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Feige Says Inhumans May Not Be Canceled As Part Of Plot To Cancel Inhumans In a shrewd move designed to fool people into thinking he hasn’t canceled the Inhumans movie, Marvel Studios head Kevin Feige has told erotic fan fiction themed movie website SlashFilm that Marvel may in fact still make an Inhumans movie, possibly during Phase 4: I think Inhumans will happen for sure. I don’t know when. I think it’s happening on television. And I think as we get into Phase 4 as I’ve always said, it could happen as a movie.

Weekend Box Office Report: 'Doctor Strange' Conjures a Magical First Weekend Like any new Marvel Studios movie, Doctor Strange was destined to take the number one spot at the box office  —  it was really just a question of how much it would make. Ultimately, Benedict Cumberbatch’s Sorcerer Supreme surpassed expectations, topping the charts with an exceptional $84 million. But this was a strong weekend in general, with Trolls and Hacksaw Ridge performing well in second and third place. Continue reading…

BREAKING: JUSTICE LEAGUE Finds Its Steppenwolf Image via HBO The DC Extended Universe has definitely been a wholly unique beast. Batman v Superman took a completely unexpected turn when it was revealed prior to its release that it would be receiving an extended cut.

BOX OFFICE: DOCTOR STRANGE Exceed Expectations As It Takes Aim At Sensational $80+ Million Weekend Doctor Strange scored an impressive $32.6 million yesterday, a figure which points to the critically acclaimed release earning an estimated $81 million - $83 million this weekend. Whether or not it will ultimately top Thor: The Dark World's $85.7 million for Marvel's best November opening remains to be seen, but it's obviously worth pointing out that that was a sequel and Doctor Strange is an origin story. Doctor Strange has an A CinemaScore, so there's a chance that ticket sales will continue to increase and it will actually make more than the estimates above.

Deadpool Creator’s Avengelyne Getting a Movie Adaptation at Paramount It’s been quite a wild few years for comic creator Rob Liefeld, as he saw his brainchild Deadpool rocket to the big screen in his first solo movie earlier this summer and plans are already underway for a sequel. Though Liefeld is perhaps best known for creating Deadpool, the writer has a ton of other characters up his sleeve, and just as many adaptation ideas for each of them.

WONDER WOMAN Trailer 2 - Ten Things You Might Have Missed   Check out all the Easter Eggs, References, Things Missed, as well as a closer look at the second Wonder Woman trailer below, and be sure to subscribe to Mr Sunday's YouTube channel, If you want.  No pressure.  

Doctor Stranger Things: The Tale of Cinema’s Lost Marvel Ripoff Starring Jeffrey Combs as (allegedly) not Doctor Strange.Continue reading on Film School Rejects »

Tilda Swinton on 'Doctor Strange' and How Kevin Feige Inspired the Ancient One The pleasures of Marvel’s Doctor Strange are, first and foremost, visual. Here is a movie of incredible images and bizarre sights. In comparison to its mind-boggling special-effects sequences, the movie’s characters sometimes feel a little flat and generic. I sometimes found myself wanting the characters to stop talking so they could take us on another wild trip through the multiverse. Continue reading…

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