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J. Michael Straczynski Options Harlan Ellison’s Classic Sci-Fi Story ‘Repent, Harlequin!’

deadline.com – EXCLUSIVE: For the first time, iconic sci-fi writer Harlan Ellison has allowed a film to be developed based on Repent, Harequin! Said The Ticktock Man, the seminal story he published in Galaxy Magazine in 1965. Ellison has granted an option directly to J. Michael Straczynski, whose recent credits include Thor, World War Z, the TV series Babylon 5 and Sense8, the upcoming Netflix series he is doing with Lana and Andy Wachowski.

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Review: World War Z (The Consequences of Zombie Overdose)

3:59 PM 6/21/2013 by Sara Vizcarrondo
The problem with zombies is they’re so overused we can’t see them as tropes anymore: by now they only exist as metaphors, and playing with that facet may be the last means a filmmaker has of producing a unique apocalyptic monster. I loved Chuck Klosterman’s NYT OpEd on TV's The Walking Dead.

Your First Look at Brad Pitt in 'World War Z'

1:05 PM 11/6/2012 by Jeff Giles
World War Z
While everyone was focused on World War Z's rumored production woes, the cast and crew were busy making a movie, and now we have our first video proof.

J. Michael Straczynski To Write Film Based On Valiant Comic 'Shadowman'

deadline.com – EXCLUSIVE: Valiant Entertainment and The Mummy producer Sean Daniel are teaming up to turn the Valiant Comic Shadowman into a live action feature. They’ve made a deal with J. Michael Straczynski to write the script. Straczynski’s work ranges from writing/producing TV series that include Babylon 5 and Jeremiah, scripting films that include Thor, Ninja Assassin, Underworld Awakening and the Clint Eastwood-directed Changeling, and hatching comic books that include the Amazing Spider-Man and Superman ... 7 years 25 weeks ago via jackiechan

J. Michael Straczynski Believes In 'Ghostbusters 3'; Has Working Script Idea

screenrant.com – As one of Hollywood’s longest ongoing “in-development” projects, the much talked-about (and requested) Ghostbusters 3 has had its fair of setbacks – many setbacks, as of recently. But there’s one person Dan Aykroyd can add to his list of supporters: famed writer (and The Real Ghostbusters animated series mastermind) J Michael Straczynski. 7 years 37 weeks ago via jackiechan

The Dive

Posted March 23rd, 2012 by Binh Ngo

Movie about pro divers Francisco 'Pipin' Ferraras and his wife Audrey Mestre.

Underworld: Awakening

Posted November 16th, 2011 by Binh Ngo

UNDERWORLD AWAKENING brings a stunning new dimension to the epic battle between Vampires and Lycans, as the first film in the franchise to shoot in 3D.


World War Z Adds Three More

mania.com – Add three more to the growing cast of Paramount Pictures' World War Z, based on the best-selling book by Max Brooks. Deadline reports that Ed Harris, Matthew Fox ("LOST") and Julia Levy-Boeken are wrapping up talks to join this fast-tracking look into an apocalyptic zombie infested world. The incoming stars would be joining the previously confirmed leads Brad Pitt, Mireille Enos and James Badge Dale, who was brought in last week.

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