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The Deadpool teaser poster is the beginning of a happy ending It looks like the bulk of you enjoyed the first DEADPOOL trailer that hit earlier this week, although it's still up in the air whether or not this flick will appeal to the masses. Regardless, cinema is in need of some R-rated comic book goodness and we're all crossing our fingers, toes, and other appendages that DEADPOOL will make it happen! The following probably wont sway over anyone either,... Read More...

See the red band trailer for Ryan Reynolds' 'Deadpool' frameborder=”0” allowFullScreen> The Merc with the Mouth is finally speaking. After a cameo appearance in the trailer for Fantastic Four and even a characteristically perverse trailer for a trailer, Deadpool’s first — yes, you got it — trailer has finally dropped. See the red...

The Red Band Trailer for Deadpool Will Blow Your Mind Deadpool is finally here, at least in trailer form. And don’t worry, if your mommy won’t let you watch the red band one I also embedded a green band trailer. Yep, as expect it’s pretty much the same trailer that leaked from Comic-Con a month ago, minus a few missing shots that don’t really make it […] Read The Red Band Trailer for Deadpool Will Blow Your Mind on Filmonic.

Deadpool would like to discuss your sphincter This year's Comic-Con crowd were granted the first look at a Deadpool trailer during the Fox Hall H panel, that opened with a introduction from Ryan

This Preview Has All The Reasons Why Fantastic Four Is Worth Seeing In this new preview, an extended look that debuted with this week’s American Ninja Warrior episode, we get a good and final taste of what is to come with Josh Trank’s Fantastic Four.

Deadpool teases debut trailer with... a trailer Teaser trailers for trailers have become common practice in Hollywood, the actual arrival of the trailer not being quite enough for studios hoping to raise anticipation for their films. And while they’re normally comprised of a few seconds of footage from the actual trailer, Deadpool...

A Red Band Deadpool Trailer is Right Around the Corner And by right around the corner I actually mean Tuesday night, TBS, on Conan’s show. That’s where the first Deadpool trailer will premiere and hopefully it’s the one that was shown at Comic-Con a month ago. Not gonna lie, I watched the horrible quality Deadpool trailer that leaked from San Diego Comic-Con and even under […] Read A Red Band Deadpool Trailer is Right Around the Corner on Filmonic.

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