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Guy Pearce says he almost turned down Iron Man 3 role – You may have noticed Guy Pearce doesn't appear in the biggest movies, which is why many were surprised when the actor signed on to play Aldrich Killian in IRON MAN 3. In a recent interview with Total Film, Pearce revealed he initially turned down the role, and explained why he almost passed on IRON MAN 3.

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2013 Most Valuable Blockbuster Tournament Tip-Off – #1 ‘Iron Man 3′ Vs. #16 ‘The Conjuring’; #8 ‘Gravity’ Vs. #9 ‘Man Of Steel’ – Oscar crowned a Best Picture winner two weeks ago, but which 2013 film deserves to be called the profitability champ? This is hard to ascertain. We can reliably track box office grosses domestic and offshore, but studios routinely spin cost factors like production, P&A budgets, and talent participation. Capturing the spirit of the NCAA men’s college basketball tournament that just got underway, Deadline has bracketed 2013’s 16 highest-grossing films and they will play off against one another. 8 years 28 weeks ago via jetli

Drew Pearce Talks About His Unproduced Marvel Screenplays – "Iron Man 3" and "All Hail The King" screenwriter reveals some of the Marvel projects he's worked on that didn't end up happening. 8 years 34 weeks ago via donnieyen

'Iron Man 3,' 'Fast 6' Dominate Malaysia Box Office in 2013 – Hollywood tentpoles take the top 20 spots in the country's year-end charts, while "Limah Goes Home 2" leads the pack among local films.Iron Man 3 dominated the Malaysian box office in 2013, pulling in nearly $14 million, well ahead of Fast & Furious 6 in second place at $9.86 million. 8 years 38 weeks ago via donnieyen

‘Iron Man 3,’ ‘Monsters University’ Power Record B.O. Year for Disney – Powered by the year’s top-grossing release, “Iron Man 3,” Disney just scored a company best in domestic box office, surpassing the studio’s previous record of $1.55 billion set last year. Internationally, the Mouse amassed through November north of $2.3 billion, its previous overseas benchmark. Disney reached another studio-best tally at the worldwide B.O. 8 years 42 weeks ago via theothersenhman

Rumored Plot for Ben Kingsley's Marvel Project Surfaces

3:43 PM 10/29/2013 by Jeff Giles
Okay, first things first: if you haven't seen Iron Man 3, just stop reading now, because everything that's in here is going to spoil the heck out of a crucial twist in the movie's plot. But if you have seen it, and you're curious about just what Ben Kingsley might be up to with Marvel regarding his upcoming one-shot project, read on.

Rumoured Plans For The Mandarin At Marvel Seem To Undermine Iron Man 3 – I’ve yet to hear a legitimate argument against Iron Man 3‘s “big villain reveal” – in general, rather than any specifics of how this reveal might have been paced or staged – but if you think you have one, now’s the time to rehearse it. According to a new report at Latino Review, which could very well be utterly unsubstantiated rubbish, the studio has plans for The Mandarin that will need very careful handling.

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RT on DVD & Blu-Ray: Iron Man 3, Doctor Who, and More – We've always covered the biggest movies coming out on home video for RT on DVD, but in years past, TV coverage has been limited to just a handful of releases we thought were particularly notable. Now that the Rotten Tomatoes TV Zone is up and running, you can expect to see a lot more television showing up here, and it all begins this week with Iron Man 3, Room 237, Hannibal Season 1, and the complete seventh series of the BBC's Doctor Who, plus more. 9 years 2 weeks ago via donnieyen

Mark Wahlberg Wouldn't Mind Playing Iron Man

3:46 PM 8/14/2013 by Jeff Giles
Mark Wahlberg
Listen, as much as we'd like to pretend otherwise, eventually there's going to come a day when no amount of money will be enough to keep Robert Downey, Jr. in Iron Man's armor -- and since the 48-year-old Downey is rapidly reaching the point of diminishing action hero returns anyway, Marvel needs to figure out how to replace the most irreplaceable part of its cinematic empire. Mark Wahlberg would like to help.

Mark Wahlberg Would Like to Play Iron Man After Robert Downey Jr. – In a new interview, Mark Wahlberg says he’d like to take over the Iron Man franchise from Robert Downey Jr. He’s mostly kidding. The line is delivered in a semi-joking tone and he goes on to say he’s never really been asked to play a superhero. He prefers to play someone real and relatable. 9 years 8 weeks ago via jetli
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Iron Man 3

Iron Man 3
Marvel Studios’ “Iron Man 3” pits brash-but-brilliant industrialist Tony Stark/Iron Man against an enemy whose reach knows no bounds. When Stark finds his personal world destroyed at his enemy's hands, he embarks on a harrowing quest to find those responsible. This journey, at every turn, will test...
Shane Black
May 03, 2013