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BATMAN V SUPERMAN Fight Choreographer Explains How the Two Superheroes Will Square Off In comics, the battle between Batman and Superman is really one of brains versus brawn.  Do you believe that Batman can anticipate and neutralize every move Superman would ever make?  Or do you believe that Superman is fast enough and strong enough to pulverize Batman into dust before the Dark Knight even had a chance to form a coherent thought?  The two will go head-to-head in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, and while we saw in the Comic-Con footage that Batman (Ben Affleck) has his armor from Frank Miller's The Dark Knight Returns comics, how will it stand up against Superman (Henry Cavi

Ian McKellen & Patrick Stewart Are Not Part of 'X-Men: Apocalypse' Last year X-Men: Days of Future Past brought together the casts of X-Men: First Class and the original X-Men trilogy with a time travel storyline that took place in the distant future and also the groovy 70s. With X-Men: Apocalypse, we already know the story takes place in the 80s, but that didn't mean time travel wouldn't come back into play.

Judy Greer Talks ANT-MAN; Says They “Did a Lot of Comedic Improv” on Set Eventually, Judy Greer has to get a starring role in a blockbuster film rather than fill in at supporting roles.  She's too talented to keep going unnoticed.  But in the meantime, she'll be a familiar face in a few of 2015's biggest film with appearances in Tomorrowland, Jurassic World, and Ant-Man.  In Marvel's latest film, she plays the ex-wife of Scott Lang (Paul Rudd), and while doing press for Archer at the TCAs (in which she voices the hilariously unhinged Cheryl), she mentioned her time working on the film and how she prepared for her role. Hit the jump for more.  Ant-Man opens July

Frank Darabont exits The Huntsman; Emily Blunt in talks to play villain It's being reported that director Frank Darabont has left Universal's planned SNOW WHITE AND THE HUNTSMAN prequel/spin-off THE HUNTSMAN due to creative differences. It's not clear if the studio will still use Darabont's draft of the script for the project, or if Universal will hire someone else to rewrite it. But THE HUNTSMAN isn't dead; according to Deadline,... Read More...

Stewart Says He and McKellan Won't be in X-Men: Apocalypse On the heels of the time-jumping Days of Future Past, it looks like the new X-Men film will indeed stick with only one incarnation/era of the team, as Patrick Stewart says neither he nor Ian McKellen will reprise their roles as Professor X and Magneto, respectively, in X-Men: Apocalypse. When asked about the chance of returning for the Days of Future Past sequel on Larry King Now (via Yahoo! Movies), Stewart told King, “No. Nor Sir Ian McKellen, either." Continue reading…

'The Huntsman' Targets Emily Blunt as the Villain The loss of its director is certainly not slowing down the prequel The Huntsman. A follow up to the 2012 fairy tale adventure Snow White and the Huntsman, this next chapter is lining up Emily Blunt to star as the main villain. While yesterday's report claimed that Charlize Theron was expected to reprise her role as the evil Ravenna, that may no longer be the case.Frank Darabont left the project earlier in the week, with both the director and Universal Pictures citing 'creative differences'. It is believed that the studio already has a replacement directed waiting in the wings.

'X-Men: Apocalypse' Won't Have Patrick Stewart or Ian McKellen Here’s what we know about ‘X-Men: Apocalypse’: Bryan Singer’s follow-up to ‘Days of Future Past’ will focus more on the ‘First Class’ cast facing off with Oscar Isaac’s titular comic book villain Apocalypse (perhaps the most formidable villain in X-Men history), and Singer is looking to cast younger versions of Cyclops, Storm, and Jean Grey. Given that the film focuses more on the younger versions of the characters, it’s not entirely shocking to learn that two of the most beloved, older cast members won’t be returning. Continue reading…

Following reports yesterday that The Fantastic Four is in some serious trouble, Simon Kinberg would fire back at those claims by revealing that the first trailer for the movie is set to be attached to Kingsman: The Secret Service.

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