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Steven Spielberg planned a different focus for his take on American Sniper AMERICAN SNIPER is a very good movie. Is it Best Picture of the Year? I may not be willing to go quite that far, but it is a damn good flick and one of the better productions Clint Eastwood has directed in several years. But, it could have been a very different movie if Steven Spielberg had not dropped out back in 2013. Spielberg and Eastwood have very different directing styles but it would have been... Read More...

Steven Spielberg Almost Directed ‘American Sniper,’ Here’s How His Version Would’ve Been Different Long before American Sniper was nominated for six Oscars or grossed $100 million on its opening weekend, it was almost a very different movie. In the summer of 2013, Steven Spielberg was attached to direct the film based on the memoir of U.S. sniper Chris Kyle. Bradley Cooper was still attached to star and produce. However, after a few months of development, Spielberg dropped off the project. Director Clint Eastwood quickly jumped on and history was made. So what was different about Steven Spielberg’s version of American Sniper?

Michael Moore Fires Back at ‘American Sniper’ Accusations: I Didn’t Mention the Film Michael Moore defended a statement he made on Sunday that “snipers aren’t heroes” by refuting the interpretation that he was weighing in on the debate surrounding Clint Eastwood’s “American Sniper.” “My dad always said, ‘Snipers are cowards. They don’t believe in a fair fight. Like someone coming up from behind you and coldcocking you. Just isn’t right. It’s cowardly to shoot a person in the back,'” Moore wrote on Facebook late Sunday with a link to tweets.

Weekend Box Office: AMERICAN SNIPER Clears a Staggering $90.6 Million in First Nationwide Frame Following its astounding Friday total of $30.5 million, American Sniper continued to take down records in its first frame in wide release.  The drama earned an estimated $90.6 million through Sunday.  Not only does that double the film’s most generous early projections, it blows away January’s previous weekend record of $41.5 million, set by Ride Along last year.  In fact, American Sniper’s weekend estimate is so enormous, it has already easily claimed the four-day Martin Luther King, Jr. record as well.

Friday Box Office: AMERICAN SNIPER Shoots Down January Record with $30.5 Million Box office columns are, by nature, given to hyperbole.  But if anything the title of this article is a bit too restrained.  In its first day in wide release, American Sniper did not just ‘shoot down’ the previous single-day record for January – it crushed it.  In fact, the Clint Eastwood drama has now completely redefined the concept of a “January record” by taking in an estimated $30.5 million from 3,555 locations, including $5.3 million from Thursday p.m. screenings.

Review: Eastwood's 'American Sniper' Hits Hammy, Cliched Target If you're wondering whether or not Clint Eastwood has any new tricks under his hat, you may be disappointed with his latest outing, American Sniper. Not so much a war movie as it is war-movie cliches holding hands, the biopic on Navy SEAL sniper Chris Kyle, based on his autobiography, is doing a disservice to the very real accomplishments the man achieved. Perhaps the simplest, most straight-forward, no-nuance technique was a way of honoring the American hero.

EOB Weekend Box Office Podcast: 1/12/2014 - The Tak3n Train Keeps on Rolling

12:09 PM 1/15/2015 by Senh Duong
Liam Neeson in "Tak3n"
Here’s the latest podcast, where I pronounce every word with a "th" or a "t" in it as a "d." Still, Binh thinks this one is pretty good. To the surprise of no one, “Tak3n” was the top film. I pegged it in the $35-$40M range, and it came in at the higher end of that.

‘American Sniper’ On Target at Box Office and Oscar Nomination Could  Provide Extra Ammo The Iraq War movie “American Sniper” is heading for a patriotism-fueled $35 million nationwide opening one week from Friday, according to pre-release tracking. And the Clint Eastwood-directed drama starring Bradley Cooper and Sienna Miller will bring some real box-office ammo if it hits the mark at the Oscar nominations a day earlier. It has sizzled in its limited rollout. Debuting on Christmas Day in four theaters, it posted one of the best limited openings of 2014 with $633,456, a strong $158,364 per-screen average.

Fox Blows Past Global Box Office Record With $5.5 Billion Twentieth Century Fox has broken the global box-office record, earning more than $5.5 billion in 2014. The total eclipses by more than $350 million the previous industry record set in 2011, the studio said Monday. “This was a remarkable year for our studio, thanks to the talent of our filmmakers and our teams’ incredible work ethic, devotion and spirit.

‘American Sniper’ Blows Away Limited Box-Office Records “American Sniper” turned its Oscar-qualifying run into a record-breaker this weekend, posting the top four-day limited box-office debut of the year, and the best ever during the Christmas period. The Clint Eastwood-directed Iraq War saga starring Bradley Cooper and Sienna Miller brought in $850,000 from four theaters over the four days, an eye-popping $212,000 per-location average for distributor Warner Bros. “The Grand Budapest Hotel” averaged $202,792 over three days in a four-theater opening in March for Fox Searchlight; the three-day total for “American Sniper” was

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