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Not So Pure: Andrew Rossi Investigates Cracks in The IVORY TOWER

1:42 PM 6/9/2014 by Sara Vizcarrondo
Andrew Rossi’s newest documentary, Ivory Tower, looks at the state of higher education in America and sees a system in disrepair. Rossi says the subject at the heart of his work is “disruption. It’s what all my films are about. Whether it’s how technology has changed the New York Times (Page One) or how a family manages their restaurant during a changing economy (Table for One).


Sundance 2014: IVORY TOWER Review – After they leave higher education, young people are told they’ll be entering the “real world”, i.e. an unstructured environment where they’ll have to be self-sufficient. They’ll also be entering an absolutely insane place where among the myriad of problems they’ll likely face is that the entry cost to the real world has put them in tens of thousands of dollars of debt.

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