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Ryan Reynolds Is Ready for a Deadpool and Mickey Mouse Team-Up Ryan Reynolds and Chris Evans wonder what the potential merger between Disney and Fox will eventually look like.

New Mutants Teaser Hints At Movie’s Villain Demon Bear With Fox expanding its X-Men universe further from the clutches of Disney, a new teaser video for The New Mutants hints at the movie’s big bad. The X-Men movies have never been a particularly light-hearted affair, with recent installments like the raunchy action/comedy Deadpool and grisly neo-western Logan having even moved the franchise fully into R-Rated terrain. Josh Boone’s The New Mutants looks to be the franchise’s darkest entry yet, with a horror-tinged story about a group of troubled mutant teens and a grim aesthetic to match. Related: New Mutants Will Connect to Mai

That ‘Deadpool 2’ Teaser Had Some Great Easter Eggs And May Have Revealed The Villain Via Fox On Wednesday, Deadpool declared his love of cocaine and channeled Bob Ross to debut the first footage from Deadpool 2. The back half of that teaser was chock-full of Easter eggs and references, and it may have even revealed the film’s villain (more on that in a moment). Did you pay close attention to the end credits on the teaser?

Deadpool Meets Bob Ross In Newest Teaser For Deadpool 2 Now we know what that Deadpool Thanksgiving image was for. Fans of Bob Ross will like this teaser homage to the late painter as Ryan Reynolds channels his Happy Little Merc into this Deadpool 2 teaser. It’s interesting how popular Ross is again including the line of Funko Pop! Vinyl figures they’ve recently released. The video plays on Ross’s painting show mixed in with footage from the upcoming film.

Deadpool Is the Guest Editor of Good Housekeeping's Holiday Issue (No, Really) Deadpool is such a pop culture sensation that even Good Housekeeping — yes, as in the magazines your grandmother often has stacked on her doily-covered end table — is getting in on the action. The Merc With a Mouth is the special guest editor for the magazine’s upcoming holiday issue, which is, uh, stuffed with all kinds of delicious Deadpool-ized recipes and tips. Continue reading…

Ryan Reynolds, Deadpool Fans Worry R-Rated Hero Will Get Disneyfied After Proposed Fox Merger When reports surfaced Monday that Twenty-First Century Fox has engaged in talks to sell most of the company to Disney, Ryan Reynolds and other fans were quick to ask: What “the fudge” will happen to Deadpool, Fox’s R-rated superhero franchise? “If this is true, I wonder how the fudge it would affect Deadpool?” series star Reynolds tweeted on Monday. If this is true, I wonder how the fudge it would affect Deadpool?

‘The New Mutants’ Will Be the First in a Trilogy of X-Men Horror Movies The New Mutants director Josh Boone is nothing if not efficient, beginning production for his X-Men spin-off film earlier this summer, releasing a trailer last week, and now revealing that the horror-inspired superhero movie is the first in a planned trilogy. In the superhero genre, where films are planned years in advance, this is nothing new. But Boone’s pitch for a New Mutants trilogy revolves less around plot ideas than it does genre ideas — with each New Mutants movie taking around a different horror subgenre.

The New Mutants Trailer Looks Like A Legit X-Men Horror Movie The first trailer for 'The New Mutants' is here, and it looks straight-up terrifying.

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