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Weekend Box Office Report: The 'Guardians' Are On Fire

5:52 PM 8/3/2014 by Logan Falk
Guardians of the Galaxy
With the insane, many-month long anticipation of Marvel’s latest film in the Avengers-driven story arc, it is no surprise whatsoever that Guardians of the Galaxy had no trouble whatsoever bringing in incredible earnings, and subsequently conquering the box office. This is as straightforward as weekend charts ever get, so let’s get to it.

Box Office Gender Gap: Why 'Lucy' Conquered 'Hercules' (Analysis)

feedproxy.google.com – More than 50 percent of the audience for the Scarlett Johansson action pic was women, another summer sign that female moviegoers are taking on more power. 8 years 18 weeks ago via jetli

Weekend Box Office Report: ‘Lucy’ Conquers

3:52 PM 7/27/2014 by Logan Falk
Since the theaters have been going through a dry spell of sorts for quality films, the first batch of certified fresh releases were able to make a good showing of themselves—one in particular was able to make a good deal above its predicted gross, and easily make its way to the top of the charts.

New in Theaters: 'Hercules,' 'Lucy,' 'And So It Goes'

12:09 PM 7/25/2014 by Logan Falk
This weekend is looking up a little from the last few weeks of mostly grim cinema—three new releases hit the theaters today, and while none are receiving rave reviews, they are certainly above the meager average ratings of the last few weekends.

Hercules Review

IGN Movies - Thu, 2014-07-24 23:00

Hercules Review Exploring a different look at the legend, Hercules offers a mix of action, laughter, and tragedy. This Hercules doesn't work alone; he's accompanied by a band of five companions. He's finished his infamous 12 Labors, and he's now become a mercenary taking gold for jobs. But, there's still room in his heart to be a good man once more. Played by Dwayne Johnson, a.k.a. The Rock, this Hercules is haunted by a grievous event in his past. He has to overcome that in order to help end a civil war in Thrace.


Box Office Late Nights: AMC Theaters Computer Glitch … Again As ‘Lucy’ Grabs $2.5M To Overpower ‘Hercules’ At $2.1M

deadline.com – 1st UPDATE, Friday, 9:04 AM: The reporting on late nights are taking longer than expected because AMC had yet another computer glitch which interrupted box office reporting this morning. In fact, I’m hearing it was a total system failure yesterday and they are trying to fix it now with an AT&T technician on site now swapping out network equipment. 8 years 19 weeks ago via brucelee

'Lucy' to Beat Up 'Hercules' This Weekend

boxofficemojo.com – On the final weekend of July, two very different action movies will try to reverse the domestic box office's downward trend. Hercules has a much bigger budget and arguably more star power in Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, but the sword-and-sandals epic doesn't appear to be connecting with moviegoers. In contrast, Lucy's eye-catching visuals and intriguing "what if" story has put it on pace for an opening north of $30 million, which should be enough to take first place this w... 8 years 19 weeks ago via jackiechan

Fourth 'Hercules' Clip Unleashes the Hydra on Dwayne Johnson Dwayne Johnson once again gets to flaunt his WWE Superstar skills as he goes toe-to-toe with a legendary sea beast, the Hydra, in this fourth scene from Hercules. In order to ensure his demi-god status, the iconic muscle man of Greek myth must defeat this nasty multi-headed serpent. Only problem is, cut off one of its heads and two more grow back...If Dwayne Johnson can't kill it, no one can!Everyone knows the legend of Hercules and his twelve labors. Our story begins after the labors, and after the legend. Haunted by a sin from his past, Hercules has become a mercenary.


Awfully Good: Hercules in New York

JoBlo - Tue, 2014-07-22 23:13

Good news for Brett Ratner and The Rock; their version of HERCULES can't be any worse than… Hercules in New York (1969) Director: Arthur Seidelman Stars: Arnold Schwarzenegger, Arnold Stang, Deborah Loomis After pissing off his father Zeus, the mythical Hercules is sent to New York City, where he clashes with the mortals and tries to make it as a professional wrestler. As the child of a... Read More...

Everyone knows the legend of Hercules and his twelve labors. Our story begins after the labors, and after the legend. Haunted by a sin from his past, Hercules has become a mercenary. Along with five faithful companions, he travels ancient Greece selling his services for gold and using his legendary reputation to intimidate enemies.

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Both man and myth, Hercules (Dwayne Johnson) leads a band of mercenaries to help end a bloody civil war in the land of Thrace and return the rightful king to his throne. A tormented soul from birth, Hercules has the strength of a God but feels the suffering of a human. Unimaginable villains will...
Brett Ratner
July 25, 2014

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