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‘Terminator Genisys’ Time Travel & Mid-Credits Scene Explained Alan Taylor’s franchise refresh/retcon Terminator Genisys has opened to mixed reviews (read our Terminator Genisys review) but, with series star Arnold Schwarzenegger returning as a T-800 hero, plenty of moviegoers are headed back to the theater for the latest chapter of humanity’s battle with Skynet.

(Nevertheless it will make.... MILLIONS!) In the increasingly vast catalog of computer-generated animated feature films, the two Despicable Me films aren't exactly considered to be top tier. Weak in story and painfully sentimental, what watchability they have is completely owned by clever visual gags. Well, that, and the minions, the title character Gru's huge army of little clumsy yellow helpers. For some reason, minions are just inherently funny. Their sped-up movements, squeaky voices, and (cu-)cumbersome indestructible physique just scream "slapstick".

Weekend Box Office Wrap-up: June 21, 2015   Dinosaurs ruled the box office once again this week, but they got their money’s worth from a record-breaking effort for Pixar. Repeating at #1 this weekend is Jurassic World, which fell a better-than-expected 51.1 percent and grossed $102 million during it second weekend. That is only slightly below the second weekend record posted by The Avengers in 2012 ($103 million), illustrating that the hype surrounding the film is in no real danger of dying down just yet.

Box office report: 'Inside Out' scores biggest original debut ever This weekend marks the first time a Pixar movie hasn’t opened number one at the box office, but we think the studio will be okay with this result: Inside Out, the studio’s latest offering, debuted with an estimated $91.1 million in North American ticket sales, giving it the largest opening...

See the a new trailer for 'Hotel Transylvania 2' Dracula is on mission to teach his half-vampire, half-human grandson Dennis how to be a real monster in the upcoming Hotel Transylvania 2. But it’s going to take a little more than a few ominous lullabies and an ill-fated flying lesson to do the trick.   Dracula’s daughter, Mavis...

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