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Roland Emmerich Says ID4-Ever Part 2 May Not Happen – 'We'll let the audience decide'With a nickname like 'the Little Spielberg from Sindelfingen', Roland Emmerich has earned a reputation as both a showman and ringmaster in Hollywood. He's got big visions - often spelling doom for a landmark near you - but just as importantly, he knows how to make them happen. 8 years 10 weeks ago via brucelee

What's Popping: 'Star Wars: Episode VII', '50 Shades of Grey', 'Transformers 4', 'Independence Day 2', 'Terminator'

3:27 PM 9/8/2013 by Binh Ngo
Star Wars
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Will Smith Officially Out of 'Independence Day 2'? Not So Fast

4:19 PM 9/5/2013 by Binh Ngo
Will Smith
A couple months ago, director Roland Emmerich said Will Smith is not going to be in Independence Day 2 because he's too expensive and too famous, but now, it looks like the situation has changed.

Will Smith in Talks for INDEPENDENCE DAY Sequel; 2016 Release Date Likely; Director Roland Emmerich Also Talks STARGATE Franchise Reboot – Although Independence Day director Roland Emmerich previously stated that star Will Smith wouldn't be involved in the film's sequel, in part for fear of him overshadowing the cast, it now looks as if the two are at least entering into talks. Perhaps the lackluster performances of some of Smith's recent efforts have spurred him into dipping into the well of previous films, especially since he's rumored to be involved in sequels to Hancock, Bad Boys and I, Robot. 8 years 12 weeks ago via brucelee

Welcome (Back) To Earth: Will Smith Might Actually Return For 'Independence Day' Sequel – Earlier this summer, "White House Down" director Roland Emmerich said that Will Smith would most likely not be back for "Independence Day 2," the big budget sequel to his beloved sci-fi flick. But what a difference a few months and a notoriously costly flop make. Now Emmerich has said that Smith might return for the sequel as the cigar-chomping pilot from the original film and not, say, his twin brother. 8 years 12 weeks ago via brucelee

What's Popping: 'Terminator', Vin Diesel, 'Knight Rider', 'Bond 24', 'Independence Day 2'

12:30 PM 6/30/2013 by Binh Ngo
Arnold Schwarzenegger
Paramount, Skydance Productions, and Annapurna Pictures are teaming up for a new "stand-alone" Terminator trilogy, the first of which is set for release on June 26, 2015. What happened to Terminator 5? We would like to know too. Apparently, the producers felt it's better to start the next movie with a clean slate rather than build on what came before.

Jeff Goldblum and Bill Pullman Confirmed for 'Independence Day 2'

12:36 PM 6/26/2013 by Binh Ngo
Independence Day
Will Smith may be too famous and too expensive for the Independence Day sequel, but his co-stars in the first movie, Jeff Goldblum and Bill Pullman, are not. That's why they'll be in the Independence Day 2, aka ID4 Forever Part 1, and Smith is not.

Roland Emmerich Has Created A Gay Character For Independence Day Sequel – Coining the right headline for this story was near-impossible, and I think I failed. I don’t to push it as news that one of the characters in Independence Day 2 will be gay. Rather, I want to suggest some of the questions this might prompt about typical representations in Hollywood tentpoles, and this movie in particular.

8 years 22 weeks ago via jetli

Jeff Goldblum and Bill Pullman Will Be Back for 'Independence Day 2' – After almost two decades, it’s mind-boggling to think a sequel to Independence Day is finally coming together. Years and years of rumor and speculation all seemed unfounded until last week when 20th Century Fox announced that July 3, 2015 would mark the triumphant return of the 1996 film. Director Roland Emmerich will be back, along with his production partner Dean Devlin, and the story is set 20 years after events of the original. 8 years 22 weeks ago via jackiechan

Will Smith Officially Out for 'Independence Day 2'

6:50 AM 6/24/2013 by Jeff Giles
Will Smith
Still holding out hope that Will Smith will return to kick some more alien tail in Roland Emmerich's long-promised Independence Day sequel? Don't hold your breath -- according to Emmerich, it isn't going to happen. Emmerich addressed the subject during a recent interview with the New York Daily News, explaining, "Will Smith cannot come back because he’s too expensive, but he’d also be too much of a marquee name."
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