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Deadpool teases debut trailer with... a trailer Teaser trailers for trailers have become common practice in Hollywood, the actual arrival of the trailer not being quite enough for studios hoping to raise anticipation for their films. And while they’re normally comprised of a few seconds of footage from the actual trailer, Deadpool...

Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation Starring Chris Farley I Am Chris Farley, the documentary about, you guessed it, Chris Farley, is in select theaters this weekend with eyes on VOD August 11st, and I can’t help but imagine this is a great bit of synchronicity. Todd Spence, who has previously crafted blooper reel credits for 12 Years a Slave, inserted the legendary fat-guy-in-a-little-coat comedian into that stomach churning trailer for Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation (the other movie out this weekend).

Tom Cruise Has A Big Announcement For All You ‘Mission: Impossible’ Fans Tom Cruise had news about the 'Mission: Impossible' franchise while promoting 'Rogue Nation' on The Daily Show.

A Red Band Deadpool Trailer is Right Around the Corner And by right around the corner I actually mean Tuesday night, TBS, on Conan’s show. That’s where the first Deadpool trailer will premiere and hopefully it’s the one that was shown at Comic-Con a month ago. Not gonna lie, I watched the horrible quality Deadpool trailer that leaked from San Diego Comic-Con and even under […] Read A Red Band Deadpool Trailer is Right Around the Corner on Filmonic.

Wonder Woman, Justice League Shoot Dates Revealed The shooting dates for both Wonder Woman and Justice League: Part One have been revealed. According to the latest issue of Empire (via, filming for Wonder Woman will commence this fall, while the Justice League movie will start shooting in the spring of next year. The quote from Empire's story follows: "Logistically it is staggering. As Batman v Superman gains its coat of special effects, and the various stages of editing, scoring, grading and sound mixing are completed, Continue reading…

First official Deadpool trailers will premiere next week There's going to be not one, but two DEADPOOL trailers debuting next week, including a red-band trailer. Although there's a good chance both will end up online before or shortly after their release dates, Ryan Reynolds will be premiering the red-band one on TBS' Conan on Tuesday, August 4th and, as many of you already know, a green-band trailer is expected to screen in front of... Read More...

Rumor: Jena Malone is Barbara Gordon in Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice Jena Malone's arrival on the set of Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice sparked immediate online chatter. Was she there to visit her Sucker Punch director?

'Mission: Impossible 5' Review: Better Than Bond & Bourne? Despite the shortcomings of the plot, 'Rogue Nation' is a summer blockbuster that delivers the popcorn goods.

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