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‘The Croods 2’ Now Extinct at DreamWorks Animation While I don’t think anyone was chomping at a bit to see The Croods 2, there will undoubtedly be some animation fans disappointed by the news that arrived over the weekend. DreamWorks Animation and their new parent comedy Universal Pictures have dropped an asteroid on the animated sequel to the 2013 prehistoric family comedy.

‘Big Hero 6’ Animated Series Bringing Back Most of the Movie’s Voice Cast Way back in the spring, we learned that Disney XD would bring back the superhero team Big Hero 6 in their own animated series. At the time, all we knew was that it would pick up shortly after the events of the first film and the series would be executive produced by Kim Possible creators Mark McCorkle and Bob Schooley along with another Kim Possible vet, Nicholas Filippi, who’ll serve as supervising director.


Beneath its cheerful surfaces, a noxious message underlies Trolls. The latest production from Dreamworks Animation features highly colorful visuals to enhance the tuneful karaoke of the primary narrative. The setup is that the monstrous, evil race of creatures known as Bergens can only be happy if they eat the tiny, happy race of creatures known as Trolls. This only happens once a year; the rest of the time, the Bergens stalk through their daily affairs in a miserable mood.

'The Incredibles 2' Is Coming Out Sooner Than Expected The Incredibles turns 12 years old next week, which means we're just a week away from celebrating the 12-year anniversary of people begging for a sequel. Writer-director Brad Bird spent a decade breaking fans' hearts by offering no news on a follow-up film, only to finally have The Incredibles 2 confirmed by Disney CEO Bob Iger in March of 2014. Another year went by with no hard details until Pixar finally announced a release date of June 21, 2019. Hurray, right?...Read MoreRead Comments

Sausage Party (coming to Blu-ray and DVD on November 8) is already a success, having pulled in $135 million worldwide on a budget of just $19 million, not to mentions an 83% on Rotten Tomatoes. But that’s not enough for Sony Pictures, writers Seth Rogen & Evan Goldberg, and directors Conrad Vernon & Greg Tiernan. No, they’re looking to get some awards love as well. Find out about the Sausage Party Oscars campaign after the jump. The Hollywood Reporter has learned Sony Pictures plans to make a run for some awards this season for their raunchy animated comedy Sausage Party.

Star Wars 7 Deleted Scene: Unkar Plutt Upsets Chewie Though Star Wars: The Force Awakens is nearly a year old, Lucasfilm still isn’t done milking their monumental blockbuster for all it’s worth. The film will receive a special 3D Blu-ray release in November, and as a selling point, it will include numerous bonus features that were not available on the initial home media release this spring. No doubt, that move upset many fans who purchased a copy back in April, but it’s a shrewd (yet sneaky) business decision on the part of the studio.

DreamWorks Animation’s “Trolls” will be released in China on Oct. 28, ahead of its U.S. release on Nov. 4. DreamWorks’ joint venture, Oriental DreamWorks, will distribute the feature film locally in China. “China has long been an incredibly important and fiercely loyal market for DreamWorks Animation and we’re thrilled to open ‘Trolls’ on a perfect date in the thick of our global rollout,” said DreamWorks Animation’s Co-Presidents of Feature Film Animation Bonnie Arnold and Mireille Soria.

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