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When San Diego Comic-Con kicks off next week, there will be endless goodies that attendees are trying to get their hands on. There are the impossibly difficult to land exclusives from the Funko booth, where the only way to get a chance to buy them is to wait in line to enter a lottery to maybe win a ticket to enter the booth. Mondo has a bunch of in-demand prints that fans will wait hours to get.

The X-Men have grounds for a lawsuit. The latest trailer for the forgettably-named upcoming action-thriller American Assassin begins with a squadron of new recruits going through a training exercise in a high-tech virtual facility. Hard-light holograms act as attackers, and though they may be projections, the “shots” they fire definitely hurt like real bullets. This dangerous room bears a suspicious resemblance to the Xavier School’s Danger Room, to the point that the wheelchair-bound telepath could probably hash this out outside of court for a fat stack of settlement dough.

Akiva Goldsman, the man who occupied the big chair in the TRANSFORMERS and Hasbro properties writing rooms, has relocated his Weed Road banner to the Melrose Avenue area in conjunction with a two-year first-look deal at Paramount Pictures. As a part of the arrangement, Goldsman will direct a feature based on DEADPOOL creator Rob Liefeld's comic book character AVENGELYNE. Additionally, Paramount is looking for... Read More...

Chadwick Boseman Compares The Political Climate In ‘Black Panther’ To The One In The USA Time to get excited about Black Panther! The more we learn about this movie the more it feels like it’s going to be the political thriller we haven’t seen in the Marvel Cinematic Universe yet. Entertainment Weekly did a great interview with star Chadwick Boseman and he gave a ton of new information about the plot. In terms of where T’Challa’s head is and when the movie takes place Boseman described a conflicted and guilty young man. It’s shortly after Civil War has ended so he’s still in mourning. There’s a guilt in terms of taking the throne.

There’s no denying that Wonder Woman is a box office giant. Not only has it exceeded the expectations of even the most optimistic box office forecasters, but it has much longer legs than anyone anticipated.

Black Panther is a ‘Cross Between The Godfather and James Bond’ Marvel’s Black Panther is taking inspiration from two of the most famous movie properties of all time. One of the criticisms that the Marvel Cinematic Universe had when it was starting out was that the Avengers lacked cultural diversity during Phase 1. Avengers: Age of Ultron created a far more diverse team by changing the roster quite a bit. Heroes like the Falcon and War Machine were added as Iron Man and the Hulk left the team – but even up to now, all the solo films have yet to be led any characters of color.

Deadpool Champions Wonder Woman Success and Her Strong B.O. Deadpool has congratulated Wonder Woman for being the movie of the summer while playfully taking aim at armpit-gate.

Justice League’s Steppenwolf Never Met The Cast The distinctly alien design of Justice League‘s villain Steppenwolf makes a bit more sense, now that the actor playing the part confirms he never set foot on set – or met his heroic co-stars. That’s not unheard of in the modern realm of superhero films, especially with Wonder Woman recently pitting star Gal Gadot against an oversized, digitally-enhanced villain of her own. That’s a trend set to continue with Ciaran Hinds’s Steppenwolf, although there’s still a chance that parts of the villain will be based on actual on-set performers.

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