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McAdams Confirms That She's Been Approached For Marvel's 'Doctor Strange' Rachel McAdams, who's my dream casting for Lois Lane and has been for about 10 years, has confirmed recent chatter that she's been approached to enter the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Our buddy El Mayimbe first reported it as a hot rumor over on his site a few weeks ago, and now the actress has gone ahead and told the L.A.

Empire Debuts New Deadpool Images Wade Wilson prepares to break your firewall tooIt’s safe to say that Ryan Reynolds, director Tim Miller and Deadpool won at Comic-Con. The whole gloriously sweary shebang rocked up on the Sunday at Hall H, brought the whole place to its feet (and that's a lot of feet) and left again to the sound of frenzied whooping. Before it was back to the not-so-mundane business of finishing this gloriously oddball superhero flick in Vancouver, Miller and co left us a few more glimpses at their hero in action.

Official Look at [SPOILER]'s Costume From the 'Ant-Man' Post-Credits Scene There has been a lot of talk about the two Ant-Man post-credits scenes, specifically the one that sets up Captain America: Civil War. We talked about that one yesterday, as Sebastian Stan sought to explain a little bit about what was going on. Today, we’re going to talk about that other post-credits scene as Marvel has officially released a photo teasing a major new superhero in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Ant-Man spoilers ahead! Continue reading…

The official Marvel’s Daredevil twitter page has been very active of late, interacting with fans and posting teaser images. The latest two focus on things we saw in the first season… or are they teases for season 2? The campaign ads for Bill Fisk and the blood are obviously part of the Kingpin’s origin… but the look at Melvin Potter’s saw blade could be a hint that The Gladiator is coming. Potter appeared in three episodes of the first season, making Wilson Fisk’s armored suits and eventually Daredevil’s uniform.

Tilda Swinton Reveals She May Play Her 'Doctor Strange' Character as a Man You don’t hire Tilda Swinton if you’re hoping for a performance that’s even remotely ordinary. Tilda Swinton’s gotta’ Tilda Swinton, even when she’s appearing in something as carefully controlled as a Marvel Studios movie. So you probably won’t bat an eye when you learn that the Oscar-winning actress may end up playing Doctor Strange’s the Ancient One as a man. Continue reading…

Rachel McAdams Confirms 'Doctor Strange' Casting Talks A few weeks ago, we heard that Rachel McAdams was in talks with Marvel for a leading role in Doctor Strange opposite Benedict Cumberbatch. Since then, all’s been quiet on the Sorcerer Supreme front, with no official confirmation or other casting news. But today brings a small update, in the form of an interview with McAdams, who confirms that she is in talks with Marvel, though it’s still a bit early. Continue reading…

How Story Drove Product Placement In Ant-Man Product placement has become the norm in films and television now. Captain America working in the Apple Store in Winter Soldier or Agent Peter Burke touting the features of his car in White Collar feel like little mini-ads in the middle of the story.

Earlier this month, rumors had surfaced that Rachel McAdams had been offered the female lead part in Doctor Strange, which is currently gearing up to start production in London this November. Although her potential role in the Marvel adaptation was unspecified, the actress finally addressed the rumor during two separate interviews while promoting the acclaimed Southpaw boxing drama. When Den of Geek asked McAdams about Doctor Strange, she replied, "I don’t have much to say about it right now. There’s not really anything to comment on.

ANT-MAN Star Hints That We May Not Have Seen The Last Of 'Mitchell Carson' In The MCU Shortly before Ant-Man was released, it was revealed that Martin Donovan was playing Mitchell Carson in the Marvel movie. Comic book readers will know that character as an enemy of the Eric O'Grady version of Ant-Man, and many of us ended up speculating that he might end up being a bad guy in a possible sequel. Well, he was a villain in this first instalment as it turned out, and when we last saw Carson he was making off with some of Yellowjacket's shrinking serum.

Visual effects artist Trent Claus explains how they made Michael Douglas' Hank Pym look 30 years younger in the opening sequence of 'Ant-Man'.

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