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Stephen King is always working on something. The prolific master of horror seems to churn out a book every few months, firing away at one tale of terror after the next, with no signs of slowing down. King is such an institution that he can probably get literally anything published at this point, even a grocery list. And while King will continue to thrive as long as he’s typing away, and publishers will continue to eat it up, he’s not above waxing hypothetically about books he’ll probably never write.

What Critics Said About The Original ‘Friday the 13th’ They Said What?! is a biweekly column in which we explore the highs and lows of film criticism through history. How did critics feel about it at the time, and do we see it differently now? Chris Coffel explores. Following the success of John Carpenter’s Halloween, many filmmakers attempted to cash in at the box office by mimicking the landmark slasher. None did a better job than director Sean S. Cunningham, who partnered with writer Victor Miller to craft a tale about a group of summer camp counselors who are brutally murdered as they prepare to reopen a long-abandoned camp.

LeBron James is Really in Talks to Revive ‘Friday the 13th’ There’s just a little over a week of spooky season 2018 left — that is, October — but the entertainment industry is still churning out fresh horror news that’s keeping the genre well and truly alive. Of course, considering the Hollywood horror heyday that’s been steadily happening for a while now, the fact that we can still find ways to stay invested in various scary movie projects on an increasingly mainstream scale is not thoroughly surprising.

‘Friday the 13th’ Could be Resurrected by LeBron James Here’s something I bet you didn’t see coming: LeBron James is in talks to produce a Friday the 13th reboot. After Halloween cleaned-up at the box office over the weekend, a slasher movie resurgence is no doubt right around the corner, but the fact that basketball great LeBron James is the one leading the charge to resurrect Jason Voorhees is a bit surprising, to say to the least. King James, meet Jason Voorhees.

We Almost Had Cheech and Chong vs Jason in a ‘Friday the 13th’ Sequel Forget about Freddy vs. Jason – how about Cheech and Chong vs. Jason instead? In a new interview, Friday the 13th Part VI: Jason Lives director Tom McLoughlin revealed that he pitched a Friday the 13th sequel that would have seen the stoner comedy duo coming up against everyone’s favorite hockey mask wearing murderer.

Last week, one of my more anticipated video games of 2017 arrived: Friday the 13th. Well, part of it did. The game is being released in two parts: the multiplayer component, where players can play as camp counselors and the hockey-masked menace who wants to murder them, became available on last Friday. The single player mode is expected to arrive later this summer. Still, my horror nerd heart was all aflutter in my anticipation to play as Jason or one of his teenage victims.

Paramount Kills Production on 'Friday the 13th' Reboot Paramount performed a little maintenance on their calendar last night, removing both World War Z 2 and the repeatedly delayed Friday the 13th reboot from their upcoming release schedule — but that’s not all. The studio has reportedly completely shut down production on their new Friday the 13th project, which was set to begin filming in just six weeks. With no release date (again) and pre-production halted, it seems that Jason Voorhees’ revival may be delayed indefinitely. Continue reading…

Paramount Removes Brad Pitt's WORLD WAR Z Sequel From Their Upcoming Release Schedule It's not looking too good for the zombie apocalypse as Variety is reporting that Paramount Pictures has officially taken their World War Z sequel off the release calendar, which is not entirely shocking considering the film hadn't even begun filming yet. However, what is shocking is that they haven't provided a new release date for the sequel, which almost definitely suggests fans may have to wait even longer to see part two of Brad Pitt's zombie adventures. The film, which lost its original director J.A.

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Friday the 13th

November 13, 2015