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Texas Chainsaw Massacre Prequel Leatherface Sets Release Date Leatherface has finally gotten itself an official release date. Cinema history is full of horror franchises that began on top of the pop culture world, only to end up descending into utter ridiculousness as their installments continued. For instance, Friday the 13th‘s Jason Voorhees and Hellraiser‘s Pinhead both went into space, while Halloween‘s Michael Myers eventually abandoned stalking his relatives for the thrills of offing contestants on a reality TV show.

Report says The Mummy could lose as much as $95 million The beginning of Universal’s Dark Universe arrived almost two weeks ago with THE MUMMY, and what should’ve been a grand entrance was more a defeated limp through the doorway. Receiving a critical beat down from critics and audiences the movie opened well below expectations in the U.S. – despite a big opening globally. But those global dollars probably won’t save the troubled pic,... Read More...

The Mummy – Filming The Zero Gravity Stunt In 360° The Mummy may have been DoA in the U.S., but globally ‘It’s Alive!” and about to cross the $300 Million mark. The film is topping most global markets this weekend and one of the centerpiece scenes is the zero-gravity stunt / airplane crash. Universal has now released a 360° video showcasing just how the stunt was filmed. This includes a discussion with star Tom Cruise who went director Alex Kurtzman and pushed for this type of stunt after reading about the plane crash in the script.

What ‘The Mummy’s’ Cursed Domestic Opening Means for Tom Cruise’s Movie Star Appeal Tom Cruise’s “The Mummy” seriously underperformed at the domestic box office this weekend, delivering just $31.6 million from over 4,000 locations. It’s a rare miss for the 54-year-old star, who has a reported 16 films to his name that have grossed over $100 million prior to last week’s release of the flagship movie for a hopeful Universal franchise. Take the misfortunes of his Hollywood colleague Johnny Depp, who suffered five consecutive misfires (namely “Alice Through the Looking Glass,” “Black Mass” “Mortdecai,” “Trans

The Mummy Was Meant To Deconstruct Tom Cruise Movies The director of The Mummy has stated that the first entry in the Dark Universe franchise was meant to be a Tom Cruise movie that felt “different and interesting“. It wouldn’t be stretching the truth to say that The Mummy has had a very negative reception from critics and poor reviews. It’s disappointing for Universal, who anticipated that this would be the movie that all future Dark Universe movies would spring from. The next entry is planned to be Bride of Frankenstein in February 2019, which is expected to be followed by The Invisible Man and many more besides. But d

The Mummy Director Defends The Dark Universe; Hypes Frankenstein Director Alex Kurtzman is defending the Dark Universe and hyping The Bride of Frankenstein as his film The Mummy opens to mixed audience reactions and poor reviews domestically. In late 2015, Universal Pictures started putting together in earnest what recently became known as its Dark Universe, rebooting classic monster movie titles made famous by the likes of screen legends Boris Karloff, Bela Lugosi and Lon Chaney, Jr, yet setting the characters in a shared universe. The first film out of the gate, of course, is an update of Karloff’s 1932 classic The Mummy – starring Tom Cruise with

How Brendan Fraser's The Mummy Is Connected to Dark Universe A scene in this weekend's The Mummy involving the mysterious corporation Prodigium features a direct connection to Brendan Fraser's 1999 remake.

The Mummy Review: A Desiccated Corpse Held Together By Flimsy Bandages Some films usher in the start of a great franchise future, like Marvel’s Cinematic Universe kicking off with Iron Man. Others come off less stellar, like the recent King Arthur: Legend of the Sword, which was meant to be the start of a series of Arthurian films, that seems to have done so poorly that it may well be a one and done.

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