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Anthony Mackie On Track To Play Olympian Jesse Owens In Crowding Field – EXCLUSIVE: While Anthony Mackie won’t be at the finish line for Dan Pritzker’s Bolden film, the actor has a passion project of his own that he is about to shop to distributors. The Captain America: The Winter Soldier co-star badly wants to play Jesse Owens, the sprinter whose four gold medal performance at the 1936 Berlin Olympics infuriated and demoralized Adolf Hitler and put the lie to his theory that the Germans were the superior race. 7 years 26 weeks ago via brucelee

New in Theaters: 'Captain America: The Winter Soldier'

12:27 PM 4/4/2014 by Logan Falk
Captian America: The Winter Soldier
The new films arriving in theaters over the past couple weeks have been making valiant attempts to pull moviegoers out of the drudgery of one haphazard, mediocre release after another. This week, the final push toward decent releases comes in the form of the latest highly-anticipated film from Marvel Studios:


‘Captain America’s’ Anthony Mackie Eyes ‘Triple Nine’ (EXCLUSIVE) – Anthony Mackie is in negotiations to join Open Road’s cop drama “Triple Nine,” which John Hillcoat is directing. Mackie would work opposite Casey Affleck, Chiwetel Ejiofor, Kate Winslet, Aaron Paul, Gal Gadot and Teresa Palmer. Open Road recently came on as a distributor with Sierra/Affinity handling international sales at Berlin. 7 years 36 weeks ago via theothersenhman

Watch: First 10 Minutes Of 'Captain America: The Winter Soldier' Plus Falcon Featurette – With just a few weeks left until the film’s release, the first ten minutes of “Captain America: The Winter Soldier” (via Movieweb) have arrived online to lure you to the movie theater alongside a featurette introducing audiences to Marvel’s newest hero.First up, the superhero sequel’s opening ten minutes has it all: 7 years 36 weeks ago via theothersenhman

The Falcon Is Not in 'Avengers: Age of Ultron' | EXCLUSIVE – When Captain America: The Winter Soldier debuts in theaters April 4, fans will be introduced to a brand new member of the Marvel cinematic universe in Sam Wilson, a.k.a. The Falcon, played by the incredibly talented Anthony Mackie. This character is steeped in Marvel lore, dating back to 1969 when he debuted as mainstream comics' first African-American superhero. 7 years 37 weeks ago via brucelee

Forest Whitaker Talks REPENTANCE, Acting Opposite Anthony Mackie, Staying True to His Acting Roots, and the Evolution of African American Films – Forest Whitaker plays a profoundly troubled man struggling to hold onto his sanity and do the right thing in director Philippe Caland’s intriguing horror-thriller, Repentance. Years after a drunken car crash that almost took his life, Tommy Carter (Anthony Mackie) has reinvented himself as a therapist and spiritual advisor. His successful book release draws the attention of Angel Sanchez (Whitaker) who convinces Carter to take him on as a personal client. 7 years 39 weeks ago via jackiechan

Anthony Mackie Spreads His Wings as Falcon in New Poster for CAPTAIN AMERICA: THE WINTER SOLDIER – One of the new characters I'm looking forward to seeing in Captain America: The Winter Soldier is Sam Wilson (a.k.a. Falcon) played by Anthony Mackie (Pain & Gain). Falcon is one of the good guys, and he'll be fighting alongside Cap (Chris Evans) in the upcoming superhero film. Today, Marvel has released a character poster for Falcon featuring the wings he uses to fly (the codename is not misleading).

7 years 39 weeks ago via theothersenhman

Anthony Mackie Talks Falcon’s Wings in ‘Captain America 2′ and Beyond – The Falcon and Captain America have frequently been paired in Marvel comics source material, so it’s great to see the character finally make his MCU debut in April’s Captain America: The Winter Soldier. The movie looks like it’s going to expand upon the universe of S.H.I.E.L.D., the fictional organization and the TV show, which includes adding Mackie to the regular roster of Marvel Heroes.

7 years 41 weeks ago via donnieyen

Frank Grillo Calls 'Captain America: The Winter Soldier' "An Origin Film"

3:04 PM 11/25/2013 by Jeff Giles
The lion's share of the attention surrounding Captain America: The Winter Soldier has centered on directors Joe and Anthony Russo's stated intention to spin the Cap sequel as a gritty '70s political thriller, as well as the first appearance of Sebastian Stan as the titular antagonist. But there's a whole lot of other stuff going on in the movie, including Anthony Mackie's debut as Cap's buddy the Falcon -- and Frank Grillo popping up as his persistent comics adversary Crossbow.

'Captain America: The Winter Soldier' Directors Promise to 'Up the Ante'

8:49 AM 10/23/2013 by Jeff Giles
Captain America 2
In Captain America: The First Avenger, our hero (Chris Evans) took a dose of the super-soldier serum, joined the Allies on their march to victory in World War II, and foiled the nefarious efforts of the Red Skull (Hugo Weaving) to obtain the mystical Cosmic Cube. What's he supposed to do for a second act?
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