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Watch Matt Damon Fight Monsters in China in 'The Great Wall' Trailer As the global box office (and especially China) continues to make a greater impact on a film's overall success, we're beginning to see how that might play out in future big-budget movies. One example is The Great Wall, an English-language film starring a major Hollywood star (Matt Damon) that's not only the largest film ever shot entirely in China, but also one featuring an eclectic ensemble full of international stars. Plus, it's also the English-language debut for...Read MoreRead Comments

What The Great Wall was Actually Built to Keep Out Okay American-Chinese co-production starring Matt Damon, you now have my attention. This is the debut trailer for action fantasy The Great Wall. As you can see in the trailer what they’re trying to keep out are some kind of monsters, dragon type things (okay, maybe not dragons as they don’t seem to fly, yet). Whatever […] Read What The Great Wall was Actually Built to Keep Out on Filmonic.

The Great Wall Casting Criticized By Fresh Off the Boat’s Constance Wu The White Savior trope is so-named for the cinematic trope wherein a white and typically male protagonist is a ‘savior’ who saves people of color from their oppression. Historical epics such as The Last Samurai and Dances with Wolves are frequently cited as examples of this widely-criticized trope, though it often pops up in fantasy and/or science-fiction fare too, where the white male protagonist protects a marginalized non-human population (symbolizing people of color) from their oppressors a la Avatar.

'The Great Wall' Trailer: Matt Damon Tries to Keep the Monsters Out Do you enjoy Pacific Rim but find yourself thinking, “Hmm, this would be better if it were set in ancient China and they didn’t have any robots”? Then Matt Damon has the film for you. Over four years after it was initially announced, The Great Wall finally has a trailer, offering our first real look at the epic monster film from House of Flying Daggers director Zhang Yimou. Continue reading…

Akira: Justin Lin Possibly Being Courted to Direct Hollywood doesn’t have a good track record when it comes to adapting anime/manga properties for the big screen, as evidenced by the underwhelming box office returns (and at best lukewarm, at worst hostile, critical reactions) for such live-action films as Dragonball: Evolution and Speed Racer, as well as the animated Astro Boy – all three of which hit theaters in the late 2000s, as it were.

Robert Rodriguez’s Alita: Battle Angel Gets a Release Date Anime and manga fans have spent many years watching as fans of American comic books and animation get all their wishes granted at the box office. Everything from Marvel and DC Comics to Transformers and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles get film after film, year after year, while fans of Japanese storytelling often get left out in the lurch. That trend is about to change. The box office will see an infusion of anime and manga inspired properties adapted for the American cinema for the first time. The titles include Ghost In The Shell, Full Metal Alchemist and of course Alita: Battle Angel.

'Battle Angel Alita' Casts Rosa Salazar to Play Battle Angel Alita A big bit of casting new for you before your holiday weekend: Collider reports that James Cameron and Robert Rodriguez have found their star for their big-budget, live-action movie version of Battle Angel Alita. It’s Rosa Salazar from The Maze Runner franchise (and the upcoming movie version of CHiPs). Salazar beat out finalists Maika Monroe (Independence Day: Resurgence) and Zendaya (Spider-Man: Homecoming) for the role. Continue reading…

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