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‘Interstellar’ Oculus Rift Experience Opens Monday in New York Fans of Christopher Nolan‘s “Interstellar” will be able to sit down and strap in to a virtual first look at the space epic through a first-of-its-kind Oculus Rift immersive exhibit opening Monday in New York. The virtual reality head-mounted display kit is designed to give fans the chance to sit down, strap in and take in the zero-gravity experience simulating travel on the film's Endurance spacecraft, according to Paramount and IMAX. Fans can take part free of charge at select AMC Theatre locations featuring IMAX screens from 11 a.m. to 11 p.m.

‘Interstellar’ Oculus Rift Experience Coming To Select Theaters Movie studios are always looking for new ways to market movies. These days, a trailer and poster simply aren’t enough. You do documentaries. You do viral experiences. Maybe you do mobile games. And one of the newest tools studios have is Oculus Rift. At San Diego Comic-Con this year, the immersive, 360 virtual reality simulator was used to promote multiple films, such as Pacific Rim and X-Men Days of Future Past. Now, they’re teaming up with Paramount to offer a unique experience tied to Christopher Nolan‘s Interstellar.

'Interstellar' Oculus Rift Preview Coming to Select Locations Across the U.S. Christopher Nolan's 'Interstellar' may be clinging to classic cinematic traditions by embracing 35mm and 70mm film for its upcoming release, but the massive science fiction adventure isn't being shy about embracing new technology. In addition to screening on IMAX screens all over the country, filmgoers in select cities will soon be able to preview the film in a very unique way: through the Oculus Rift. Continue reading…


Why Movie Theater Owners Are Pissed Off At Christopher Nolan – If there is one word that can describe the pre-release buzz for Interstellar's impending release, it has to be "trailblazing." With Christopher Nolan's recent push to shoot and release the film on the medium that the mode of entertainment takes its name from, we've seen everything from an early release window for all celluloid versions to handy charts popping up all over the internet to describe just which version of the film you should see. 10 weeks 6 days ago via theothersenhman

New INTERSTELLAR TV Spot Blasts Off Official Synopsis - The adventures of a group of explorers who make use of a newly discovered wormhole to surpass the limitations on human space travel and conquer the vast distances involved in an interstellar voyage. . INTERSTELLAR - Directed and co-written by Christopher Nolan (“Inception,” “The Dark Knight” Trilogy), a script based on the combination of an original idea by Nolan and an existing script by Jonathan Nolan.

Interstellar Coming to Select Theaters Sooner Than Planned Interstellar, the upcoming sci-fi film from Inception director Christopher Nolan, will be released in certain locations Nov. 5, two days ahead of its nationwide Nov. 7 debut. A list of 225 select locations can be seen on the movie's site, and tickets can be pre-purchased for a variety of formats, including traditional film, IMAX and 4K digital. A new trailer was also released today, shedding more light on humanity's bid to survive Earth's last days. Nolan's film will clock in around 169 minutes, making it his longer feature yet.

'Interstellar' Debuts Final Trailer, Announces Early IMAX Bow

12:52 PM 10/1/2014 by Jeff Giles
Can't wait to see Matthew McConaughey shot into space? Good news: Paramount and Warner Bros. have announced an earlier Interstellar release date for those of us lucky enough to live within driving distance of an IMAX theater: Starting November 5, two days before the movie goes wide, it'll screen in advance showings in 240 locations across the U.S.

New Interstellar trailer hits plus see the movie on film two days early! A brand new full-length trailer for a Christopher Nolan flick needs little introduction, but for those of you craving more footage that hasn't been seen in the previous two trailers or various TV Spots, this puppy delivers! Most notably, we get to see scenes play out a little bit longer than what we've witnessed in the past, plus Hans Zimmer's score for the film in full... Read More...


New Interstellar TV Spots Land With some fresh footage...With that November 7 release date rushing to meet us like a landing craft ploughing through an atmosphere, it’s naturally time for the promotional campaign for Interstellar to ramp up. Though we’re fairly certain director Christopher Nolan would be happy with zero TV spots so that we all go in unsullied, several have started to crop up.

More images from Christopher Nolan's Interstellar, plus runtime revealed Christopher Nolan's INTERSTELLAR has been described as the director's biggest and most ambitious film yet, and according to The Film Stage, it will also be his longest. The site is reporting Nolan's upcoming movie is almost three hours long, with a runtime of 169 minutes. Although some believe the long runtime could hurt the film's box office potential, I have a feeling... Read More...

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