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The past few days have seen some very interesting reveals come our way courtesy of the New York Toy Fair, and now we have a detailed look at the Dark Knight's new Batmobile in Zack Snyder's Justice League.

Samuel L. Jackson Hints That Nick Fury Is In Captain Marvel The Marvel Cinematic Universe owes a lot to Samuel L. Jackson. Iron Man was certainly a fun movie that perfected the superhero formula and showed there was room in the genre for levity, but what made it such a game-changer was the promise of The Avengers, teased when Jackson turned up as Nick Fury in the post-credits scene.

BREAKING: BATMAN Negotiations For Director Matt Reeves Have Reportedly Broken Down Here we go again. Hope you have your neck braces on here.The Batman is one project that hasn’t caught a break ever since it was announced last year. First Warner Bros were all coy about who they’d planned to have take the helm — even when we all knew it was Ben Affleck. Then at the tail end of last year, Affleck started to show signs of cold feet.

Justice League is now in post-production, and as we await that highly anticipated trailer, director Zack Snyder has teased us yet again with another image from the editing suite. This one provides a glimpse of a fight scene involving Batman (Ben Affleck) and some well-armed baddies that look like they could be some kind of Parademons - though they do appear significantly different to the ones that were introduced during the nightmare sequence in Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice. The pic is captioned "Down at CO3 with Stefan," so Snyder is obviously overseeing the color-grading at

48 Things We Learned from Scott Derrickson’s ‘Doctor Strange’ Commentary “Diversity is the responsibility of directors.”Continue reading on Film School Rejects »

Arnold Schwarzenegger Rumored for 'Wonder Woman' Arnold Schwarzenegger has more than four million followers on Twitter, but two recent additions to that list have raised eyebrows. Patty Jenkins, director of the upcoming Wonder Woman, and Geoff Johns, president and chief creative officer at DC Comics, have both recently started following Schwarzenegger's social media account, per Batman News (via NME). What does that mean, if anything? The site points out that director Rick Famuyiwa started following the Twitter accounts of a number of...Read MoreRead Comments

Latest Doctor Strange featurette takes a look at its end-credit scene If you haven't yet seen DOCTOR STRANGE, there will be spoilers regarding one of its end-credit scenes. Consider that your warning. It doesn't seem like it's been all that long since DOCTOR STRANGE first hit theaters, but Marvel's latest flick is set to be released on Blu-ray/DVD in just two weeks. The road to DOCTOR STRANGE's home-media debut has... Read More...

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