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Martial Arts Legend Gordon Liu's Health Condition Deteriorating Following Stroke

feedproxy.google.com – In August 2011, Gordon Liu, Hong Kong martial arts legend and star of The 36th Chamber of Shaolin, Kill Bill 1 & 2 plus numerous other classic films, suffered a major stroke that left him completely paralyzed on the right side of his body.It appears that his condition has deteriorated over time and now he is not talking or moving as well as he was six months ago. 7 years 39 weeks ago via jetli

RZA On 'The Man With The Iron Fists,' Gordon Liu, And His Holy Grail Of Kung Fu Movies

movieline.com – Wu-Tang rapper-turned-actor and composer RZA makes an explosive directorial debut with The Man With The Iron Fists, a vibrantly stylized homage to martial arts cinema that could only have sprung from the mind of the lifelong kung fu fanatic, hip-hop fixture, and Quentin Tarantino protege. Who else would think to set a Shaw Brothers-esque opening fight sequence to the infectious battle anthem "Shame on a Nigga," a Wu-Tang classic that RZA also used to inject a little of his late cousin and bandmate Ol' Dirty Bastard into Russell Crowe's swaggering Jack Knife? 8 years 12 weeks ago via theothersenhman

Flying Swords of Dragon Gate

Posted January 24th, 2012 by Binh Ngo

As one of the defining stories of the wuxia genre, the saga of the dragon gate inn has already been the source material for two classic martial arts films. Now legendary writer/director/producer tsui hark revisits these legends in the flying swords of dragon gate bringing new characters and ancient conflicts to life through the vivid depth of 3d and the epic scale of the imax image.


Martial Arts Legend Gordon Liu In Hospital With Head Injury

feedproxy.google.com – Gordon Liu, Hong Kong martial arts legend and star of THE 36TH CHAMBER OF SHAOLIN, KILL BILL 1 & 2 plus numerous other films, has been admitted into hospital with head injury. According to reports from Hong Kong, his condition was initially critical and he required assisted ventilation through a breathing tube placed in his airway. 9 years 20 weeks ago via donnieyen
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