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Luke Evans Becomes a Monster in Extended 'Dracula Untold' TV Spot "I want the power to save my family." After a Japanese trailer just showed off more of the horror legend origin story that is Dracula Untold, an extended TV spot has arrived with some new footage as well. Luke Evans takes the title role which paints Dracula as a desperate man who wanted this dark power in order to save his family from tyranny, but ended up being persecuted as a monster when he was only trying to save his people. I'm still not completely sold on this, though I appreciate the efforts to make Dracula's powers more epic.

Screenwriters Matt Sazam and Burk Sharpless went back to Bram Stoker's original source material for “Dracula Untold,” directed by Gary Shore. In the first trailer for the origin film, Luke Evans explained to someone who looks far scarier than he does why he is pursuing the darkness. “Sometimes the world no longer needs a hero,” he said to the ghoulish figure.

"Sometimes the world needs a monster!" Vlad Tepes has been caught spilling the blood of an entire village, but explains away his behavior as necessary in a world where heroes no longer apply. The first clip from Dracula Untold finds Luke Evans making his case to a very angry Charles Dance as he defends his homeland from the evils of the world. Instead of being set free, Vlad comes face-to-face with what may be the world's first bloodsucking ghoul.

Josh Boone Says 'The Stand' Will Be Three Hours (And Faithful to the Novel)

2:53 PM 9/10/2014 by Jeff Giles
The Stand
Stephen King's books have inspired their fair share of terrific films, but they've also been adapted into plenty of duds -- and The Stand, King's original doorstop epic of the struggle between good and evil in a post-apocalyptic world, has always seemed like far too much of a good thing for any one filmmaker to handle.

The Wrap Up: Vin Diesel Has a Really Awesome/Silly Mustache in 'The Last Witch Hunter' ScreenCrush wraps up the latest in movies and TV you might have missed. Today, gaze upon Vin Diesel's 'The Last Witch Hunter' 'stache, see World of Warcraft's Robin Williams tribute, and prepare for the next 'Hunger Games' with a new poster. Continue reading…

First Look: Vin Diesel Broods 13th Century-Style in ‘The Last Witch Hunter’ Vin Diesel is taking a break from stealing cars and guarding the galaxy to step back in time. Our first look at Breck Eisner‘s The Last Witch Hunter reveals a 13th-century version of Diesel’s immortal title character. Check out the first The Last Witch Hunter image after the jump. (Note: the header pic is from Riddick, not The Last Witch Hunter). The first Last Witch Hunter image comes from (where else?) Vin Diesel’s Facebook page. His original caption is below. Apparently being a witch hunter in the Middle Ages involves lots of fur and facial hair.

DRACULA UNTOLD Release Date Moved Up A Week October is the month that many studios unleash their Halloween-appropriate slate of films. This year Universal has a nice selection of flicks that fit that mold and one of them is getting pushed up a week to make room for their other offerings. Dracula Untold is moving up a week, from October 17th to October 10th. It will now open a week after Universal's The Conjuring spinoff, Annabelle. The new date means that Dracula will face off against Robert Downey Jr.'s The Judge.

The new trailer for "Escobar: Paradise Lost" sees Josh Hutcherson taking on cocaine king Pablo Escobar (Benicio del Toro).

'How to Train Your Dragon 3' Bumped to 2017

5:41 PM 9/2/2014 by Jeff Giles
Dragon 3
Successful animated franchises are worth their weight in gold -- but like gold, they're kind of heavy and rather expensive, so most studios aren't as quick to sign off on a sequel as they'd be with, say, a cheapo horror flick that makes a bundle of money. Case in point:

Is Joaquin Phoenix thinking twice about being Doctor Strange? Marvel's panel at this year's SDCC wasn't exactly the knockout punch fans were expecting. We had the details for films like ANT-MAN and AVENGERS: AGE OF ULTRON, but where were the surprise announcements? What the hell was The Rock teasing us about? What of the rumors of a DOCTOR STRANGE announcement? Sometimes these announcement are delayed for legal reasons, but what if an actor could be the hold-up for a possible... Read More...

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