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HKIFF: "Nymphomaniac: Volume I" Is All Pleasure and Games

8:20 AM 4/5/2014 by Senh Duong
Nymphomaniac: Volume 1
Lars von Trier’s “Nymphomaniac: Volume I” begins with a woman (Charlotte Gainsbourg) lying unconscious in a dark alley, badly beaten with multiple bruises on her face. A sympathetic priest (Stellan Skarsgard) discovers her, takes her home, and tries to figure out what happened. Her name is Joe, and she’s a sex addict.

Nymph()maniac + Blue is the Warmest Color = Porn

3:26 AM 3/31/2014 by popcorn
If you take all the sex scenes from Nymphomaniac and Blue is the Warmest Color, you have a top quality pornographic film directed by highly regarded auteurs. Why are these films critically acclaimed and respectable mainstream films and not regarded as porn, only watched in some red light district or in the privacy of your hotel room?

Nymphomaniac: Vol I (All About Eve)

1:05 PM 3/24/2014 by Sara Vizcarrondo
When Stellan Skarsgård finds Charlotte Gainsbourg unconscious in an alley, you believe he could carry the bleeding woman to authorities, take her in after she refuses care, you believe he’d serve her tea. Yet, Skarsgård is a familiar to filmmaker/provocateur Lars von Trier, and most memorably played a bedridden husband encouraging his puritanical bride (Emily Watson) to seek pleasure in the world of men (1996’s Breaking the Waves).


Nymphomaniac star Charlotte Gainsbourg: 'The sex wasn't hard, the masochistic scenes were embarrassing' - video interview – Charlotte Gainsbourg, the star of Lars von Trier's new film Nymphomaniac, talks to Xan Brooks about her experience of playing a sex addictXan BrooksHenry Barnes 8 years 19 weeks ago via jetli

Watch: Charlotte Gainsbourg Quits Sex In New Clip From Lars von Trier's 'Nymphomaniac' – So far, we've seen a lot of naughty and naked stuff from Lars von Trier's two-part sex odyssey "Nymphomaniac," and as the chapter based previews wind down with the seventh entry (there are eight chapters in the movie total) the latest doesn't feature anything being penetrated, sucked, pleasured or whipped. 8 years 29 weeks ago via brucelee

Watch: Charlotte Gainsbourg Goes Full Frontal in NSFW Clip From Lars von Trier's 'Nymphomaniac' – The marketing team behind Lars von Trier's "Nymphomaniac" might have premiered the full trailer for the anticipated release a week back, but that hasn't stopped them from teasing it via tantalizing clips culled from each chapter of the film. The latest features Charlotte Gainsbourg and Jamie Bell in a scene that's best not viewed at work. 8 years 30 weeks ago via jackiechan

'Nymphomaniac' Clip Shows Charlotte Gainsbourg's Full Frontal and Touch of S&M (Video) – Lars Von Trier's two-part erotic epic has its world premiere in Copenhagen on Dec. 25.In another too-hot-for-YouTube teaser for Lars von Trier's upcoming erotic epic Nymphomaniac, Zentropa on Friday unveiled a short clip featuring stars Charlotte Gainsbourg and Jamie Bell in a bit of S&M foreplay. The video, from Chapter 6 of the two-part pornographic drama, is titled "The Eastern and Western Church." It starts with a holiday scene, with Bell's character giving Gainsbourg's – the self-diagnosed nymphomaniac of the film's title – a nasty-looking sex toy made of wood and rope. 8 years 31 weeks ago via donnieyen

NSFW 'Nymphomaniac' Trailer Is Very NSFW

1:23 PM 11/22/2013 by Binh Ngo
After much buildup, the trailer for Lars von Trier's Nymphomaniac is finally here. As one would expect, it is very, very NSFW. Check it out below. Written and directed by Lars von Trier, Nymphomaniac stars Charlotte Gainsbourg as a woman named Joe, who is found beaten in an alleyway by an old bachelor played by Stellan Skarsgard.


Wim Wenders Starts Production On 3D Follow-Up To 'Pina' With James Franco and Charlotte Gainsbourg – Wim Wenders is a day away from starting principal photography on his follow-up to his much lauded 3D documentary "Pina." Also shooting in 3D, "Every Thing Will Be Fine" stars James Franco, Charlotte Gainsbourg and Marie-Josee Croze. Based on an original screenplay by Norwegian scribe Bjørn Olaf Johannessen, it tells the story of a writer (Franco) who loses control of his life after a car accident. 8 years 46 weeks ago via donnieyen
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