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Warner Bros. The latest Wonder Woman trailer landed online last Saturday and showed off the beautiful locales and intense action that will usher DC’s superheroine to the big screen. But it seems that some across the internet noticed something else about the trailer — or at least noticed something that was missing. According to Yahoo Movies, quite a few opinions dropped online this week pointing out the lack of armpit hair on Gal Gadot during the trailer.

Fan Theory Imagines Life as a Venom Prequel Movie Recent history has shown us that studios aren’t above pulling fast ones on audiences. 10 Cloverfield Lane made it all the way to a trailer before we knew it even existed, The Woods turned out to be a secret sequel to The Blair Witch Project, and Split managed to keep its secret long enough to shock audiences with its tie in potential. This all works rather well with Internet fan culture. Between Reddit and comment sections, fans love to gather to discuss all of the “could be’s” of upcoming releases.

In Shocking Turn Of Events, Media May Have Jumped The Gun About That Venom Director Earlier today, Bleeding Cool reported that box office data company Exhibitor Relations Co. announced that Sony’s Venom movie had a release data, October 5, 2018. As we noted, the movie had been in development for a while, originally planned as a spinoff of the Amazing Spider-Man franchise before that franchise went kaput. At that time, Alex Kurtzman was set to direct. Moments after our report went live, ERC dropped another tasty Venom fact – Alex Kurtzman would direct. But will he?

The Matrix: Warner Bros Looking To Reboot Franchise, Michael B. Jordan Potentially Eyed To Star? Even though we live in an era where practically every film franchise under the sun is likely to get a remake, reboot, or sequel at any given moment. You may think that your favorite movie, book, or series is safe, but no, it’s not. Nothing is safe in Tinsel Town. When Ben-Hur is a movie that gets remade, you really know that nothing is sacred. The same goes for the Matrix films.

‘Wonder Woman’ Casts A Famous Boxer In A Major Role Via Gal Gadot on Twitter Ann Wolfe has a fairly impressive list of achievements already. She’s held titles in three different weight classes simultaneously, she was knocked out only once in her professional career, and now she’s a superhero. Wonder Woman director Patty Jenkins has confirmed Wolfe will be taking on the role of the superhero Artemis. Jenkins confirmed it on Twitter, after a sharp-eyed boxing fan noticed that there was a brief glimpse of Wolfe in the trailer: The legend @AnnWolfeBoxing is our Artemis!!

Wonder Woman Director Confirms Boxer Ann Wolfe is Artemis Director Patty Jenkins’ Wonder Woman solo movie is a standalone adventure for Gal Gadot’s Diana Prince – one that goes back in time in the DC Extended Universe, to explore Diana’s experiences during World War 1.

The New Wonder Woman Trailer Gives Us A Longer Look At Her Origin Story The new 'Wonder Woman' trailer gives us a glimpse into the super heroine's past — and her love story with Chris Pine, too.

Deadpool Creator Supports Zazie Beetz as Domino Casting Deadpool might be one of the rare examples of a movie adaptation where a comic book character casting was met with near-universal approval. Part of that is likely due to how devoted Ryan Reynolds was to the title role, as his very involvement is what enabled the film to survive years in development hell and come out on the other ends as a smash hit.

Wonder Woman Gets A New Poster & Trailer Preview, Full Trailer Drops Tomorrow This week may have been packed to the brim with Thor: Ragnarok with its EW exclusives, but DC has been putting up a good fight with all the Wonder Woman coverage. Several outlets got to visit the edit bay over in London, and like they did with Justice League, DC Films and Warner Bros seems adamant on changing the narrative surrounding their shared Universe. While they have certainly tried their hardest, it hasn’t gotten off to the best of starts.

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