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When curated and composed properly, a movie’s soundtrack can enrich a viewing experience like no other aural or visual technique. Music can deepen our empathy with a character, support the narrative, heighten pivotal sequences, and illuminate the film’s subtleties — we can become aware of the feelings and themes unaddressed in the dialogue. Obviously, a soundtrack plays a critical role in musicals, which rely on the movie’s musical numbers to further immerse us in the onscreen world. A musical’s soundtrack has the potential to dominate both the film and music industry.

Black Panther 2 Officially Gets Ryan Coogler to Write and Direct Black Panther director Ryan Coogler has officially signed on to write and direct Black Panther 2 for Marvel.

Santa Knows Kids Aren’t Stupid in ‘The Christmas Chronicles’ As a child, I found Santa Claus to be a pretty scary character. He had that list. He saw me when I was sleeping. He knew when I was awake. He knew if I had been bad or good — and good for goodness sake never made any sense to me. I was good cuz I wanted that Cobra Terror Drome playset, but wanting to side with the enemies of G.I. Joe was probably a mark against me. Santa was waiting for Christmas so he could dump a lump of coal in my stocking because I forgot to thank my mom for that one meal on that one night. I wasn’t stupid.

An Important Question About ‘A Star Is Born’ That Has Nothing To Do With Acting Or Singing Warner Bros. [Mild spoilers about A Star Is Born follow] On Monday, culture writer Alison Willmore asked the kind of question that could shape your entire perception of a film. “Okay: Where do Ally and her dad live in A STAR IS BORN? Please cite evidence,” she tweeted, leading to over 100 replies ranging from a multi-part explanation straight out of “The Californians” to New Jersey (?) to Jackson, Maine, to naturally, The Shallow.

Weekend Box Office Report: October 5-7, 2018 Venom chomps into box office records! The deadly black symbiote and his human host Tom Hardy pounced into first place this weekend as VENOM took the top spot with an estimated opening of $80 million! The toothy antihero squashed the record for biggest October opening weekend, easily snatching the title from Alfonso Cuaron's GRAVITY, which had a $55.7 million opening in 2013. VENOM… Read More...

Venom Theme Song Music Video Turns Eminem Into a Symbiote The video for Eminem's Venom theme song has been unleashed, spreading the symbiote around the city.

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