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Paramount Conjures up a Dungeons & Dragons Film Release Date Along with a flurry of other release date announcements, Exhibitor Relations today tweeted out that Paramount is moving forward with its Dungeons & Dragons feature film and has an expected opening date:Paramount rolls the dice on DUNGEONS & DRAGONS, which drops July 23, 2021.— Exhibitor Relations (@ERCboxoffice) December 18, 2017With a release date more than three years downrange, there’s little to say that it won’t see some adjustments along the way.

The Reason Why ‘G.I. Joe 3’ Is Delayed It’s been a long time since we heard anything about G.I. Joe 3. The last development on the sequel had up and coming writer Aaron Berg brought on board as a writer, and before that D.J. Caruso was hired to be at the helm of the movie instead of G.I. Joe: Retaliation director Jon M. Chu. We’re not sure if either of those two talents are still involved with the project, but it doesn’t sound like G.I. Joe 3 is going to happen anytime soon thanks to the busy schedule of Dwayne Johnson. Find out what’s going on with G.I. Joe 3 after the jump. G.I.


G.I. Joe 3 Gets A Rewrite

Empire Magazine - Thu, 2015-04-02 01:08

G.I. Joe 3 Gets A Rewrite Aaron Berg goes from Section 6 to the special forcesThe clamour from outside the studio walls might not have been as high as inside it but Paramount is pushing ahead with a third G.I. Joe film, hoping to build on the box-office success of the first two. D.J. Caruso is confirmed as directing, and now Section 6 writer Aaron Berg is aboard to re-write the script.Evan Daugherty was the last person to take a crack at the script, which back in 2013 was said to be returning some characters from the first movie to rejoin the ranks alongside the likes of Dwayne Johnson’s Roadblock.

G.I. Joe 3 Rumors: New Villains & M.A.S.K. Crossover Take these rumors as just that -- unsubstantiated chatter -- until we receive further word, but if they prove true then G.I. Joe 3 could end up being a crossover movie. And, no, not with the Transformers. According to Film Divider, "Matt Trakker will be stepping up onto the big screen. he was the lead character of MASK, or Mobile Armoured Strike Kommand, a Kenner toy line and cartoon from the ‘80s. ... Trakker joining GI Joe suggests that MASK will be introduced either in this film, set up for a sequel, or possibly be established for their own spin-off.

‘G.I. Joe 3′: ‘Eagle Eye’ Helmsman D.J. Caruso in Early Talks to Direct G.I. Joe is one of many franchises that, back in 2014, Paramount announced would have a new installment in theaters for 2016; as of right now, though, the project is without a director. Casino Royale director Martin Campbell was the last candidate reported to be in consideration to helm the next live-action movie based on the 1980s Hasbro brand, but now it would appear the studio has another pick in mind. G.I. Joe: Retaliation helmsman Jon M. Chu was originally set to return for G.I. Joe 3, but he dropped out to go and direct Now You See Me: The Second Act. The G.I.

‘G.I. Joe 3′: Director Martin Campbell Reportedly in Talks The world waits with bated breath for the release of G.I. Joe 3. Okay, so that’s probably not true at all – considering that neither G.I. Joe 1 or 2 really scored big points with either hardcore fans or casual moviegoers. However, back during the summer, when Transformers: Age of Extinction hit theaters, producer Lorenzo di Bonaventura assured us, personally, that the plan for G.I.

What's Popping: 'G.I. Joe 3,' 'Chucky 7,' 'The Expendables 4,' 'Nerveracker,' and 'Trollhunter'

5:32 PM 7/6/2014 by Binh Ngo
G.I. Joe
While G.I. Joe 3 is sorting out who will direct the movie, Lethal Weapon 4's Jonathan Lemkin has been hired to take a look at the script. Production is planned for early 2015.

'G.I. Joe 3' Gets 'Lethal Weapon 4' Writer Jonathan Lemkin

1:38 PM 7/2/2014 by Binh Ngo
G.I. Joe
While the people behind G.I. Joe 3 is talking to potential directors to take over the helm in case Jon M. Chu is unable to return, a new writer has been hired to give the script a look-over.

'G.I. Joe 3' Set to Focus on Dwayne Johnson, Lands 'Shooter' Writer

feedproxy.google.com – Paramount Pictures already announced that a slew of sequels would arrive in 2016, and one of them was G.I. Joe 3, the next installment of one the studio's toy-based franchises. And now the film has a writer on board as Variety reports Shooter and Lethal Weapon 4 scribe Jonathan Lemkin has been hired to tackle the script. 8 years 22 weeks ago via brucelee

Paramount and Skydance Tap Writer for ‘G.I. Joe 3′ (EXCLUSIVE)

variety.com – With the next installment in the “G.I. Joe” series set to bow in 2016, Paramount and Skydance have now found the scribe who will pen the third entry in the popular franchise. Jonathan Lemkin is set to write “G.I. Joe 3.” This marks the second deal Lemkin has closed for the studio as he is... 8 years 22 weeks ago via theothersenhman
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