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Deadpool Creator Supports Zazie Beetz as Domino Casting Deadpool might be one of the rare examples of a movie adaptation where a comic book character casting was met with near-universal approval. Part of that is likely due to how devoted Ryan Reynolds was to the title role, as his very involvement is what enabled the film to survive years in development hell and come out on the other ends as a smash hit.

Avatar 2 Has Been Delayed, To The Surprise Of Nobody There is no denying the greatness of James Cameron, the man brought us Terminator, Titanic, Avatar, and the first movie I mentioned alone makes him a legend. He also likely has more money than anyone reading any entertainment site combined, and people of this type of wealth can sometimes get a little bored and like to venture into some of their other passions. For him, it is sea exploration, and uncovering the depths hidden below the ocean's murky waters. Unfortunately, this may be delaying his current theatrical works.

Wonder Woman Gets A New Poster & Trailer Preview, Full Trailer Drops Tomorrow This week may have been packed to the brim with Thor: Ragnarok with its EW exclusives, but DC has been putting up a good fight with all the Wonder Woman coverage. Several outlets got to visit the edit bay over in London, and like they did with Justice League, DC Films and Warner Bros seems adamant on changing the narrative surrounding their shared Universe. While they have certainly tried their hardest, it hasn’t gotten off to the best of starts.

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Deadpool 2: What Zazie Beetz Could Look Like As Domino Twentieth Century Fox’s mutant movie universe has been around since Bryan Singer’s X-Men hit theaters in 2000. Over the past 17 years, Singer’s film launched a trilogy that was followed up by a spinoff starring Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine, then a prequel series kicked off in X-Men: First Class. Last year, Fox ventured into new territory with Deadpool – an R-rated comedy starring Ryan Reynolds as Wade Wilson. It was incredibly well received by critics and fans alike and became the top grossing X-Men film ever.

James Cameron Confirms ‘Avatar 2’ Won’t Arrive in 2018, Make Your Fake Surprised Face Now It’s been over seven years since James Cameron brought Avatar into theaters and it became the highest grossing movie of all time. Since then, the loyal group of fans have been waiting for the director to follow it up with his promised sequels. The number of sequels that James Cameron has promised grew to four last year with an announcement at CinemaCon, and since then we’ve expected them to arrive starting in 2018. But guess what?

DC is all geared-up for an action-packed 2017. Some of the biggest DC characters will be joining forces in Justice League – but before then, Wonder Woman will give us our best look yet at Princess Diana and fully introduce the first live-action version of one of the most famous DC superheroes. While Gal Gadot’s Diana Prince was introduced last year in Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice, her scene-stealing few moments were just a tease.

Deadpool 2: Janelle Monáe the Frontrunner for Domino It’s hard to judge which X-Men property has more buzz right now, Deadpool 2 or Logan. The latter has been impressing critics and earning Fox a lot of money, as it sends off the fan-favorite character. But Deadpool was all most people were talking about last year, and the anticipation for his planned sequel next year is a source of constant excitement for fans. That’s only increased thanks to the fun teaser for the sequel, featured ahead of Logan. Despite its short running time, it’s been the talk of social media and somehow packed in a number of Easter eggs.

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