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Ivan Reitman Spills ‘Ghostbusters 2020’ Details on Paul Rudd’s New Character Even though Ghostbusters 2020 has been shooting for over a month now, there haven’t been many details that have leaked from the film’s set up in Canada. But producer Ivan Reitman has given us a little piece of information about the new movie that gives us at least some small idea of the supernatural activity that’s happening in the new movie…and it also provides a new detail about Paul Rudd‘s character in the movie.

Finn Wolfhard Is Gearing Up To Star In Jason Reitman’s Ghostbusters Sequel Finn Wolfhard and Carrie Coon are in talks to star in Jason Reitman's upcoming "Ghostbusters" sequel.

New Ghostbusters details emerge as the film prepares to shoot in Boston Within the week Paul Feig's GHOSTBUSTERS reboot will begin filming in Boston (the story will still take place in Manhattan) and we'll be introduced to a new team of Ghostbusters. Those wanting to know more about the film will be pleased to know that The Boston Herald has managed to sneak out a few new details of what we can expect. It's all fairly harmless but the... Read More...

While promoting his upcoming new film, Spy, Paul Feig also talked about the upcoming all female Ghostbusters film he is been working on. He says that his intention is not to parody the original films but rather have a new story with a few nods to the originals. Read his remarks below:“We’re not recreating the old movie but we want to do just enough fun nods that the fans will go, ‘Oh, okay, they’re acknowledging that the other movie existed. I like to watch parodies, but I don’t want to do them because they’re too referential.

Rebel Wilson Has Met With The Ghostbusters 3 Team Busting may well make her feel goodToday is a US TV show that has famous folk talking things they are doing in their famous lives. Pitch Perfect veteran Rebel Wilson was on there recently, and during her interview, she happened to mention that she had met with Sony, her Bridesmaids director Paul Feig and the rest of the Ghostbusters 3 team about the possibility of strapping on a proton pack.“I have had a meeting,” Wilson said. “But who knows? They will have to look at the script when it’s finished... I’d do that for free.


Bill Murray Finally Explains Why He Kept Passing On Ghostbusters 3 – For years, everyone from Dan Aykroyd to Ivan Reitman tried to get Bill Murray to commit to a third Ghostbusters movie. And while Murray stayed elusive, he never gave a concrete reason as to why the various screenplays presented to him fizzled. Until today. Bill Murray has done a lot of press for his upcoming comedy St. 8 years 7 weeks ago via jackiechan

The Download: 'Ghostbusters' Reboot and Spider-Man Rumors

11:28 AM 10/12/2014 by Binh Ngo
The third Ghostbusters won't be a sequel, but a complete reboot led by a female cast. We discuss that and more on this week's Download.

What's Popping: Robin Hood and His Merry Men, Female-led 'Ghostbusters,' 'Bond 24,' 'Painkiller Jane,' 'The Purge 3'

10:07 AM 10/12/2014 by Binh Ngo
Daniel Craig
Sony is developing a series of movies centered on Robin Hood and his Merry Men. Seems like "universe" and "Avengers" are two of the keywords studios are looking for when deciding which projects to produce. The female-led Ghostbusters reboot is a go. Paul Feig will write the script with his collaborator on The Heat, Katie Dippold.


Ernie Hudson Says Female 'Ghostbusters' Reboot Is "Wrong" And A "Bad Idea" – Even though Ernie Hudson had a pretty shitty time making "Ghostbusters,"it's still the project he's most proud of, probably because it's the one he's most famous for. And so, he has a lot of strong opinions about it. When news was confirmed this week that Paul Feig's reboot of the franchise wouldn't be connected to the '80s movies, and would effectively start over, Hudson suggested on Twitter that fans wouldn't welcome the news. 8 years 8 weeks ago via jackiechan
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