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Billie Lourd Originally Auditioned For Rey in ‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens’ Many people may balk at acting with their mother on the big screen, but Billie Lourd was eager enough to share the screen with Carrie Fisher that she originally auditioned to play the lead role in the sci-fi franchise that launched Fisher into stardom. Though Lourd didn’t get the role of Rey, she still got to share the screen with General Leia Organa in Star Wars: The Force Awakens and the upcoming Star Wars: The Last Jedi before Fisher tragically passed away. When The Last Jedi rolls into theaters in November, it will become a sorrowful reminder of the loss of Fisher, whose Princess —

Star Wars 9: Justice League Writer Replaces Jack Thorne Argo and Justice League screenwriter Chris Terrio is co-writing Star Wars Episode IX, replacing recent hiring Jack Thorne. It’s been a dramatic week for the final film of the Star Wars sequel trilogy. Last Tuesday, Colin Trevorrow left the project, leaving a massive director hole on the May 2019 release. He’s now been replaced by J.J. Abrams, who will be both directing and writing the finale to the series he started with The Force Awakens.

Is This Why Colin Trevorrow Was Removed As Director Of ‘Star Wars: Episode IX’? Lucasfilm As most were shocked to find out earlier this week, Jurassic World director Colin Trevorrow was fired as the director for the final installment of the latest Star Wars trilogy. Discussion over why the director would’ve been removed from the director’s chair on Episode IX and who would replace him started almost immediately, with a few jokes about The Book Of Henry tossed in for good measure.

'Black Panther' Hasbro Action Figures Debut Erik Killmonger's Villainous Suit Black Panther is swiftly approaching, and with it a ton of marketing and merch for this gorgeous-looking movie. Wakanda is the technicolor afropunk future the MCU is desperately in need of, with tons of vibrant, eye-catching costumes that promise the most visually-pleasing Marvel movie yet. One character whose look we haven’t seen in the trailers yet is Erik Killmonger, played by Michael B. Jordan, but according to one very cool Hasbro action figure he has a Black Panther suit of his own. With some added pizazz. Continue reading…

Alicia Vikander has perfect aim in new Tomb Raider image Video game movies don’t have the best reputation, but each time one shows up on the horizon we hope it’s the one to buck the trend. This is the reason why the upcoming TOMB RAIDER film has a lot of expectations to meet, and if this new image of Alicia Vikander as Lara Croft proves anything it’s that the Oscar-winner is up to the challenge. She’s got her bow and... Read More...

Gal Gadot Was The Runner-Up To Play Furiosa In ‘Mad Max: Fury Road’ Warner Bros. Before she was the star of a terrific, highly-successful blockbuster that annoyed a lot of man-babies, Wonder Woman‘s Gal Gadot was nearly cast in a… terrific, highly-successful blockbuster that annoyed a lot of man-babies. The actress told the Hollywood Reporter‘s Awards Chatter podcast that she was the “runner-up” to play Imperator Furiosa in the Best Picture-nominated Mad Max: Fury Road, a role that instead went to Charlize Theron. “I had so many almosts for big, great things,” Gadot explained.

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