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Black Panther Writer Thinks Iron Man Wouldn’t Work Today Black Panther co-writer Joe Robert Cole suspects that the response to Tony Stark from the original Iron Man would have been much more critical, had the movie opened in theaters now. The Marvel Cinematic Universe celebrates its tenth anniversary this year, meaning it’s now been a decade since Robert Downey Jr. made his big screen debut as the “Genius, Billionaire, Playboy, Philanthropist” weapons manufacturer turned superhero.

Justice League Blu-ray Gets a Super Cheesy Retro Trailer A new promo for the upcoming Justice League Blu-ray release is invoking one of the most enduring versions of DC’s premiere superhero team: the classic, cheesy ’70s cartoon Super Friends. Super Friends, which ran for a gobsmacking 13 years through the ’70s and ’80s, was produced by Hanna-Barbera, the low budget animation studio perhaps best known for its Scooby-Doo cartoons.

‘Ghost Stories’ Review: A Bonkers and Bloody Brilliant Existential Mystery [SXSW] Jeremy Dyson and Andy Nyman’s remarkably ambiguous Ghost Stories is unconventional, structurally bonkers and bloody-freakin’-brilliant. As an adaptation of their widely-popular West End theater fixture, both men translate stage cues to fainthearted filmmaking in ways that never feel stuffy or overproduced (something like Miss Julie). Tear-away backgrounds that connect wholly different locations are just as astounding cinematic tricks as they’d be in person if only to ensure this daring blend of dread and inquisition be that much more an unsolvable puzzle.

Black Panther Passes Rogue One & The Dark Knight At U.S. Box Office Black Panther continues its rise up the all-time charts, passing the domestic totals of Rogue One: A Star Wars Story and The Dark Knight over the weekend.

Denis Villeneuve says his Dune remake will consist of at least two films Over the years, Frank Herbert's "Dune" has proven to be a notoriously difficult project to adapt. As the novel is quite dense, it's been almost impossible to whittle down the story in order to get it to fit into a single film, but it seems that Denis Villeneuve may have found a way around that. The BLADE RUNNER 2049 director will be the next to tackle DUNE, and he offered a... Read More...

Black Panther keeps the crown with an estimated $40+ million fourth weekend Going into the weekend there was heavy speculation over whether Disney’s A WRINKLE IN TIME would be able to come in ahead of the mighty BLACK PANTHER at the box office. As the weekend approached the race seemed to be tightening up, but now it seems PANTHER will easily win the weekend for a fourth straight frame. Current estimates are placing PANTHER on track for a remarkable $40+ million... Read More...

'Black Panther' Is Getting a Sequel, Obviously You’ve seen the box office numbers, right? Marvel’s Black Panther is a record-breaking, massive success — so it shouldn’t come as any surprise to learn that the King of Wakanda is getting his very own sequel. At this point, it would only really be news if Marvel lost their damn minds and decided not to make a Black Panther sequel. I mean, it’d basically be definitive proof that we live in the Bad Place. Continue reading…

Vin Diesel Confirmed To Star In Sony’s Bloodshot Movie Sony Pictures’s adaptation of Valiant Comics’ Bloodshot has found its lead in Vin Diesel. When it comes to adapting comic books to the big screen, Marvel Studios and Warner Bros. are the studios to beat, but other studios have had their fair share of comic book adaptations as well. In addition to the new Spider-Man films produced in conjunction with Marvel Studios, as well as the upcoming Venom and Silver & Black films, Sony is working on yet another comic book property: Bloodshot.

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