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10 Stories You Might Have Missed: Eddie Redmayne to lead ‘Harry Potter' spin-off This week's installment of HitFix's 10 Stories You Might Have Missed includes casting news for the 2016 "Harry Potter" spin-off, a potential spin-off for ABC's "Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.," an HBO comedy featuring The Rock, a Whispers premiere on ABC and more.

Box Office: Insurgent Steals Cinderella’s Crown with $52.3 Million Start While Insurgent didn’t quite match its predecessor’s opening weekend, $50+ million is nothing to cry about, especially in the young-adult field. Sunday weekend estimates for Insurgent were at $54 million, the final number ended up being slightly less, $52.3 million, exactly $2.3 million below Divergent, which opened a year ago around this time. Despite the […] Read Box Office: Insurgent Steals Cinderella’s Crown with $52.3 Million Start on Filmonic.

'The Huntsman' Adds Rob Brydon & Two Female Dwarves This Time The cast of The Huntsman, the prequel to the 2012 fantasy Snow White and the Huntsman, already has a solid cast. Chris Hemsworth is reprising his title role, with Charlize Theron back as Ravenna and newcomers Emily Blunt and Jessica Chastain coming aboard. And while all the dwarves from the first film aren't back, Nick Frost is at least back as Nion. Now some more dwarves are entering the mix as THR reports The Trip star Rob Brydon, Quartet actress Sheridan Smith and The Iron Lady supporting star Alexandra Roach have all taken roles as the gruff ensemble of dwarves this time.

Captain America Isn’t Cinderella Disney and Disney In her beautiful exploration of the evolution of Cinderella, NPR’s Linda Holmes concludes by suggesting that the Cinderella story is so universal that even Captain America falls under the broader category. Small person with a big heart gets a magical thing that helps them escape a normal life. If it’s just a rescue of a deserving underdog from an ordinary life and delivery to an extraordinary one, then The Little Mermaid is Cinderella, and Pretty Woman is Cinderella, and — to be honest? — Captain America is Cinderella. Lots of our current stories are.

How Cinderella Got Her Groove Back Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures With so many adaptations of “Cinderella” out there, what is it about Disney’s latest incarnation that attracted a massive crowd over its opening weekend? The live-action retelling of the classic fairy tale exceeded expectations to earn an estimated $70m from US theaters and another $62m internationally. That’s on par with last year’s Maleficent, yet that live-action reworking of Sleeping Beauty had the appeal of spinning a new take on the story.

5 Reasons You Should Raise Your Own Cinderella   Princesses are everywhere. The word is basically synonymous with little girls of a school-going age. It’s so prevalent it seems to have reached a tipping point where many parents think it's all too much and have celebrated, and even joined, the anti-princess movement. But not me. I’m all about embracing its frills and furbelows. As such, I took my kindergartner with me to a screening of Disney’s new, live-action Cinderella. We were both way excited after...Read MoreRead Comments

Cinderella and the Return of Classic Disney Princess Magic Walt Disney Pictures They are just retreading the same ground to make a bunch of money. This is the easiest and most succinct way to brush off Cinderella, Disney’s latest foray into their long-standing commitment to movies about princesses. To many, there is no reason to do another Cinderella movie because there is already one iconic Cinderella movie: the animated version that released in 1950. That version, which was part of Disney’s golden age of animation, has long stood as the most iconic of all cinematic treatments.

Paul Walker Fans Fuel $100 Million Forecast for ‘Furious 7’ at Box Office The hot cars, guys and gals of ‘Furious 7” have moved into the box office fast lane, even though their movie’s nationwide debut is still three weeks away. Sizzling social media and a spectacular new trailer shifted anticipation into high gear this week, but it’s the groundswell of love for the late Paul Walker that is driving pre-release projections of a record-breaking $100 million opening on the April 3 weekend. Also Read: UFC Champion Ronda Rousey Defends Her World Title, Remembers ‘Furious 7’ Co-Star Paul Walker “I think you have to acknowledge how profound an effect that&#

12 Movies to Watch After You’ve Seen Cinderella Warner Bros. Ent. The rave reviews for Disney’s live-action Cinderella would seem a defense for remakes, but it’s hardly a necessary flesh-and-bones version of the studio’s 1950 animated classic. There’s a lot to like, from the costumes to the cinematography to the charm, and it ought to be appreciated for how subdued it is compared to especially Disney’s raucously styled live-action Alice in Wonderland redo. But the beats are too familiar to be really excited about this trillionth take on the fairy tale. The visuals could have been a little more imagination.

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