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Karl Urban Urges Fans To Launch Kickstarter For Dredd Sequel

wegotthiscovered.com – In a Hollywood landscape populated by sequels, franchises, and multiple reboots, it’s amazing that a sequel to 2010′s comic book adaptation Dredd has been unable to gain traction. Dredd has everything that Hollywood could ask for: a comic book universe, a morally questionable main character, sexy and badass women, and lots of violence. 9 weeks 6 days ago via donnieyen

‘Dredd’ Sequel Talk Was “Blown Out of Proportion,” Says Producer

feedproxy.google.com – That the first Dredd was a big fat flop at the box office hasn’t stopped its fans from clamoring for a sequel. And star Karl Urban has been all too happy to keep hope alive, promoting petitions and teasing conversations with the studio. But don’t start lining up for tickets just yet. 12 weeks 3 days ago via jackiechan

'Dredd' Sequel Hits the US in January

feedproxy.google.com – Dredd, created by Pete Travis and Alex Garland and starring Karl Urban as the grim and violent title character, wasn’t much of a hit when it was in theaters in 2012. But it has found significant life on disc, as audiences discover that the straight-shooting story of extreme law enforcement in a terrible future stands as a solid action movie.

33 weeks 6 days ago via theothersenhman

Karl Urban says he and Alex Garland are actively exploring the possibility of a DREDD Sequel!

aintitcool.com – Hey folks, Harry here... Karl Urban told Comic Con yesterday that DREDD exploded on home video, selling 650,000 units in the first week. He also stated that he had met with Alex Garland, the producing screenwriter for DREDD, and that they are actively exploring sequel possibilities, this according to AirlockAlpha, but that the hopes for a sequel are still hinged upon fans for the first DREDD to be as vocal as possible. 1 year 1 week ago via donnieyen

Chinese Box Office: "Journey to the West" Run Extended So It Can Break "Lost in Thailand"'s Record

9:57 AM 3/14/2013 by Senh Duong
Journey to the West: Conquering the Demons
In my previous Chinese box office report, I wrote that Stephen Chow's "Journey to the West: Conquering the Demons" would get close, but not beat "Lost in Thailand" for the record of highest-grossing Chinese film of all time. Huayi Brothers, the company behind "Journey to the West," apparently agrees with me.

5 Biggest Box-Office Bombs of the Year; Lots of 'Dredd' and No 'Big Miracle,' Especially for 'Oogieloves'

feedproxy.google.com – While "Skyfall" is topping the charts and "Breaking Dawn Part 2" looks poised to have box office teeth, 2012 had its share of financial bombs. "The Oogieloves" got no love, Oogie or otherwise, at the box office. The Wachowski-Tykwer magical mystery tour "Cloud Atlas" couldn't float, while Drew Barrymore-starrer "Big Miracle" was exactly the opposite in terms of profits. 1 year 36 weeks ago via theothersenhman

Hollywood's Dating Hell: Too Many Movies Crowd Calendar

feedproxy.google.com – "Hotel Transylvania" shut the door on "Frankenweenie" and "Dredd" got lost as competition for release slots intensifies. 1 year 40 weeks ago via jetli

Make A BAD "Dredd" Movie, It Bombs; Make a GOOD "Dredd" Movie, It Bombs Harder

11:38 PM 9/24/2012 by Senh Duong
Audiences in the U.S. are collectively saying they don’t care about the comic book character Judge Dredd. Even after scoring an impressive 77% on Rotten Tomatoes, “Dredd,” a reboot of Sylvester Stallone's 1995 dud, still tanked at the box office, grossing just $6.3M over the weekend. That’s horrible. In comparison, Stallone’s critically panned “Judge Dredd” did nearly twice as much ...


Box Office Report: Soft Weekend Ends With No Clear Winner Among Trio of Films

feedproxy.google.com – Jennifer Lawrence's "House at the End of the Street," Jake Gyllenhaal cop drama "End of Watch" and Clint Eastwood's "Trouble With the Curve" all earn in the range of $12.7 million to $13 million. 1 year 44 weeks ago via jackiechan

Soft Friday Box Office: Clint Eastwood's 'Trouble With The Curve' Disappoints; But 'End Of Watch' Strong Even If 'House' #1; Rebooted 'Dredd' Opens Just Dreadful

deadline.com – This is one of those weekends which can only be described as box office hell for Hollywood. Because no one can agree on which of the top two pics is #1. The info I’m getting is changing fast, and the film order will come down to late shows on the West Coast.

1 year 44 weeks ago via donnieyen
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