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Van Damme Wants Role in Expendables 4 and to Work with Tony Jaa

4:16 PM 3/11/2014 by Senh Duong
Jean Claude Van Damme in "The Expendables 2"
Jean Claude Van Damme wrote The Expendables fansite to, pretty much, beg Sylvester Stallone to write him back into the franchise with The Expendables 4.

Robocop's Worldwide Box Office Reaches $31.5M

2:12 PM 2/13/2014 by Senh Duong
Joel Kinnaman in "Robocop"
Robocop opened a couple weeks ago in Asia to take advantage of the Chinese New Year holidays and took in a solid $5.5M from three small territories. I can see why after a press screening. One of the key locations in the film is China, although I think Hollywood needs to think just a bit harder than rice paddies to represent the country.

John Woo Tries to Sell $50M Romance "The Crossing" in Berlin

11:45 AM 2/7/2014 by Senh Duong
John Woo's "The Crossing"
Will distributors want to buy a romance from John Woo in the Berlin Film Festival? Described as a Chinese Titanic, The Crossing is John Woo’s second most expensive Chinese production to date -- the film cost $50M.

China Box Office: "The Monkey King" Tops Worldwide Chart with Record-Breaking $50M

11:21 AM 2/3/2014 by Senh Duong
Donnie Yen in "The Monkey King"
Soi Cheang’s The Monkey King, starring Donnie Yen, Chow Yun Fat, and Aaron Kwok, did even better than initially estimated at the box office. The latest adaptation of Journey to the West opened last Friday in China with an estimated $17M. Turns out the estimate was $3M short. The actual figure is $20M, which makes it the biggest opening day gross of all time, but with an asterix.

China Box Office: "The Monkey King" Breaks Opening Day Record with $17M

10:35 AM 1/31/2014 by Senh Duong
In my previous article, I wrote that in order for the $65M budgeted The Monkey King to break even, it would have to reach $150M at the box office in China; and the first thing it must do is break the opening day record.

China Box Office: "Boonie Bears" Unseats "Despicable Me"; "Jack Ryan" Solid; "Police Story 2013" @ $86M, "Personal Tailor" $116M

9:55 AM 1/29/2014 by Senh Duong
Boonie Bears
For the last three weeks, the box office in China has been dominated by animated features. For the previous week, locally produced Boonie Bears unseated Universal’s Despicable Me 2 with $13.3M. The latter took in $12M. Boonie Bears’s total now stands at $30M. That’s a record for a Chinese animation, beating the $26M total of 2012’s Mission Incredible:

Review: "Special ID" Is Donnie Yen's Best Actioner Since "Ip Man 2"

12:31 PM 1/24/2014 by Senh Duong
Donnie Yen fights Any On in "Special ID"
Action-wise, Special ID is Donnie Yen's best since Ip Man 2: Legend of the Grandmaster. The fight scenes, collectively, are more satisfying than Legend of the Fist: The Return of Chen Zhen (except for the first five minutes), The Lost Bladesman, and Wu Xia. (Movie-wise, it’s probably the lesser of the bunch.

Review Roundup: 'The Raid 2: Berandal' -- One of the Best Action Movies Ever?

1:02 PM 1/22/2014 by Binh Ngo
The Raid 2
A man in his thirties fell ill during the Sundance screening of The Raid 2: Berandal Tuesday night, and the movie had to be stopped for a couple of minutes so that he could be attended to. Did the man really fell ill because of the movie or was it a publicity stunt?

According to Early Reviews, "Once Upon A Time in Shanghai" Could Be The Next Great Martial Arts Movie

12:26 PM 1/11/2014 by Senh Duong
Philip Ng in "Once Upon A Time in Shanghai"
I hadn’t heard of Once Upon A Time in Shanghai until I interviewed Andy On late last year for Special ID. When I saw Sammo Hung in the cast listing on IMDB, my interest was piqued. After some research, I found a promo reel that features Philip Ng demonstrating his martial arts skills on a bunch of stuntman. I hadn’t seen much of Ng at the time other than a documentary about several martial artists trying to break into the Hong Kong film industry and some YouTube clips of him practicing Wing Chun with Nicholas Tse.

China Box Office: Jackie Chan's "Police Story 2013" Captures Nearly $50M in First Week

5:43 PM 12/30/2013 by Senh Duong
Police Story 2013
When director Sheng Ding last worked with Jackie Chan, he dared to take martial arts out of the Chan equation. The result was Little Big Soldier, a road comedy where the Kung Fu icon plays a soldier who lacks the skill set he is known for worldwide. To the surprise of many, it became a hit at the box office in China, grossing $16M in its first eight days of release in 2010.
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