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Disney Plans 'Pete's Dragon' Remake

9:36 AM 3/20/2013 by Jeff Giles
Pete's Dragon
Disney's had some pretty amazing success lately with relatively new (or new to Disney, anyway) properties, including The Muppets and The Avengers. But someone up in the executive suite must have remembered that the studio is still locked in a decades-long battle to the death with MGM over which one of them can pull more of their old movies out of the vault to "reimagine" them for today's hip, modern audience, because there's a Pete's Dragon remake in the works.

Ain't Them Bodies Saints

Posted May 1st, 2012 by Binh Ngo

Brought to life with exquisite detail and rich cinematography by Bradford Young (winner of the US Dramatic Cinematography Award at Sundance), the gritty landscape of 1970s Texas Hill Country is the backdrop for this mood-drenched collision of love and crime. After his pregnant wife (Rooney Mara) makes one false move during a bloody shootout, a bank robber (Casey Affleck) faces a 25-year sentence that destroys his dreams of a family life.

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