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Blade Runner 2049 Director Addresses The Criticisms Of Women In The Movie Blade Runner 2049 didn’t exactly make a killing at the box office, but it was a critical darling. People that did see it tended to really enjoy it. However, the movie did come under fire for its portrayal of women, which director Denis Villeneuve was asked about during an interview with Vanity Fair. Villeneuve said: “I am very sensitive to how I portray women in movies. This is my ninth feature film and six of them have women in the lead role. The first Blade Runner was quite rough on the women; something about the film noir aesthetic.

Coco Tops Thanksgiving Box Office With $71 Million As Justice League Picks Up Another $63 Million The Thanksgiving weekend box office numbers are in, and as expected, Pixar’s Coco took the top spot. The film earned $71 million throughout its four day opening weekend. That was enough to put it ahead of Justice League, which brought in $62.8 million over that same period. Coco earned $49 million over a three day period (Friday to Sunday). For Justice League, the results are a mixed bag. On the bright side, the second weekend drop was lower, percentage-wise, from other DCEU flicks.

Justice League Could Lose A Buttload Of Money For Warner Bros Yes, we all know that Justice League’s $94 million opening weekend was a disappointment, the lowest of all DCEU movies, and that the film failed to meet even lowered expectations from Warner Bros. But even so, it’s still a lot of money, and when the dust settles, the movie will still be profitable for Warner Bros, just not as profitable as it could have been. Right?

Zack Snyder's Son Reviews Justice League, Takes Swipe at Warner Bros. Zack Snyder's son Jett offers his thoughts on Justice League and why it could have been better.

Whedon's Original Justice League Opening Was Too Funny for Warner Bros. Actor Holt McCallany reveals that Joss Whedon originally had a much more comedic opening scene for Justice League, but it was nixed by the studio.

Blade Runner 2049’s Box Office ‘Mystery’ To Denis Villeneuve Blade Runner 2049 director Denis Villeneuve says he still doesn’t understand why the film, which received largely positive reviews from critics, failed to perform up to expectations at the domestic box office. Budgeted at a reported $150 million, the Blade Runner sequel starring Ryan Gosling and Harrison Ford opened with $32 million and has taken in just $89 million in North America.

What do you if your acting debut is as one of the legendary characters in a long-awaited superhero series? If you are rising star, Ray Fisher, you handle your appearance as Cyborg in director Zack Snyder’s Justice League with coolness and grace.   In an exclusive chat, Fisher spoke with me about playing Victor Stone’s mecha-man alter-ego, Cyborg, being the new kid on the DC block, Apokoliptian tech, fandom, and making the choice to be a man or a monster.

Let’s Try to Piece Together What Zack Snyder’s Version of ‘Justice League’ Was Like (Major spoilers ahead for the actual version of “Justice League,” even as we make some educated guesses about what the movie might have been.) It’s no secret that “Justice League” is a movie that underwent a lot of changes during its production — credited director Zack Snyder exited the movie early this year and Joss Whedon oversaw reshoots that went on for so long that Henry Cavill had to shoot a bunch of scenes as Superman with a mustache that he grew for another movie.

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