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Production of 'Deadpool 2' Shut Down Following Stunt Person's Death Shooting was halted as the film’s director and star offered statements in reaction to the tragic accident that took the life of a stunt woman. Continue reading…

Deadpool’s Tim Miller Lands Gig As Director of Adaptation Of Cyberpunk Novel Neuromancer The world just a little bit bleaker the day we learned that Deadpool director Tim Miller would be dropping out of Deadpool 2. Deadpool was a film that’s been a long time in the making, and the fact that one of its key architects wouldn’t be around for the second one was a bit of a gut punch to fans of the first. However, there was a bright side to this sad bit of news.

Does Our First Look at Cable Hint at Part of the ‘Deadpool 2’ Story? We’re still in the dark about what Ryan Reynolds‘ motor-mouthed mercenary will be up to in Deadpool 2, but there may be a clue buried in the new photos of some of his fellow mutants.

Cable & Domino Featured In New Deadpool 2 Set Photos The latest photos from the set of Deadpool 2 show Cable and Domino in action. The past two weeks have been banner ones for fans of Deadpool and Marvel Comics. Last week, we got our first look at Zazie Beetz as Domino. And just yesterday, Josh Brolin’s take on Cable was unveiled. Even better, but it was quickly followed by a full-body shot of the Cable character, showing off his whole costume.

Ryan Reynolds Drops the First Look at a Scarred and Scary Josh Brolin as Cable in ‘Deadpool 2’ He’s no Keira Knightley, but Josh Brolin does look plenty proud as Cable in the upcoming Deadpool 2. Ryan Reynolds, Deadpool marketing machine extraordinaire, posted two first looks at a heavily scarred and cybernetically enhanced Josh Brolin as Cable on his Twitter.

Deadpool 2: Zazie Beetz Films Domino Stunt In Set Photos Zazie Beetz has officially reported for duty on Deadpool 2 as Domino makes an impressive entrance for the sequel. Fox found their greatest success in their longest developed X-Men film last year when Deadpool took audiences by storm.

Deadpool 2: Wade Is Hanging Around In Latest Set Photos New Deadpool 2 set photos show Wade Wilson (Ryan Reynolds) not quite sticking the landing. While most superhero sequels are anticipated, the follow-up to Deadpool may just prove to be one of 20th Century Fox’s biggest hits yet. While positive word of mouth helped the first film became a surprise success, general audiences will be going into Deadpool 2 fully aware of who the character is and what the movie will be all about. Likened to Rush Hour, the sequel is shaping up to be every bit as funny as the first.

Wonder Woman Passes Deadpool’s Worldwide Box Office Wonder Woman, one of the year’s biggest hits, has just passed the worldwide box office total for last year’s Deadpool. Beginning back in 2013 with Man of Steel, the DC Extended Universe has always done well commercially, frequently overcoming mixed reviews from critics and audiences. However, with Wonder Woman, they reached a new level. Patty Jenkins’ acclaimed origin story is easily the best-received entry in the series thus far, and the positive buzz has given it a nice boost commercially.

Channing Tatum Eyed to Play ‘Van Helsing’ in Universal’s Dark Universe Universal’s Dark Universe is off to an inauspicious start. This summer’s The Mummy, directed by Alex Kurtzman and headlined by Tom Cruise, has made nearly $390 million worldwide, but only $79 million in the United States. That’s a bit of a disappointment, considering it features one of the world’s biggest remaining movie stars.

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