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Jason Momoa finally opens up about being Aquaman This past weekend saw the Walker Stalker Con in Atlanta, Georgia. Aside from all things walking and stalking, Jason Momoa decided to grace the Con with his presence. His portrayal of Khal Drogo in HBO's Game of Thrones made the man a fan-favorite but Momoa has been pretty tight-lipped regarding his latest DC endeavor, even if it was obvious he was playing Aquaman. Now that the cat's out... Read More...

'Captain America 3' Will Be Huge Teases Robert Downey Jr. Robert Downey Jr. caused a hailstorm of news this past month when he first confirmed Iron Man 4 was happening, and then recanted his statements. This eventually led to the announcement that Tony Stark will appear as a major character in Captain America 3, with Marvel setting up its Civil War storyline. Now, knowing the impact of his words, Robert Downey Jr. isn't saying much else.Still out promoting his feature film The Judge, Robert Downey Jr. was asked if he could reveals a few more tidbits about his impending role in Captain America 3. All he can do is tease what we all assume.


Lynda Carter on What She Wants From the New Wonder Woman – Everyone is amped about the fact that a stand-alone Wonder Woman movie will finally hit theaters. Vulture caught up with original WW Lynda Carter at Thursday night’s God's Love We Deliver 2014 Golden Heart Awards at 50 Varick Street, where Carter shared her true feelings about the character that made 1 day 12 hours ago via donnieyen

Jason Momoa Confirms Aquaman for JUSTICE LEAGUE; Predicts AQUAMAN Will Be an Origin Story – We got some solid reports claiming that Jason Momoa was set to take the role of Aquaman in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice back in June, but now that Warner Bros. has confirmed it via that enormous release date announcement, Momoa himself is finally allowed to talk about it. 1 day 12 hours ago via brucelee

‘My Little Pony’ Movie in the Works at Hasbro Studios (EXCLUSIVE) – Hasbro Studios has given the greenlight to a “My Little Pony” movie, with plans to release the animated film in 2017. The film will join “Jem and the Holograms” as the first to be produced through Allspark Pictures, a new label through which the company will self-finance or pair up with other companies to co-finance... 1 day 15 hours ago via jetli

‘Aquaman’ Star Jason Momoa's ‘Game of Thrones’ Audition Is Intense and Powerful (Video) – Jason Momoa can look very intense, and he certainly had a commanding presence as the towering Khal Drogo on HBO's “Game of Thrones,” in his audition tape for that iconic role, he showed that he was more than capable of carrying the gravitas of the role with his performance of an ancestral war dance of the Māori people from New Zealand.

1 day 23 hours ago via donnieyen

The Download: Warner Bros.' DC Plans, Captain America 3, and Neil Patrick Harris

12:11 PM 10/19/2014 by Binh Ngo
Neil Patrick Harris
Warner Bros. unveiled its superhero movies earlier this week and as expected, they will be centered on Justice League and its main members. We talk about that and more on this week's Download.

It’s an exciting time to be a DC Comics fan. Not only is Zack Snyder working hard on Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice, bringing the two icons together, he’s also helping launch the long in-development shared DC Cinematic Universe. Earlier this week, Warner Bros.

With Scarlett Johansson and ‘Ghost in the Shell,’ Hollywood Might Finally Notice that Manga and Anime Exist A24 Earlier this week came news of WB/DC’s Suicide Squad, and the sparkly list of celebs wanted to play various morally murky supervillains. And right afterward came an update from Deadline- yes, Tom Hardy, Will Smith and Margot Robbie are super interested in pursuing some supervillainy (save for Ryan Gosling, who’s being all finicky). But in one throwaway sentence of that Deadline piece was something even more shocking (more shocking than Will Smith playing an outright villain, if you can believe it).

Guillermo Del Toro Is Already Planning For 'Pacific Rim 3' Just In Case What could be better than watching giant robots fight giant monsters? Well, for U.S. audiences, a lot, it turns out. Guillermo del Toro’s “Pacific Rim” opened at number three at the box office in July 2013, selling just over $37M in tickets. Over the next few months, it went on to gross nearly $102 million domestically. Returns were far lower than hoped, especially given the sci-fi flick’s reportedly $190 million budget. So why, given the not quite mega-blockbuster haul of "Pacific Rim," was del Toro talking to Collider about not just “Pacific Rim 2” but “Pacific Rim 3”?

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