigs, maintain his heroin addiction and stay out of jail. 6 years 30 weeks ago via jackiechan

Lionsgate Ordell (Mos Def) and Louis (John Hawkes) have planned the perfect kidnapping. Their target is Mickey (Jennifer Aniston), wife to a sketchy businessman named Frank (Tim Robbins) who’s hiding a fortune in a secret bank account. The plan is simple. Kidnap Mickey, tell Frank to pay the ransom if he ever wants to see his wife again and then retire in style. But they never considered the possibility that Frank might not want his wife back. Chronology is a funny thing.


Review: Jennifer Aniston, John Hawkes and Mos Def Anchor 'Jackie Brown' Prequel 'Life of Crime' – Writer-director Daniel Schecter's first two features, "Goodbye Baby' and "Supporting Characters," were ultra-low-budget character studies about ordinary young people struggling through their private and professional lives with self-deprecating wit. "Life of Crime," Schecter’s stylishly fun and star-heavy adaptation of Elmore Leonard's novel "The Switch," has little in common with those earlier works -- but it shares their foregrounding of playfulness over plot. 6 years 33 weeks ago via donnieyen

'Everest' Release Date Pushed Back Seven Months – Universal's film starring Jason Clarke, Josh Brolin, John Hawkes and Jake Gyllenhaal will hit theaters on Sept. 18, 2015. 7 years 3 weeks ago via jackiechan

Josh Brolin, John Hawkes, Jake Gyllenhaal & Jason Clarke In Talks To Star In 'Everest' For Working Title – EXCLUSIVE: Josh Brolin, John Hawkes, Jake Gyllenhaal, Jason Clarke are in discussions to star in Everest, a mountain climbing disaster film that The Deep helmer Baltasar Kormakur will direct. He’s the one that’s putting the cast together and is aiming for a November shooting start. Universal Pictures and Emmett/Films are in discussions to co-finance the project. 7 years 38 weeks ago via theothersenhman

Taryn Manning Joins John Hawkes Indie Drama 'Low Down' (Exclusive) – Elle Fanning stars with Hawkes in the gritty film about a jazz pianist struggling with addiction. 7 years 48 weeks ago via theothersenhman

Isla Fisher Considering Jackie Brown Prequel

Isla Fisher – The Jackie Brown pseudo prequel Switch, set to feature John Hawkes and Yasiin "I Was Once Called Mos Def" Bey as fifteen-years-younger versions of Robert De Niro's stony Louis Gara and Samuel L. Jackson's bombastic Ordell Robbie, is now eyeing Isla Fisher as its younger Bridget Fonda character. The film also has Jennifer Aniston .. 8 years 21 weeks ago via jetli

Review: 'Lincoln' A Leader, Not A Celebrity

11:23 AM 11/9/2012 by Sara Vizcarrondo
Apparently, no one’s ever won an Oscar for playing a president. I suspect that’s why director Steven Spielberg cast Daniel Day Lewis. (Better odds.) His eerily smooth performance as the 16th president is a consistent mix of gawky authority and patrician ease. He instructs his Whitehouse staff with parables and anecdotes; the elders don’t all appreciate it but the younger staff clings to his stories like good students, listening intently for cues.

The Sessions

Posted October 15th, 2012 by Binh Ngo

Based on the poignantly optimistic autobiographical writings of California-based journalist and poet Mark O'Brien, THE SESSIONS tells the story of a man confined to an iron lung who is determined--at age 38--to lose his virginity. With the help of his therapists and the guidance of his priest, he sets out to make his dream a reality.


"Oh God": John Hawkes & William H. Macy Talk Sex In New Clip From 'The Sessions' Plus New Pics From The Film

The Sessions – Sex, drama and comedy are familiar ingredients for any number of movies, but those elements have never quite come together as uniquely as they do in "The Sessions." While much of the Oscar talk over at Fox Searchlight has shifted for the time being to "Hitchcock," which recently threw its hat in the ring with a surprise release date announcement, the indie shingle might have a couple of nominations up their sleeve with this Sundance hit. 8 years 28 weeks ago via donnieyen
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