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Over the past week, I’ve been revisiting the Friday the 13th series with one simple, stupid goal: I was going to rank every single person killed by Jason Voorhees (and his fellow murderers) in the entire series. There turned out to be 181 of them and I ranked them here and here. But throughout the process, other questions kept cropping up: which Friday the 13th movie is your favorite? How would you rank them? Is The New Blood really worse than Jason Takes Manhattan?

Russell Crowe Fights Around The World, Beats Up Tom Cruise In A Featurette For ‘The Mummy’ On Sunday, Universal released the first trailer for The Mummy, and now a featurette and two interviews with director Alex Kurtzman give some context to what the heck Russell Crowe is doing there. We know he’s playing Dr. Henry Jekyll, and other movies in this shared Universal Monster Movie Universe might include Johnny Depp as The Invisible Man and Javier Bardem as Frankenstein.


A Look Inside The New Mummy Film Universal Pictures has already rolled out a behind-the-scenes look at their upcoming film The Mummy after dropping the first trailer last night. The film is big. Star Tom Cruise says it’s the biggest film he’s ever done… and it’s his first chance to work with his long time friend Russell Crowe. This is Universal’s chance to build a universe of movies around the classic monster characters. Besides the Mummy, we also get Dr. Jeckyll in this. A Look Inside The New Mummy Film

Tom Cruise Faces an Ancient Evil in First 'The Mummy' Teaser When most people think of The Mummy, they likely think of the tongue-in-cheek, Brendan Fraiser-starring reboot from the late '90s that was less a horror movie and more of a family adventure that went for laughs instead of scares. But when The Mummy first emerged back in 1932, it was unmistakably a horror movie about a young woman stalked by the reanimated corpse of an ancient Egyptian prince.  So when a reboot of The Mummy hits theaters on June 9, 2017, it's already got the...Read MoreRead Comments

The 'Friday the 13th' Reboot Has Found Its Setting and Script It’s been a long time coming, but after almost a decade, producers Brad Fuller and Andrew Form are ready to start working on the Friday the 13th reboot. The original 1980 Friday the 13th is a horror classic that introduced hockey-masked lunatic Jason Vorhees to the world, but its sequels over the years have left a lot to be desired. Even the 2009 remake was just not that good. Now, it sounds like Fuller and Form, who also produced The Purge series, are ready for another go at it. Continue reading…

Rings Has Been Delayed Into 2017 Poor Rings. The film has had a rough go of it, with it already being delayed two times. Well, it has just seen one more, moving from a lucrative October spot to February 3rd 2017, Variety report. It’s a pretty sudden move, with the film originally slated for not too far away. There is no official reason for the move either, but there is speculation that it might be about financials and Paramount’s lackluster showing this summer. Lets hope this really is the last move for the film.

Rings moves from Halloween to Valentine's Day; Friday the 13th pushed back Ah, the month of February! Love is in the air, flowers are starting to bloom and chocolate flows in the rivers. It's the perfect time for romance, merrymaking and SCARING THE SHIT OUT OF YOUR LOVED ONES. Oh yeah, February, you got a new visitor coming your way. Yes, Paramount has announced (via Variety) that the franchise reboot, RINGS, has just been pushed from the seemingly appropriate month of... Read More...

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