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Wonder Woman Fashion Line Revealed To Tie In With New Movie Warner Bros. Consumer Products has announced a brand new Wonder Woman fashion line to tie in with the upcoming release of the brand new movie, the first full length motion picture for the 75 year old iconic character. Claiming designs from ‘world-renowned fashion house icons, Warners, in partnership with DC Entertainment, promise a collection that will be accessible in the boardroom to the gym, as well as apparently pieces for male fans of the character too, from Hero Within and Ukonic. Chief Creative Officer for Warner Bros.

‘Spider-Man: Homecoming’ Score to Resurrect Classic ’60s Cartoon Tune The upcoming “Spider-Man: Homecoming” musical score will resurrect the classic 1967 “Spider-Man” cartoon theme. Oscar-winning composer Michael Giacchino took to Twitter on Friday to release the first bit of the “Homecoming” score, which features an updated, decidedly slower version of the famed cartoon theme. “Who’s ready for your friendly neighborhood you-know who?” tweeted Giacchino. Who's ready for your friendly neighborhood you-know-who?@SpiderManMovie @MarvelStudios — Michael Giacchino (@m_giacch

Warner Bros. Opens the Floodgates With 7 New 'Wonder Woman' Clips We’re only two weeks away from the release of DC Films’ Wonder Woman, and by my watch, that means it’s time for Warner Bros. to open the floodgates a bit when it comes to marketing the film. And wouldn’t you know it? Right on schedule, the studio has released a whole bunch of clips from the new film. We’ve got scenes where Wonder Woman throws down against enemy soldiers, scenes where Wonder Woman struggles to understand the “modern” world, and a whole bunch of scenes where Chris Pine plays the comic relief to Gal Gadot’s straight woman.

Mission: Impossible 6 Cast Adds Angela Bassett Mission: Impossible 6 has officially added Angela Bassett to the cast. The Tom Cruise-led movie franchise has been on quite the run in recent years, producing a string of successful sequels led by Cruise as Ethan Hunt.

Wonder Woman: First Impressions Are In, And Haters Beware! We’ve been saying for months just how important Wonder Woman is for the future of the DC Extended Universe. Many audience members have already been burned by Batman v Superman and Suicide Squad, and while many enjoyed those films for what they were, there is no denying that their reception was polarizing at best.

Man Sues Woman for Texting on Their First Date During 'Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2'; James Gunn Comments Talk about bad dating etiquette! We're big proponents of the theatrical experience. There's nothing quite like watching a movie, whether it be a highly anticipated blockbuster or a little-heralded indie, on a big screen with fellow enthusiasts. It's always somewhat dismaying, therefore, when someone disturbs that experience. But would you consider filing a lawsuit against the offender? That's what happened recently in Texas. According to Statesman, a 37-year-old man...Read MoreRead Comments

Justice League is apparently undergoing extensive reshoots, according to the Splash Report. All movies like this go through reshoots, but the problem that the report is presenting is that these aren’t the normal types of reshoots. These are reshoots similar to what happened to Rogue One: A Star Wars Story or Fantastic Four. Now, we should clarify that this is a rumor coming from the Splash Report but that they did break the Rogue One reshoots story which ended up being true.

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