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In a new interview with “Interstellar” director Christopher Nolan and his scientific consultant and co-producer on the film, Kip Thorne, the artistic visionary and the decorated theoretical physicist sit down to discuss their partnership and how they worked through challenges like being unable to justify characters moving faster than the speed of light. (Apparently Nolan was attached to the idea.) Thorne is the author of “Black Holes and Time Warps: Einstein’s Outrageous Legacy,” and a leading expert on the theory of relativity.

Whether you love him or hate him, filmmaker Christopher Nolan has continued to find new ways to challenge his audience, and paradigms of filmmaking as a whole, throughout his remarkable career. His breakout hit Memento shattered audiences' expectations of a traditional narrative story, while The Dark Knight trilogy redefined the superhero genre in ways nobody even knew they wanted, until they saw it with their very eyes.

Editor Lee Smith says he could only play with time so much in 'Interstellar' HitFix talks to "Interstellar" editor Lee Smith about his on-going collaboration with Christopher Nolan and how their latest provided some of their biggest challenges to date.

'Interstellar' cinematographer on grounding Nolan's movie and shooting Bond on film HitFix talks to "Interstellar" cinematographer Hoyte van Hoytema about grounding Nolan's film, working with practical elements, shooting on film for Sam Mendes' next James Bond feature and the ongoing film vs. digital debate.

Watch: 20-Minute Sky TV Special 'Interstellar: Nolan's Odyssey' Plus Another Helpful Timeline Infographic We're entering weekend two of "Interstellar," and there is already much material concerned with the film on TV and throughout the web, should you need to buttress your particular point of view.

Why Are Christopher Nolan Fans So Intense? The last time Christopher Nolan released a movie, film critics got death threats. That was back in 2012, when Nolan released ‘The Dark Knight Rises,’ and the first writers who dared to stray from the positive consensus about the film received waves of overwhelming backlash. After Marshall Fine published his pan, his site and his page on Rotten Tomatoes were both bombarded with angry comments politely requesting he “die in a fire” and hoping someone would beat him into a coma with a “thick rubber hose.” Continue reading…

70mm? IMAX? DCP? How Format Affected Our Theatrical Experiences With Christopher Nolan's 'Interstellar' A little under 90 years ago, conversations were probably had by the editors of The Playlist Gazette & Cinematograph Pamphlet (then a thrupenny half-sheet available from your local grime-faced newsboy) about which of us was gonna travel all the way to the Big City to see that moving picture “The Jazz Singer” with synchronized sound, and which of us would stay in the sticks and watch the silent, cue-card version.

5 Christopher Nolan Movie Criticisms That are Totally Valid WARNING – SPOILERS for All Christopher Nolan Movies! - It’s fair to say that Christopher Nolan has been one of the most influential directors of the new millennium.

Ranking the Movies of Christopher Nolan With Interstellar having now rocketed into theaters, we figured now's the best time to take a look back at director Christopher Nolan's filmography and rank his movies, from the weakest (which, for Nolan, is still better than most directors' best) to his strongest. Starting with ... For a movie shot on weekends and without a steady supply of quality film stock, Nolan's first feature is an effective character study hiding out in the trappings of a whodunit. Following tracks a young writer who stalks people on the streets of London for inspiration.

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