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Sam Mendes Says He Felt 'Physically Ill' At Prospect Of 'Skyfall' Sequel

fb.indiewire.com – The $1 billion worldwide box office, awards nominations, and widespread critical acclaim --Sam Mendesis having none of it following the aftermath of “Skyfall,” and his announced departure from the series. Even as Bond producer, Barbara Broccolihas essentially put out a Maya-esque manhunt to convince him otherwise, Mendes is keeping strong so far, and now he's revealed a key aspect in that decision. 7 years 22 weeks ago via jetli

Sam Mendes Will Return, Says James Bond Producer Barbara Broccoli

comingsoon.net – Earlier this month, it was revealed that Sam Mendes had declined to return as director for the next James Bond film. Speaking with Getty Images Entertainment today, however, producer Barbara Broccoli said that she and fellow producer Michael G. Wilson aren't going to let the Skyfall director leave the franchise that easily. 7 years 26 weeks ago via donnieyen

Daniel Craig's wife Rachel Weisz 'wouldn't say no' to playing James Bond villain

feeds.nbcnews.com – Watch out, Daniel Craig, your wife might be your next target. Rachel Weisz snagged the April cover of Esquire UK, which hit newsstands Friday, and was very straightforward about whether or not she would take on the role of a 007 villian if it were offered to her."I'd like to! 7 years 27 weeks ago via jackiechan

MGM Chairman Wants 'Bond 24' "In the Next Three Years"

9:59 AM 3/20/2013 by Jeff Giles
Sam Mendes may have opted out of directing Bond 24, but that won't slow down development of 007's next adventure. In fact, to hear MGM chairman Gary Barber tell it, the franchise should remain right on target for its next installment.

Sam Mendes Bows Out of 'Bond 24'

1:08 PM 3/6/2013 by Jeff Giles
Sam Mendes
It wasn't that long ago that the rumor mill was telling us Sam Mendes had handed in his resignation as Bond director following Skyfall -- and it was even sooner that we heard he'd had a change of heart and was thisclose to signing a deal that would bring him back for the series' 24th installment.


Exclusive: Sam Mendes Is Off Bond 24

Sam Mendes
rss.feedsportal.com – 'It's been a very difficult decision'Bond may be back, but Empire can exclusively reveal that Sam Mendes won't be joining him. At the BAFTAs recently, basking in the glow of Skyfall's triumph for Outstanding British Film, it seemed that Mendes, who had previously claimed he would make only a single Bond entry, could be tempted back for another go. 7 years 29 weeks ago via jackiechan

'Skyfall' Ben Whishaw: "Bond 24 will shoot this year"

rss.feedsportal.com – Ben Whishaw reveals that he is preparing to reunite with Daniel Craig in 10 months' time. 7 years 31 weeks ago via jackiechan

Sam Mendes Rumored to Be Close to Returning for 'Bond 24'

6:31 PM 2/15/2013 by Jeff Giles
Sam Mendes
Sam Mendes was rumored to be turning his back on Bond after directing Skyfall, but you know what happens when you say "never" in the 007 universe -- and if recent rumors are to be believed, he won't be saying it again for awhile.

Rooney Mara: Daniel Craig would 'never' be written out of 'Girl Who Played With Fire'

hitfix.com – Last week, it was reported that "The Girl Who Played With Fire" -- the long-awaited sequel to 2011's "Girl With the Dragon Tattoo" -- may be going ahead without star Daniel Craig. Now the "Girl" herself, Rooney Mara, is saying otherwise. 7 years 33 weeks ago via jackiechan

Daniel Craig Reportedly Holding Up 'The Girl Who Played With Fire'

12:50 AM 2/2/2013 by Binh Ngo
The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo
The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo didn't become the huge box office hit Sony wanted, but it did decent enough that a sequel can be made if the studio wanted to, if at a lower cost.
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