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Universal responds to First Man's less-than-stellar box office start FIRST MAN had a tough time launching into theaters this week, nabbing about $16 million and coming in at third place behind repeat winners VENOM ($32 million) and A STAR IS BORN ($29 million). That total was a bit under the $20-25 million projections heading into the weekend, especially with names like Ryan Gosling, Claire Foy and Oscar winner Damien Chazelle attached. But Universal isn’t… Read More...

Sony Pictures' Venom continues to exceed expectations, collecting $35.7 million in its second weekend and keeping its spot atop the worldwide box office where it's brought in over $378 million total.

Avengers 4 Trailer Description Is Almost Too Perfect, Is It Real? A trailer description for Avengers 4 leaked over the weekend, but is it too good to be true?

Watch ‘First Man,’ Then Watch These Movies Damien Chazelle‘s last movie, La La Land, wore a lot of its influences on its sleeve. In fact, there were 24 movies I could recommend to fans of the Oscar-winning musical to watch afterward. With his Neil Armstrong biopic, First Man, the only earlier movie with blatant DNA visible and audible onscreen is 2001: A Space Odyssey, to which the new film pays homage. Of course, there are also tons of other precursors involving real-life and fictional space missions.

The Weekend Box Office Is Still Going Gaga For Venom, But It’s Lukewarm On Gosling Universal It was a fairly close race for the top of the box office this weekend, but one movie that we know for sure won’t end up winning the weekend is Ryan Gosling’s First Man, which debuted this weekend with a lukewarm $16.2 million. That’s not terrible for a critically well received film with lots of potential Oscar buzz, but neither is the film about the first man to step on the moon performing as well as a movie that cost $60 million should perform. I’m not exactly sure what’s gone wrong with First Man.

‘First Man’ IMAX Featurette Reveals Why This Movie is Best on the Giant Screen This weekend brings First Man to theaters, the latest film from Whiplash and La La Land director Damien Chazelle. However, this time around the director trades in jazz for the wonder of space as he tells the story of Neil Armstrong’s journey from the Earth to the moon. And he does it all with the help of IMAX. A new First Man IMAX featurette has arrived online to show how Damien Chazelle and his cinematographer Linus Sandgren wanted to immerse audiences in the intensity and excitement of the moon landing through the IMAX format.

SYNOPSIS:  When Wilson Fisk is released from prison, Matt Murdock must decide between hiding from the world or embracing his life as a hero vigilante. Meanwhile, Fisk enacts a plan that will turn New York against the Devil of Hell's Kitchen and witness the rise of a new villain. REVIEW: Just last month, Netflix debuted the much improved second… Read More...

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