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Michael Keaton Says He Wanted To Do A Nolan-Esque Origin Story For Third 'Batman' Movie With Joel Schumacher

Michael Keaton – While Christian Bale and Christopher Nolan have taken over the popular image of Batman on the big screen thanks to "The Dark Knight" series of films, it's easy to forget that Michael Keaton was one of the best to ever put on the codpiece. While Tim Burton's distinctly more cartoony films still hold up well, he only ever got to make two, after which the franchise saw a downward trend culminating in the egregious 1997 entry "Batman & Robin," before Nolan and co. 9 years 25 weeks ago via jetli

Robin solo film was planned, says Chris O'Donnell – The Batman & Robin says that he was to feature in a spinoff. 9 years 41 weeks ago via brucelee
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