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Discover the perfect holiday prescription in this exclusive Bad Santa 2 spot It's official: Thanksgiving and Christmas have taken over. Suffice it to say that we're only halfway through this holiday madness, so if you're looking for a bit of a reprieve, Broad Green Pictures has just the prescription for you; BAD SANTA 2! Billy Bob Thornton, in all of his vulgar glory, is back and fueled by cheap whiskey, greed and hatred, as he teams up once again with... Read More...

Exclusive Interview: Billy Bob Thornton, on Making ‘Bad Santa 2,’ His Single-Favorite Role and Craziest Reactions Billy Bob Thornton dons the Santa Claus suit once again as the cheap-whiskey-soaked, foul-mouthed Willie in the sequel Bad Santa 2. It's been several years since Willie pulled any heists with his angry little sidekick Marcus (Tony Cox), and life still hasn't treated him any better. In fact, it's way worse. He can't keep a job, is always drunk and Thurman Merman (Brett Kelly), now a 21-year-old man-child, still hangs around. So when Marcus shows up to ask if he'll help him...Read MoreRead Comments

Sausage Party (coming to Blu-ray and DVD on November 8) is already a success, having pulled in $135 million worldwide on a budget of just $19 million, not to mentions an 83% on Rotten Tomatoes. But that’s not enough for Sony Pictures, writers Seth Rogen & Evan Goldberg, and directors Conrad Vernon & Greg Tiernan. No, they’re looking to get some awards love as well. Find out about the Sausage Party Oscars campaign after the jump. The Hollywood Reporter has learned Sony Pictures plans to make a run for some awards this season for their raunchy animated comedy Sausage Party.

Writing has begun on the sequel to Will Forte's MacGruber Based on the repetitive Saturday Night Live sketch by the same name, MACGRUBER really had no business being as funny as it was. Even so, the film obviously wasn't everyone's cup of tea as MACGRUBER failed to to recoup its $10 million budget. Since then the film has gathered up a cult following and the prospects of a sequel have been brought up again and again. Will Forte has said that... Read More...

Bad Santa 2 Gets A Very Sweary Trailer As Well As A Not So Sweary One Bad Santa was a novel concept that ran pretty far with the swearing, drinking Santa schtick, and it grew a fanbase into what could arguably be called a ‘cult’ following. The series is making a return this Christmas with Bad Santa 2, and you can get your best look at it here with these two trailers. There is a very sweary, NSFW trailer up first, which seems to really be trying to ram home its crude comedy here. And I mean that. It is pretty vulgar.

Here’s Another Dirty Red Band Trailer for Bad Santa 2 Oh this one is dirty alright, in all the right ways you’d expect from a sequel to Bad Santa. But seriously, maybe don’t bring your kids to Bad Santa 2. Sequels to movies that came out more than a decade ago have not had the best of luck at the box office so far this […] Read Here’s Another Dirty Red Band Trailer for Bad Santa 2 on Filmonic.

It seems pretty silly that anyone would bother with releasing a green band trailer for Bad Santa 2 — it’s not as if this movie is for people who aren’t aware of what they’re getting into. The whole selling point is Billy Bob Thornton as a booze-drenched, foul-mouthed and utterly despicable (that’s seriously an understatement) crook who dresses up as Santa. Any pretense of propriety has been dropped with the release of the second red band trailer which is, somehow, more crass than the first. Continue reading…

The Original ‘Blair Witch’ Team Pitched a Prequel Set in 18th Century New England The first sequel to The Blair Witch Project arrived only 15 months after the release of the original movie. The second sequel took another 16 years to manifest, arriving in theaters just three days ago.

Blair Witch Project Star Joshua Leonard: 2016 Sequel is ‘Really Cool’ For many horror movie fans, 1999’s The Blair Witch Project holds a special place in their hearts. It’s not just that the film blurred the lines of fact and fiction with its one of a kind marketing campaign leading up to the film’s release. Nor is it solely because the film is genuinely frightening.

Blair Witch and the Evolution of the Found-Footage Genre Italian filmmaker Ruggero Deodato’s horror/exploitation movie Cannibal Holocaust is generally regarded as being the first proper found-footage movie, as far as most film historians are concerned.

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