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Nu Image Eyes Ben Stiller and Jack Nicholson for Remake of Hong Kong Comedy "Delete My Love"

4:05 PM 5/8/2014 by Senh Duong
Michael Hui and Wong Cho-Lam in "Delete My Love"
While I was in Hong Kong during the Hong Kong International Film Festival, I saw posters for Patrick Kong’s comedy “Delete My Love” (Wong Cho-Lam, Michael Hui) all over the city. Apparently, the comedy was being shopped to foreign distributions at the Filmart, and Nu Image had expressed interest.

Super Belated HKIFF Wrapup: "That Demon Within," "No Man's Land," "Particle Fever," and Much More

10:33 AM 4/30/2014 by Senh Duong
Daniel Wu and Nick Cheung in "That Demon Within"
The 38th Hong Kong International Film Festival ended about three weeks ago … and I’m still recovering from it. Like Cannes, it’s difficult to find a good balance between watching films, writing about them, and absorbing the culture from another country in just a few weeks.

"The Raid," Zombies, Boobies: Join the "Zombie Fight Club"

6:35 AM 4/6/2014 by Senh Duong
"Zombie Fight Club"
Situated just a block away from the “Kung Fu Jungle” (aka “Kung Fu Killer”) booth in the Filmart was a booth for a film intriguingly titled “Zombie Fight Club.” How can I not be interested enough to at least take a peek?

HKIFF: "Nymphomaniac: Volume I" Is All Pleasure and Games

8:20 AM 4/5/2014 by Senh Duong
Nymphomaniac: Volume 1
Lars von Trier’s “Nymphomaniac: Volume I” begins with a woman (Charlotte Gainsbourg) lying unconscious in a dark alley, badly beaten with multiple bruises on her face. A sympathetic priest (Stellan Skarsgard) discovers her, takes her home, and tries to figure out what happened. Her name is Joe, and she’s a sex addict.

HKIFF Review: An Entertaining Unordinary Life of "Barber's Tales" (Mga Kwentong Barbero)

2:33 AM 4/2/2014 by popcorn
Barber's Tale
Jun Robles Lana’s “Barber’s Tales” details the life of the politically jaded lower class citizens living under the corrupt regime of Ferdinand Marcos and the student rebellion that took place in 1975. It is told from the perspective of a widowed barber’s wife, Marilou (played unassumingly well by Eugene Domingo), and narrated by her close friend, Susan.

Simon Yam and "The Grandmaster"'s Max Zhang Join Tony Jaa and Wu Jing in "SPL 2"

1:35 AM 4/2/2014 by Senh Duong
Simon Yam and Max Zhang in "SPL 2"
Last week, while walking around the Filmart, I picked up a promotional flyer for SPL II, a sequel to Donnie Yen’s cop thriller known for its Mixed Martial Arts infused fight choreography. It’s the first collaboration between director Wilson Yip, Sammo Hung, and Donnie Yen that would eventually lead to Ip Man. SPL wasn’t a box office hit locally, grossing a measly HK $7.4M ($1M US), but it gained a following with action fans worldwide through film festivals and home video.

HKIFF: A Simple Story of "The Invisible Woman"

12:41 AM 4/2/2014 by popcorn
"The Invisible Woman"
In Ralph Fiennes second directorial venture, “The Invisible Woman”, he tackles the story of Charles Dickens’ affair with a muse half his age, Ellen (Nelly) Ternan. The film is a simple, straight-forward story that focuses exclusively on the affair and marital values of the Victorian period, told with no visual extravagance or grandiose costumes.

HKIFF: Pang Ho-Cheung's Dramedy "Aberdeen" Surprisingly Decent

2:36 AM 3/31/2014 by Senh Duong
The cast of "Aberdeen" in the opening ceremony of the HKIFF
When tickets for films from the Hong Kong International Film Festival went on sale in early March, Pang Ho-Cheung’s Aberdeen, one of the two opening films, sold out in just eight minutes. Unlike other film festivals like Sundance and Toronto, a press pass doesn’t guarantee you a seat. If a film’s sold out, you’re kinda out of luck (more on the “kinda” later).

HKIFF: Enthralled By Chip Tsao, Not His Film

3:10 AM 3/30/2014 by popcorn
Kelvin Kwan in "Enthralled"
The most interesting character in Chip Tsao’s directorial debut “Enthralled” is Chip Tsao. To say the film follows three childhood friends’ vastly different romantic experiences in modern day Hong Kong is superficial and almost incorrect. The underlying story is about a middle-aged, highly controversial commentator sharing his biased views on Hong Kong culture through various characters of Hong Kong society.

From the Outside Looking in at HKIFF

4:16 AM 3/28/2014 by popcorn
Hong Kong International Film Festival
Being a first timer at the Hong Kong International Film Festival (HKIFF), every new encounter heightens my curiosity and sense of wonderment. I am fascinated by everything, from the small, intuitive adjustments like a light sensor under the sink to alert water flow, to the low key manner and openness of celebrities, to the grandiose celebrity filled billboards and flat screen televisions lining the subways and high rises, keeping you in the know on the latest products, shows and activities.
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