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It’s not easy being a minion, especially when you’re constantly looking for a new master because you accidentally killed the last one. This is the origin story of Despicable Me‘s Minions. Despicable Me 2 made $970.8 million worldwide at the box office, the 3rd most successful release of all time for Universal Pictures. Thing is […] Read The 3rd Official Trailer for Minions on Filmonic.

Holding out for a hero... Sorry, a villain With the film now a little over a month away, the third trailer for Despicable Me spin-off Minions has arrived to babble on the web. Take a peek at a bit more from Kevin, Stuart & Bob’s misadventures below.Featuring a mash-up from the two previous promos and some new footage, we get the brief history of the Minions from their first steps on land and more background on their driving desire to serve the biggest and baddest boss around.

‘The Incredibles 2′ Will Be Brad Bird’s Next Film With Tomorrowland out of the way, Brad Bird is ready to redirect his attention to an old new project. The filmmaker confirms The Incredibles 2 will be his next movie, after years of fans pestering him to make a sequel to the superhero feature. Get the Brad Bird Incredibles 2 status update after the jump.  When Pixar confirmed last year that The Incredibles 2 was in development, they didn’t offer a timeline on when we might actually see the movie. Bird’s recent comments to Collider, however, give us hope it’ll happen sooner rather than later.

The live-action/CG animated adventure 'Monster Trucks' has once again shifted on Paramount's release slate, leaving 2015.

Abrams Talks The Larger Universe Surrounding 'Star Wars: The Force Awakens' As has been announced, LucasFilm/Disney has hired a fleet of writers to flesh out the world surrounding Star Wars: The Force Awakens. From books that fill in the gaps between Episodes VI and VII, officially-sanctioned literary solo adventures for certain characters, and the upcoming Star Wars Anthology films, it's clear that the folks in charge are taking that "galaxy far, far away" to a whole new scale. In a recent chat with Vanity Fair, director J.J.

Josh Hutcherson Heads For The Long Home Reuniting with James Franco for his latest dramaCommitted to his crusade to adapt every novel ever written for the screen – all right, just the ones that pique his interest – James Franco is setting up yet another adaptation. He’s planning to star in and direct The Long Home and has Josh Hutcherson lined up to co-star.Adapted from William Gay’s book, the story is set in rural 1940s Tennessee, where a young man (Hutcherson) scores a job building a honky tonk bar for a charismatic, scheming bootlegger.

Sounds Like AVENGERS: AGE OF ULTRON Won't Be Getting An Extended Cut After All We told you a few days ago about plans for an extended cut and alternate ending for Avengers: Age of Ultron when it reaches DVD and Blu-ray. The information came from an email which was sent out by Amazon with a link to pre-order the sequel.

Dreamworks Animation has moved up the release date of their animated threequel, Kung Fu Panda 3 from March 18th, 2016 to January 29th, 2016.Jack Black returns to voice the dragon warrior Po the panda as he must face a supernatural threat that plans to terrorize his village in the Valley of Peace.

Captain Marvel Will Be Written by the Women Behind Guardians of the Galaxy and Inside Out Marvel Just when you’re worried about women superheroes not being handled appropriately by women filmmakers, given Michelle MacLaren’s departure from Wonder Woman, here’s some positive news.

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