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Throw a Semi-Homemade Cinderella Party For nearly 60 years, Disney's Cinderella has captured the hearts of parents and kids. The iconic princess takes center stage once again with Disney's live action Cinderella hitting theaters March 13. Whether you're planning a party for your own princess or celebrating Cinderella before a trip to the theater, here are a few Cinderella-inspired party ideas to share. We've created a mixture of buy and DIY projects that can work for most skill levels and budgets. You can be the...Read MoreRead Comments

Jessica Chastain Gives You a Bonus Reason to See the Snow White and the Huntsman Sequel Universal Pictures Universal is doing a pretty good job of making its Snow White and the Huntsman sequel/spinoff/prequel sound appealing. First, of course, they got rid of Kristen Stewart – that’s now Cesar Award-winning Kristen Stewart, who isn’t bad in the first movie but is still unfortunately a deterrent for many moviegoers. And they kept Marvel’s Chris Hemsworth, titled the thing to his character as The Huntsman and added current favorite action heroine Emily Blunt as a Frozen-ish Snow Queen character.

Bruce Sinofsky, Oscar-Nominated Co-Director of 'Paradise Lost' Trilogy, Passes Away at 58 Bruce Sinofsky, the Emmy-winning and Oscar-nominated co-director of the Paradise Lost documentary trilogy, has passed away at the age of 58. His collaborator and Paradise Lost co-director Joe Berlinger confirmed Sinofsky’s passing this morning, due to complications from diabetes. Continue reading…

The Swashbucklingly Simple Formula That Keeps Pirates of the Caribbean Drifting Right Along Buena Vista To begin, some numbers. The Pirates of the Caribbean franchise has made over $1.27 billion at the domestic box office. Worldwide, the four films of the venerable Disney series have made over $3.72 billion. On average, each film has made nearly $300M during each American release.

A fairytale so deeply embedded in the collective unconscious that it has given its name to a whole category of stories, the Cinderella myth has been cinematically retold, reimagined, recreated and riffed upon countless times. In fact, recently it has felt like the only thing you can do with such a cornball story is reimagine it, to make it relevant to a modern audience, and to address its fundamentally regressive gender politics.


A New Trailer for Cinderella

Filmonic - Thu, 2015-02-12 13:16

A New Trailer for Cinderella Cinderella is now only a month away so this could very well be the final trailer for the live-action Kenneth Branagh directed retelling of the classic fairytale. So I can’t say I’m on board with Cinderella just yet, although this trailer shows that maybe there’s more to the story than we were first lead to […] Read A New Trailer for Cinderella on Filmonic.

A prince ignores his duties for love in the new trailer for Cinderella Despite Kenneth Branagh (JACK RYAN: SHADOW RECRUIT, THOR) at the helm and Chris Weitz (THE GOLDEN COMPASS, ABOUT A BOY) behind the screenplay, CINDERELLA looks to be Disney's animated film brought to life, through and through. You'd be hard-pressed to find any pivotal plot points that deviate from what everyone's familiar from in this latest trailer, although what this film lacks... Read More...

‘The Huntsman’ Will Only Have Two Dwarves Snow White (Kristen Stewart) will be sitting out Universal’s The Huntsman, and now it looks like most of her dwarf friends will be, too. Only two of the seven dwarves are expected to appear, according to a new report. Still set to return are the evil queen (Charlize Theron), and of course the Huntsman himself (Chris Hemsworth). Cedric Nicolas-Troyan is directing.

Star Wars Bits: J.J Abrams’ Reaction to Harrison Ford’s Injury; Plus ‘Star Wars 1′ Easter Eggs, Han Solo Video Game From the set of The Force Awakens, to its concept art and everything in between, it’s a busy day in Star Wars Bits. Below, read about the following: Read how J.J.

Doctor Strange: Academy Award-nominated Chiwetel Ejiofor (12 Years a Slave) is in talks to join Marvel's Doctor Strange. It's not yet confirmed what role he would play. Benedict Cumberbatch is already set to star as the titular character; Scott Derrickson will direct the movie, which is scheduled for release on November 4, 2016. [THR/The Wrap]   Aquaman: Rumor has it that Warner Bros. has locked up Jason Momoa to appear as the watery superhero Aquaman in four upcoming...Read MoreRead Comments

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