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Review: ‘Jane Got A Gun’ Starring Natalie Portman, Joel Edgerton & Ewan McGregor To no one’s surprise, at least in the film industry, media world, and the savvy readers that pay attention, The Weinstein Company’s romantic action Western, “Jane Got A Gun,” once owned by Relativity Media before they fell into financial ruin, isn’t very good. To those that don’t play inside baseball, the litany of catastrophes that beset the production are long, and all of its ugliness spilled out into the press before a frame of footage was shot.

‘Jane Got a Gun’ Review: Natalie Portman Western Romance Hits Its Target In a movie-verse full of Katnisses, Black Widows and whatever that “Divergent” girl is supposed to be, pioneer homesteader Jane Hammond (Natalie Portman) doesn’t quite stand out as a superheroine. But when her husband Bill (Noah Emmerich) arrives home with five bullets in him, Jane’s resolve not to fall victim to his vengeful shooter overtakes her in a tale with more feeling than sense. That’s not exactly a dismissal.

"You so much as flinch and I will blow your head off!" Perfect timing, I'd say. The Weinstein Company has released the official US trailer for Gavin O'Connor's long-delayed action western Jane Got a Gun, starring Natalie Portman. We've already watched a number of trailers for this film so far, including a full-length international trailer, so this is just another reminder that it is still being released later this month.

'Jane Got a Gun' Trailer: Natalie Portman Needs a Gunslinger After suffering delays, director changes, casting changes, more delays and a studio bankruptcy, Jane Got a Gun is finally coming to theaters. Natalie Portman stars in the new western as a desperate woman who seeks the aid of an old boyfriend to help defend her homestead from the men who previously held her captive. The latest trailer for the film doesn’t do it much favors, between the generic heavy rock music and the generic DTV action flick font — but the actual footage still looks enticing, at the very least. Continue reading…

'Jane Got a Gun' French release date postponed after Paris attacks The French release date for the Natalie Portman film Jane Got a Gun has been postponed following Friday’s terrorist attacks in Paris. Mars Distribution, which is distributing the film in France, made the announcement on its website Monday. It said the release would be moved to a later date...

CBS Pulls Scheduled Supergirl Episode In Wake Of Paris Attacks The preview we posted earlier showing Livewire was for an episode original scheduled to air Thanksgiving week… it has been moved up to tomorrow night with the original episode of How She Does It being pulled off the schedule for now. The reason, the plot for the episode involved Supergirl stopping a series of bombs throughout National City. CBS has also replaced this weeks episode of NCIS: Los Angeles which focuses on a terrorist group. They did not announce when the episodes will air. CBS Pulls Scheduled Supergirl Episode In Wake Of Paris Attacks

Paris Attacks: Steven Spielberg, Natalie Portman French Movie Premieres Canceled The Paris premieres of two high-profile Hollywood movies, Steven Spielberg‘s “Bridge of Spies” and Natalie Portman‘s “Jane Got a Gun,” were canceled in the wake of the deadly terror attacks in the French capital on Friday. Spielberg‘s Cold War thriller had been planning a Sunday premiere.

First Trailer For Jane Got A Gun Natalie Portman takes aim at bandits with Joel Edgerton's helpWith its development troubles – including the loss of director Lynn Ramsay and star Michael Fassbender early in the process – now seemingly behind it, Natalie Portman-starring Western drama Jane Got A Gun faces its next challenge: getting bums on seats. To help convince us to take a chance on it, the first international trailer has surfaced.

‘Jane Got a Gun’ Gets New 2016 Release Date Jane Got a Gun, starring Natalie Portman, is a western thriller about a woman defending herself and her home from violent attack, but the film itself seems like it has been a lot more vulnerable than Jane herself. Now, after a significant delay — the film shot in 2013 — there’s finally a Jane Got a Gun release date that might stick, as the film is on the Weinstein Company calendar for February 2016. Jane’s problems go all the way back to the film’s pre-production, when original co-star Michael Fassbender had to leave the production.

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Jane Got a Gun

A frontier woman seeks out her ex-lover to help her fend off a group of outlaws. Production is planned for spring 2013.
Gavin O'Connor
February 20, 2015