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‘Chronicle 2’ Will Be Set 10 Years After the Original and the Main Characters Will be Women Who remembers Chronicle? It’s been almost a decade since that particular super-powered eagle or beagle landed in movie theaters. Set in a sideways Seattle where teens become telekinetics and the bullied become bullies, the 2012 found-footage film helped put actors like Dane Dehaan and Michael B. Jordan on the map. Drawing inspiration from films outside the genre like the anime Olympics predictor Akira, it’s arguably still one of the best non-Marvel, non-DC superhero flicks out there.


Fox Hires Scribe For ‘Chronicle 2′ – EXCLUSIVE: Fox is getting moving on Chronicle 2, the sequel to the 2012 sleeper hit movie directed by Josh Trank. The studio has hired Jack Stanley to write the script. The lone credit I can find on him is Sweetheart, the story of a female assassin whose attempt to get out of the biz is thrown awry by her high school 8 years 8 weeks ago via donnieyen

Max Landis Reveals Discarded 'Chronicle' Sequel Storyline

1:19 PM 8/12/2013 by Jeff Giles
Max Landis
Max Landis is officially out of the Chronicle business, having been dismissed from the upcoming sequel by Fox execs who were unenthusiastic about his proposed direction for a follow-up to the surprise 2012 found-footage hit about a group of teens whose exposure to an unknown substance leaves them with superpowers.


Max Landis Says 'Chronicle 2' Would Have Been Called 'Martyr,' Spills Plot Details – Writer Max Landis has never failed in being a wellspring of ideas, whether on his rapid-fire Twitter feed or on-camera describing Superman's values. But the most-lobbied amount of hints—and now musings on missed potential—rests with “Chronicle 2,” the sequel to Josh Trank's Landis-penned superhero hit. For some time, rumors flew that 20th Century Fox weren't pleased with the young screenwriter's vision, now leading to the fact that they're moving on without him, but that news hasn't stopped Landis from discussing what could've been. 8 years 41 weeks ago via jackiechan

Exclusive: Dane DeHaan's Thoughts on a Chronicle Sequel – Possibly one of the biggest revelations in superhero movies in recent years came out in early 2012 when Josh Trank's found footage superpowers movie Chronicle , made for a mere $12 million, scored $127 million at the worldwide box office, showing what could be done with superpowers on film without having a $200 million FX budget.The movie also made a star out of actor Dane DeHaan, who has gone on to make lots of interesting movies since then before scoring the highly sought after role of Harry Osborn in Sony Pictures' The Amazing Spider-Man 2 . 8 years 42 weeks ago via jackiechan

Max Landis No Longer Involved in 'Chronicle 2'

3:00 PM 7/18/2013 by Binh Ngo
Max Landis
Max Landis is no longer involved in Chronicle 2, the sequel to 2012's found footage superhero movie. Fox wants to go in "a different direction," he wrote on Twitter (via IGN).

Max Landis no Longer Working on Chronicle 2 – Max Landis has confirmed that he is no longer attached to Chronicle 2. Taking to Twitter, Landis revealed he'd actually been off the project for months as Fox wanted to take the series in "a different direction". .@PaulVRea I've been off Chronicle 2 for months now. Fox had a different direction they wanted to take the series, Josh was never attached.

8 years 44 weeks ago via jackiechan

John Landis Says Fox Doesn't Love Max Landis' 'Chronicle 2' Script, His Paris-Set Monster Movie Is Dead For Now & Talks Hardships Of 'American Werewolf' – While much has been said about Universal Studios not having a standout year at the box office, or at least one befitting of the landmark studio's 100th Anniversary this year, you’d barely be able to tell by the rate at which they’re celebrating. The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences (AMPAS) has played a large part in this celebration, running a repertory screening series entitled “Universal’s Legacy of Horror,” which kicked off last week in Los Angeles with a Guillermo Del Toro hosted double bill of “Bride of Frankenstein” and the Bela Lugosi-starring “Dracula.” 9 years 32 weeks ago via theothersenhman

WB Vs. FOX: Does Josh Trank Have To Drop 'Fantastic Four'?

Josh Trank – It’s legal mumbo jumbo time! I promise if you follow the thought process this will likely be the most interesting Marvel property news of the day. We know that late-20s Josh Trank directed ‘Chronicle’ a found-footage superhero movie and it performed well for what it was, rocketing Josh Trank into a category of possible directors for the next wave of superhero films. 9 years 43 weeks ago via donnieyen

'Chronicle' Director Josh Trank on His Surprising Success, Possible Sequel – As the Fox movie comes out on DVD/Blu-ray, Heat Vision talks to the director about found footage and gray characters. 10 years 1 week ago via brucelee
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Chronicle 2

Sequel to 2012's found footage superhero movie "Chronicle".

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