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Fan-Made Justice League Poster Features Superman’s Black Suit A fan-made poster for Justice League presents a new take on Superman’s black suit. While Batman is busy recruiting his new superfriends (Wonder Woman, Aquaman, The Flash and Cyborg) to safeguard the Earth against Steppenwolf, Superman is nowhere to be found. Presumed dead, the Man of Steel is expected to rise from is grave and, eventually, join the team. How is a different matter. Warner Bros. are keeping the cards close to their chest, with Superman barely in the marketing.

Weekend Box Office Wrap-up: September 24, 2017 It was a close race for the top spot, but manners maketh box office champion as a new film emerged victorious. Winning the weekend is Kingsman: The Golden Circle (read our review) with a debut of $39 million. The sequel opened with slightly more than its predecessor ($36.2 million), indicating audiences are still interested in the burgeoning spy series. Golden Circle‘s critical reaction was not nearly as enthusiastic as the response to The Secret Service, which may have had a negative impact on the film’s commercial prospects in a more competitive period at the marketplace.

Disney/Lucasfilm At this point, Star Wars fans are playing the waiting game. We’re in the awkward between-time where there’s no new Star Wars goodness coming out until the floodgates open in thankfully, just a few weeks. The next season of Rebels kicks off on October 3rd, Battlefront II drops on November 17th, and a massive amount of books (35 books from young adult to reference to activity books are coming by December 15th, seriously) will be there to supplement our viewing of the all-important eighth episode — Star Wars: The Last Jedi.

Danny Elfman Kicks Off Batman Day As He Works On Justice League It’s Batman Day (or Harley Quinn day, depending on who you ask), and DC kicked it off with a Birthday Wish from the man who wrote the original theme for Batman: The Animated Series, Danny Elfman. The former frontman for Oingo Boingo made the move from rock start to film composer seamlessly, working on a ton of genre movies and television including the original Flash series, the Simpsons, Wanted, Batman, Beetlejuice, Darkman II, The Nightmare Before Christmas, Scrooged, Edward Scissorhands, The Frightners, Mission Impossible — the list goes on and on and on. Elfman is back working in the

Superhero Bits: Hellboy Shooting Location Controversy, New Punisher Images & More Is Iron Fist responsible for the lower ratings for The Defenders? What’s in store for the season premieres of Supergirl, Arrow, The Flash and DC’s Legends of Tomorrow? What did Wells Cathedral say to those upset by the church’s decision to let Hellboy film there? Which Marvel Cinematic Universe star hopes to one day direct a comic book movie of their own? Which character has reportedly been cut from appearing in Justice League?

'Star Wars' Actor Ian McDiarmid Doesn't Want Anyone Else to Play Emperor Palpatine Anyone familiar with the now-defunct Star Wars extended universe knows that characters like Emperor Palpatine are considerably less dead in the books than they are in the movies. With cloning a huge canonical part of the Star Wars mythology, it was only a matter of time before some adventurous writer decided to bring major villains back from the dead; that is how Luke Skywalker ended up facing off against the clones of a young Palpatine (not to mention an evil Luke Skywalker clone).

Lex Luthor's scenes not included in the current cut of Justice League You know, I was one of the first to actually defend Jesse Eisenberg's initial casting in BATMAN V SUPERMAN. I felt we needed a younger Lex, and that with roles like THE SOCIAL NETWORK, Eisenberg showed that he could be cold and calculating, and in other roles that he can be likable and affable - two sides that an actor needs to pull off to be Lex. But his performance turned out to be one of the worst things in an... Read More...

Brie Larson Wants to Direct a Marvel Movie Captain Marvel star Brie Larson says she wants to throw her hat in the ring to direct a future movie for Marvel Studios. Even though she’s been in the movie and television business since 1998, Larson’s career was catapulted to the next level in 2016 when she won her Best Actress Oscar for the compelling kidnapping drama Room.

By Sheryl Oh The ‘Riverdale’ spinoff will be Sabrina the Teenage Witch like we’ve never seen her before. “Gritty” remains the word of the moment as it seems every single adaptation that ends up on screen tries to find a dark edge. A new show titled The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina is primed to follow suit — it’s even in the name.

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