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‘Avengers: Infinity War’ Honest Trailer: There’s a Lot of Movie Packed into This Movie Now that Avengers: Infinity War has come home for you to watch over and over again, it’s time to crack some jokes at the expense of what will likely be the most successful movie of 2018, even if it didn’t make quite as much in the United States as Black Panther did on his first solo outing. So settle in and laugh at Thanos as he tries to destroy half of all life in the universe, a task that has taken him so long that his skin has changed color twice since he was introduced in the mid-credits scene of The Avengers. Watch the Avengers Infinity War Honest Trailer Even though this mo

When Sony first announced that it was developing a Venom movie, the descriptor “R-rated” immediately followed. Venom was touted as Sony’s first R-rated Marvel film, an intriguing draw for the infamous antihero character. Without the kid-friendly Spider-Man dragging Venom down, the comic book movie was to be Sony’s grasp at being taken seriously. And coming off the heels of the success of Fox’s Logan, it seemed like a perfectly reasonable goal. But a new report suggests that the highly-promoted Venom rating may not be set in stone.

Lady Gaga Turned Down Black Canary Role in DC's Birds of Prey? A new report claims that singer and A Star is Born actress Lady Gaga said no to Birds of Prey.

Venom No Longer R-Rated Because of Possible Spider-Man Crossover? Despite assuring fans that Venom will be an R-rated shocker with horror movie tropes, Sony seems to be getting cold feet by opting for a hard PG-13.

Shane Black Wants Everyone to Know He’s More than Ready for a ‘Nice Guys’ Sequel Unfortunately, financial concerns may keep Ryan Gosling and Russell Crowe from returning to their buddy-cop roles. Writer-director Shane Black may be on the brink of dazzling sci-fi loving audiences with Predator, but his foundation will always lie in the genius of his buddy-cop films.

Tom Hardy’s Venom Is Inspired By An Unlikely Collection Of Real People Sony Remember: The next time you thirst after Venom, you’re really thirsting for Woody Allen. In an entertaining interview with Esquire, actor Tom Hardy revealed that his dual roles of Eddie Brock and Venom in Ruben Fleischer’s Spider-Man spin-off are based on an interesting trio of real-life people: “Woody Allen’s tortured neurosis and all the humor that can come from that. Conor McGregor — the überviolence but not all the talking. And Redman out of control, living rent-free in his head.” Those are not details he revealed to the execs at Sony, which is producing the movie.

'Black Panther' Is the Third Movie Ever To Cross $700 Million at the U.S. Box Office ‘Black Panther’ continues to break box office records six months after it first hit theaters. Continue reading…

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