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‘Black Panther’ Cast Does #GetOutChallenge, Scare the Crap Out of Daniel Kaluuya (Video) The cast and crew of Marvel’s 2018 film “Black Panther” decided to scare the bejeezus out of “Get Out” star Daniel Kaluuya by participating in the #GetOutChallenge. The #GetOutChallenge is the new social media craze influenced by a very particular scene in Jordan Peele’s movie.

Concept artist reveals early look of Doomsday in Batman V. Superman BATMAN V. SUPERMAN has its positives and negatives, but the appearance of Doomsday was one aspect that had plenty of fans and audiences going, “So that’s what happens when a sloth impregnates a cave troll from LORD OF THE RINGS.” He didn't have that menacing look with the large, protruding bones from the comics, but concept artist Jerad S.Marantz shared some photos... Read More...

New Star Wars 40th Anniversary Banners Hanging Near Star Wars Launch Bay in Disney World Disney World is certainly getting into the Star Wars spirit this week! With Star Wars Celebration in just a few days, Disney’s Hollywood Studio has unveiled new 40th anniversary banners near Star Wars Launch Bay. WDW News Today posted these awesome pics on their Twitter earlier. If you’re not familiar, the Launch Bay is where you can see props from the films, watch clips of various Star Wars properties, and you can even meet characters such as Chewbacca or Kylo Ren! ‘m excited to see what else the park unveils this week.

Star Wars Fan Theory: Was C-3PO An Imperial Spy? A new fan theory suggests C-3PO may have been a spy for Darth Vader all along. There are many theories out there regarding many aspects of the Star Wars franchise, from Rey being Luke Skywalker’s clone daughter, to Han Solo secretly being a Jedi Master.

Pirates: Disney Graces Us With New Set Of Character Posters, Plus Sneak Peek Details Jack Sparrow spent a good handful of years away from the big screen, and perhaps it was for the better. The landscape was changing, and audiences were becoming less tolerant of mediocre storytelling on the big screen. As Marvel has proven, we like to see continued growth in our characters, and after letting the franchise sit for a bit, Disney may have found a way to reinvigorate the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise.So far, the marketing seems promising.

Ciarán Hinds teases Steppenwolf as an "old, tired" villain The heroes in JUSTICE LEAGUE are all mighty in their own right, so naturally they’ll need a worthy villain to manically laugh as they fight off his army of moth men. The classic villain Steppenwolf will fill in that role, and actor Ciarán Hinds will bring him to life. He’s keeping his role under wraps under penalty of food poisoning via Warner Bros, but recently he spoke with The... Read More...

Marvel’s Inhumans has kind of come out of nowhere but despite the fact that it feels like we just got news the series was happening it is premiering in September. That means that set photos are leaking, things are being confirmed or denied, and something as small as new synopsis teases a lot. A new one did appear on SpoilerTV and we learn a fairly huge plot point right off the bat.

Dune Reboot Locks Down Forrest Gump Writer Eric Roth While some film lovers may lament the fact that we live in an age where existing properties reign supreme at the box office, it can’t be overlooked that, now more than ever, we’re seeing ridiculously faithful and high quality adaptations of beloved books. In addition to seeing longer being adapted into film franchises, we’re also seeing a shift towards television, allowing audiences to spend a similar amount of time with the characters as they would in a book.

Star Wars: The Force Awakens Gets A Bad Lip Reading The popular YouTube channel Bad Lip Reading has posted a new video taking aim at the blockbuster Star Wars: The Force Awakens, featuring guest star Mark Hamill voicing Han Solo. Ever since Episode VII premiered in December 2015, its status as a pop culture phenomenon has made it ripe for a number of internet parodies that poke fun at everything from its similarities to A New Hope to how the film should have actually ended.

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