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Peter Mayhew Confirmed for 'Star Wars: Episode VII'

1:11 PM 4/7/2014 by Jeff Giles
Peter Mayhew
Chewbacca's back! Confirming one of the most widely reported rumors surrounding the upcoming Star Wars sequel, the Hollywood Reporter's sources say that Peter Mayhew will return to reprise his role as everyone's favorite Wookiee for one more trip to long, long ago in a galaxy far, far away.

'Incredibles' Sequel and 'Cars 3' on the Way

1:52 PM 3/18/2014 by Jeff Giles
After 10 years of making audiences wonder whether they'd ever get around to producing a sequel to The Incredibles, Pixar has revealed that plans for another installment are underway -- and Incredibles director Brad Bird is writing the screenplay, although there's currently no indication as to whether he'll also direct.

Five Actors Rumored for Major 'Star Wars: Episode VII' Role

3:01 PM 3/12/2014 by Jeff Giles
With Adam Driver seemingly set to play the villain in the next installment of Star Wars, director J.J. Abrams is reportedly winnowing down his shortlist of contenders to play the next generation of Jedi warriors -- and Variety's sources say Abrams is focused on five potential young leads.

Adam Driver Rumored for 'Star Wars: Episode VII' Villain Role

2:58 PM 2/26/2014 by Jeff Giles
Adam Driver
We've been playing it cool with the near-constant rumors regarding Star Wars: Episode VII, but this one seems legit: It looks like the next villain to torment the Rebels and their friends will be played by none other than Girls cast member Adam Driver.

New 'Maleficent' Trailer: Angelina Jolie Gets Wicked

11:37 AM 1/21/2014 by Jeff Giles
Like it or not, the old-fashioned two-dimensional villain is a thing of the past -- and the studio that helped define that archetype for several generations of filmgoers is now actively helping to shatter it with movies like Maleficent, starring Angelina Jolie as the witch who infamously ruined Sleeping Beauty's christening with a curse.

Weekend Box Office Report: 'Lone Survivor' Steals First

6:45 PM 1/12/2014 by Logan Falk
Lone Survivor
This weekend was a blowout for one of our new releases, which earned well beyond its projected range, and worked its way to the top of the charts as a result. Lone Survivor, the cathartic war film based on a true story, pulled in $38.5 million over the weekend—a good $20 million more than its predicted gross.

Weekend Box Office Report: 'Paranormal Activity' Tops 'The Hobbit,' 'Frozen' Beats Them Both

5:57 PM 1/5/2014 by Logan Falk
This weekend was a mixed bag for the solitary new release, Paranormal Activity: The Marked Ones—while it did manage the laudable feat of pulling in higher earnings than The Desolation of Smaug, both films were topped by a holdout of nearly two months—Disney’s Frozen.

Weekend Box Office Report: ‘The Hobbit’ Continues to Rule, ‘Frozen’ Sneaks Its Way Back Up

5:56 PM 12/29/2013 by Logan Falk
The Hobbit
It comes as no surprise that, just as it did last year, the latest Hobbit will remain at the top of the charts for the last weekend of the year. Additionally, however, this weekend was a smashing success for holdover film Frozen, which managed to regain its spot directly beneath The Desolation of Smaug, and beat out all of the weekend’s new releases.

New in Theaters: 'Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues,' 'Walking with Dinosaurs,' 'American Hustle,' 'Saving Mr. Banks'

12:35 AM 12/21/2013 by Logan Falk
Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues
We’ve quite the large batch of new releases heading our way this weekend; while a group of four new releases can be rare, rarer still is that three out of the four were met with decent critical reception, with the lowest rating received (of the well-received films) being 75%.

Weekend Box Office Report: 'Catching Fire' Cools Down, 'Frozen' Seizes the Top Spot

3:55 PM 12/8/2013 by Logan Falk
These past couple weekends have been a battle of ice and fire as Disney’s Frozen and Catching Fire duke it out in the box office. Both films are continuing to pull in impressive numbers, but this weekend Frozen was victorious, having earned the most this weekend. Our new release, unfortunately, did not beat out either film.
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