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Mads Mikkelsen's villainous role in Doctor Strange revealed Details on Mads Mikkelsen role in DOCTOR STRANGE have been kept under wraps, but we do know that the actor has been cast as the film's main villain, who has been described as "a sorcerer who breaks off into his own sect." Now, thanks to Heroic Hollywood, we may finally know for sure who he's playing in the Marvel movie. Personally I don't think the identity of... Read More...

The Warcraft Movie From A Player’s Point Of View A little over seven years ago, I got a stray email from someone I hadn’t talked to in five years. We had been friends since high school but drifted apart. In the short email she told me of a game she had recently gotten into, World of Warcraft, and that I should buy a copy and join her. I did as I was told, jumped into the world of Azeroth with both feet. I quickly found it to be an amazing, expansive world with a rich history.

Weekend Box Office Wrap-up: June 12, 2016 Audiences opted for scares over orcs at the box office this weekend, as a trio of newcomers looked to leave their mark. Coming in first place is The Conjuring 2 (read our review), which brought in $40.3 million over its first three days. That’s in line with how the 2013 original debuted ($41.8 million), showing that there’s high interest in this burgeoning franchise. The latest horror flick from director James Wan was the beneficiary of a strong critical response, earning a reputation as one of the better sequels in the genre.

‘The Conjuring 2’ Spoiler Review: James Wan Gets Scary and Sentimental With One of the Best Horror Sequels Ever Made The Conjuring was one of my favorite films of 2013 and remains a genuine contender for one of the best horror movies of the past decade. At the time, it felt like a summation of everything director James Wan had accomplished until that point: it was a clever crowdpleaser filled with scares, but it was also character-driven and classy, recalling an age where horror movies didn’t have to appeal to the lowest common denominator. The Conjuring 2 ranked high on my most anticipated films of 2016 list and my faith was not displaced.

'DOCTOR STRANGE' to Dip Into the Horror Genre Marvel Studios really seems to want to differentiate DOCTOR STRANGE from the rest of their franchises. As much as the Marvel films differ from one another, they're more than aware that audiences have come to expect a certain style and tone to their films. CAPTAIN AMERICA: CIVIL WAR marks a significant milestone for the franchise, and if there ever was a time for them to start changing things up in the MCU, it would be after that film.They've kept no secret regarding how trippy and mind-bendy DOCTOR STRANGE will be (yes, mind-bendy is a word.

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