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Joaquin Phoenix talks 'Doctor Strange' rumors, views on franchise films Joaquin Phoenix says he likes watching big-budget franchise movies, but don’t expect to see him signing up to star in one. In an interview with Time Out London to promote his new film Irrational Man, Phoenix opened up about working with Woody Allen, filmmaking, and what he learned...

Doctor Strange Is Quietly Assembling The Strongest Superhero Movie Cast Ever Marvel Comics Mads Mikkelsen might be our next Doctor Strange villain. Or he might not be. It depends on which outlet you’re willing to side with. Variety claims Marvel’s about to make an offer to the Danish wonder. Deadline claims the negotiations are still in a “very very preliminary stage” and that Mikkelsen is one of like a hundred guys all lining up for the part. You know what? It doesn’t matter.

“Our job is not to be the star of the shot,” says Shade VFX senior exec producer David Van Dyke of his company’s work on Daredevil.


Hannibal: Series Finale Review

IGN Movies - Thu, 2015-08-27 20:00

Hannibal: Series Finale Review Note: While Hannibal has been moved to Saturdays in the US, it continues to air on Thursdays in Canada. That being the case, I’m running my finale review Thursday night for IGN Canada readers and then re-promoting on Saturday night for the US. So keep in mind full spoilers for Hannibal: Season 3 finale follow, so beware if you haven’t seen yet! Where to even begin? Does “Wow” suffice? Will Hannibal ever be back? It seems like quite a long shot now, but I have to say, the Season 3 finale made me perfectly fine if this is it.

"It's really important to me that Cap never finds out about this." Marvel's Ant-Man doesn't hit theaters in Japan until September 19th, so to get ready for its impending release, Walt Disney Studios Japan has officially released an HD clip from the Peyton Reed-directed film showing off that awesome fight scene between two of the newest Avengers: Paul Rudd's Ant-Man and Anthony Mackie's Falcon.

Image via Marvel/Netflix "Daredevil" was quite the pleasant surprise this year. I think the most optimistic of fans were hopeful that it'd be great, but very few actually predicted the mammoth success it would turn out to be for both critics and fans.

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